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Magical Mayhem BBS Crew x Baby Reader by Girlflash101_Kit
Magical Mayhem BBS Crew x Baby Rea...by Girlflash101_Kit
Y/N: your name S/C: skin color H/C: hair color H/L: hair length E/C: eye color F/C: favorite color The crew was on a late night mission when they heard a gunshot fallowe...
Black to the Point [Black Hat x Reader] by DarkasRider
Black to the Point [Black Hat x Re...by Darkness
A girl has ran from people wanting to kill her. Will she find shelter or die without a trace. Also i can't spell real well so hang in there.
Pennywise x Reader by HorrorFan9274
Pennywise x Readerby HorrorFan9274
This is about a young girl who meets Pennywise as a child, and grows up to forget him. Thinking he was just an imaginary friend since she hadn't seen him in 27 years. Re...
my REAL life?? by Allylu165
my REAL life??by Allylu165
Ally the new girl in town, and she has no idea that her life is gonna change. She don't know what to think about anything.
Memories countryhumans (AU) by HungarianIsraeli1
Memories countryhumans (AU)by HungarianIsraeli1
hello this is a story about some country who had a memory lost after killing*Arad* countries there's ships the POVS are werid somethimes this is my first story :) so...
weapon in a tiara by Red_arrow109
weapon in a tiaraby Charlotte Dixon
truthfuly Arrow was never an ordonery girl starting with her being a cassadean all feamale cassadeans are all killd because thay are all born with extrodonery power. ...
Triple The Love by adishihor
Triple The Loveby Adi Shihor
Stuck between three mad mans who drive her crazy, stuck being mans toy, Bella find herself in the middle of three strong mans war, Mafia war. Bella a girl with a complic...
Walker  by RebekahR
Walker by RebeJo
Very few rules he must live by. Blend, friend, but never, ever, fall in love. But how is he supposed to blend when new abilitys keep emerging and he doesn't have a clue...
I'll Forgive But Never Will Forget-ON HOLD- by desiree_95
I'll Forgive But Never Will Forget...by desiree_95
Sequel to the Pregnant Girl Next Door.... Justin and Ashley try to find Justin jr. but no luck. The police is no help and thinks he died but Ashley and Justin will not g...
The Humming Room by carlypetlover1
The Humming Roomby carlypetlover1
Hiding is Roo Fanshaw's special skill. Living in a frighteningly unstable family, she often needs to disappear at a moments notice. When her parents are murdered, it's h...
The Winnowed by No_Logic
The Winnowedby grace mueller
winnow- remove (people or things) from a group until only the best ones are left. Be careful. The people you thought weren't good enough, might just be the ones to bri...
What will happen next? by ftravis04
What will happen next?by Faith-Travis:)
It's going to be a great book :)
My mother in-law by morimoyo
My mother in-lawby Moriah Moyo18
Mirriam Lambwe was a rich woman ,who never wanted to get involved with mid class people but her own son ended up marrying Mwaka a mid class girl after an accdent that...
The mystery house  by Quinn2376
The mystery house by Quinn2376
So 2 kids see i house and it disappears
serpent love ~bughead 💞 by ErinCampbell0
serpent love ~bughead 💞by darmione4evea
short story about how betty and jughead acsadently have to mutch fun and betty ends up pregnant what will hapen ❤❤
Not Yet Alone by Flaura101
Not Yet Aloneby Flaura101
There was a bad accident leaving me with my childhood crush and wondering how the accident happened. I get assigned a project with Ewan a friend in my class. But my chil...
Finding Mum by JoJo_Josh_n_Hazel
Finding Mumby JoJo_Josh_n_Hazel
Josh And Aivvia are both siblings they were young when there mum left Aivvia was only one years old and Josh was six they been on the search to find others mum and on th...
The Ruffnut Dragon by AlpaSue
The Ruffnut Dragonby AlpaSue
Ruffnut gets bitten by a mysterious dragon that none of the other riders have event seen. Soon she starts having a weird appetite and keeps wakeing in different places...