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Six Sunsets by grethenah_shi
Six Sunsetsby G R E T H E N A H
Story of a man and woman keep meeting each other in six sunsets. Start: 10/10/21 End: 10/22/21
Strange Neighbor(ZSWW)   by Kaori_HZar
Strange Neighbor(ZSWW) by Fairy Dream
အချစ်ကဘယ်လိုလူမျိုးပဲ ဖြစ်နေပါစေ ကိုယ်ကချစ်နေဉီးမှာပဲ ကိုယ့်အသက်ကိုပေးရလည်း ဖြစ်တာမို့ အချစ်က ကိုယ့်စကားနားထောင်ပေး [Xiao Zhan]
Lavender by Jnhjkhhjh12342
Lavenderby four mixed people
4 students undergo a detention exam after school... 1 killer on the loose..... how will they survive this killer..... THUD...."wtf was that"- __whispered "...
Sing For Niall Horan (Niall Horan Story) by RuphieLawson
Sing For Niall Horan (Niall Horan...by RuphieLawson
Lucy Devon is an average 16 year old, Childcare college. However she pours out her real feelings for what she really wants to do in life. She knows no-one believes in he...
The Degradation (English translation) by PattyMcHoly
The Degradation (English translati...by Patty
I was a perfect stereotype of life. Yes, damn stereotype. And then i met him. With his green eyes, with his strange... and his illness. "What would you do if you ha...
Misterious boy obsession by vvvytvt
Misterious boy obsessionby Menggay
Anong gagawin mo Kung ang isang pinakamayaman sa buong mundo at misteryosong lalake Ay obsess sayo?
Misterious | Carlos De Vil FFF by hwasrose
Misterious | Carlos De Vil FFFby Helene
We found her on the Isle, and she's more misterious than we thought. Disney owns every character I only own the one I'm writing about, and the story is also mine
Find The Killer  by Khayi_Moon
Find The Killer by Khylle
This is a world full of killers. Hindi Basta-basta ang pagpatay, kundi pinipili. Hindi lahat ng killers, nakikilala kaagad sa kanilang anyo. For short, kailangan mo mun...
The Weird Rock Girl by red_blood_lips
The Weird Rock Girlby red_blood_lips
Copeland was a girl that has a lot of problems with her family and at school. She's trying to deal with ir but each time its harder for her. She begins listenin to rock...
Something dangerous by loveebookss
Something dangerousby loveebookss
She doesn't know why, but Sage's father seems in a hurry to leave the city; he doesn't give any explanation, he just tells his daughter that things have changed and that...
A Bloody Night To Remember by ShainesseLoveMonster
A Bloody Night To Rememberby Smsm
This story talks about this young girl, Named Sky, who had a little surprise on the week before Christmas. By: Shainesse Meléndez
The Cyber Bully by Changethesecret
The Cyber Bullyby Changethesecret
After a dear friend commits suicide, the four friends struggle to move on. Trying there hardest to get a life back they begin getting text messages about the deceased...
Beyond the future by bethanymckimmie04
Beyond the futureby bethanymckimmie04
Spies try to find out an investigation and one spy finally announced that they were actually working for the killers.What are they going to do now?Why don't you find out!
Inverted (One Shot) by Ibyren
Inverted (One Shot)by Ibyren
A short story about two people running around in circles mixed up in their thoughts played by mischievous destiny. This is my first original short story to post. Hope yo...
The New Beginning by alice_5sos
The New Beginningby Alice Rose
This is the story of a young girl faced with her own personal fears and others. Her life seems to be pretty normal, in a different household, but it's not all that true...
REVENGE IN RETURN by flowerblozzomsturns
REVENGE IN RETURNby KimJiyoonwild.. stories
Yn and her friends together are a group. They met after a long time and started playing a game REVENGE IN RETURN. To surprise, the death started increasing. They were 20...
Die Verbindung by ryk948
Die Verbindungby ryk948
Jira dachte sich immer das ihr Bruder Sıe verlassen hat doch es stellt sich raus das es nicht so war. Jira macht sich auf die suche nach der person die ihr leben ruinirt...
Friends , Enemies and Love by KiefanieShimelodiTnp
Friends , Enemies and Loveby Kiefanie d'mellodiz
Kehidupan El perlahan berubah , da ia mulai terjebak diantara masalah di sekolah barunya namun El juga menemukan cinta barunya disana ? Let's read