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Aftermath of the Muppets  by LimeLightElixir
Aftermath of the Muppets by WAKE.ME.UP.INSIDE
Rowlf's an alcoholic Fozzie has depression Gonzo is in the hospital with a broken leg Scooter developed Anxiety Swedish chef has a eating disorder Lew is broken The e...
Ang Sumpa ni Miss Piggy by LonelyMoe
Ang Sumpa ni Miss Piggyby Lonely.Moe
I am Alliana Marie Santos, isang maganda ngunit bigating nilalang... Yes I am fat! That's why they call me Miss Piggy... Pero nang dahil sa kanila, namatay ako. Ngunit...
Kermit x Reader by darkhxlme
Kermit x Readerby Your Worst Nightmare
You are just a normal girl in a normal school in a normal town you was birthed by a normal family. But once you meet a specific green frog will you still be normal?
Elmo x Miss Piggy by EpicBirb
Elmo x Miss Piggyby EpicBirb
Miss Piggy loves Kermit. -Or, at least used too. After Miss Piggy was caught cheating on him with Johnny Johnny, both boys broke up with her. Legit sad if you ask me. S...
A SPECIAL LOVE (Finished) by IamJoyceCruz
A SPECIAL LOVE (Finished)by IamJoyceCruz
Jillian Romero is not your usual "it" girl. She is a curvy mestiza who has a love-hate relationship with Troy Montealegre during College days. When he annoys h...
The Many Misadventures Of Doctor The Frog by muppfan55
The Many Misadventures Of Doctor T...by muppfan55
The Many Misadventures Of Doctor The Frog (Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Frog Pajamas) The Time Lord known as the Doctor is on an alien planet, definit...
The Big Book of Nonsense: A CNF Collection of Short Stories and Stuff: Volume I by ClearlyNotFanfiction
The Big Book of Nonsense: A CNF Co...by ClearlyNotFanfiction
This book is whatever we want it to be. A random collection of randomness, filled with useless nonsense and freeform thoughts and bursts of inspiration. You will not enj...
The Little Mermuppet by muppfan55
The Little Mermuppetby muppfan55
Once upon a time, in an underwater kingdom, there lived a merpig named Annie Sueriel. The pig always longed to go to the surface, and one day, during one of her dangerou...
Muppet Roleplay by Bellofmanycharacters
Muppet Roleplayby Hailey Strock
I noticed that there are no Muppet roleplay books. So, I will be the one to create it. Who doesn't love the muppets? Am I right?
Just me and you  by MandiTheFrog
Just me and you by Mandi 💚✨
Mandi finds out that she's having a baby but after her boyfriend finds out, he leaves and Mandi's stuck to go through it all alone. When Mandi finally tells her dad what...
My Mother.. by MandiTheFrog
My Mother..by Mandi 💚✨
Mandi gets into a tragic accident and it causes Kermit to fall into a hole of stress. As he decided to call Miss Piggy to help, she begins to realize how badly Kermit ne...
When We First Met by MandiTheFrog
When We First Metby Mandi 💚✨
Kermit and Miss Piggy both begin to remember when they first met. Kermit was only five years old when he met a young 3-year-old pig. They became the best of friends but...
Hira, Bessica And Katy Follow That Bird by Hidashi_Shipper
Hira, Bessica And Katy Follow That...by Hidashi_Shipper
Hira Found a Mysterious Item Under Gonzo's Bed, a Book With No Label On It. Hira Asked Rizzo About It But He Nervously Runs Away Not Wanting To Answer It, Seems That Eve...
||The Muppets Alvin and The Chipmunks Adventure|| by cartoonnerdgirl
||The Muppets Alvin and The Chipmu...by Jeanette-Angel
The Chipmunks and The Chipettes go on a trip with Dave to Las Angela but when Theodore meets Walter the two discover that a evil oil man named Tex Richmen wants to tire...
Hira, Jesse And Cara In The Muppet Christmas Carol by Hidashi_Shipper
Hira, Jesse And Cara In The Muppet...by Hidashi_Shipper
Jesse Is Afraid Of Christmas, Because Christmas Times Are The Time When Romeo Does "It" To Jesse All Day And All Night, So Hiroko WAS Going To Help Jesse By Te...
[Precious Heart]||The Muppets book one|| by RoxannatheMisfit
[Precious Heart]||The Muppets book...by Go to @ECHO-CREEK
Two orphans on the streets are found by a group of strange animals who were on a stroll the two bring them to the muppet boarding house twins girl and boy both around t...
The Muppets volume 1|| The problem with the muppets kids || by icedogloveswalleve
The Muppets volume 1|| The problem...by icedogloveswalleve
Liliana or LJ is the youngest daughter of the famous Kermit and Piggy She Mute Molly her twin is a famous icon just like her father LJ is just in the background She...