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Monster by AMLKoski
Monsterby Anna Koski
Another martyr? No, a monster. ~~~ Males have tormented the females for too long. History has been steeped in despair and females have paid the price. A reckoning is com...
Goodbye, honey :Story of an Indian bride by clumsywalker
Goodbye, honey :Story of an Indian...by clumsywalker
{Highest ranking :#31 in short story} Priyanka Mehra is a 23 year old girl living in Delhi. She's your typical modern girl, fun loving and out going. She works as an in...
LET ME BE YOUR QUEEN by haniyyerh-x
LET ME BE YOUR QUEENby haniyyerh-x
He is Nabil Muhammad Farouq Suleiman she is Afifah Maryam Habib Suleiman He's so strict and arrogant, Misogynistic even she's so calm, caring and loving They were siblin...
Yall Just Don't Like Black Women by jasthefeminist
Yall Just Don't Like Black Womenby Jasmine ✨
A book full of angry black feminist op-eds and rants written by this black girl so keep your misogynoir to yourself ✨ i am not a teacher so please don't ask me teach you...
MAGA Takes Middleton (Book 2 in The MAGA Cycle) by outerdog
MAGA Takes Middleton (Book 2 in Th...by outerdog
Big and Moara Stuff are back. And Little, too, of course. The MAGA party has swept to power and now means to remake America in its own grotesque image. Abortion has b...
Freeuse Genshin Impact story (traumatising) by Vagina_Licker34
Freeuse Genshin Impact story (trau...by Dead/Conquered
Ambivalence by merdercriminds
Ambivalenceby merdercriminds
The first and only man she'd ever loved cheated on her and here he was six years later, competing for the job she'd been working towards her entire career.
Misogyny Town by Vagina_Licker34
Misogyny Townby Dead/Conquered
You know the game. You do. But do you know how fucked up this is? No you don't. So go read and find out.
Overdose on Love!!! by GreedSnatcher
Overdose on Love!!!by GreedSnatcher
8 years since JaidenAnimations started her career, Sam (the main protagonist) doesn't seem to get it; he still thinks that he'll "get her heart" even though sh...
feminism and misogyny by official_bibrarian
feminism and misogynyby ˚༚✧˳⁺⁎ sophie (taylor's versi...
hey! this book will point out misogynist things that have been normalized in our world, along with other things, including tips for women and girls. PLEASE READ, NO MATT...
rant about my sperm donor by KacchanIsMySenpaii
rant about my sperm donorby Aku,RodysGF
this is a rant that I wish I could say to my excuse-of-a-father without dying instantly
The Truth About Being A Girl ~ "La Vérité A Propos d'Être Une Fille" by RomainDucos
The Truth About Being A Girl ~ "La...by Litty
In this poem (which is by the way the first poem I have decided to publish in English on Wattpad) you will find and discover what it's like being a girl and what is the...
female idol ᵏⁿʲ by iamtaesguccishirt
female idol ᵏⁿʲby singularity
being a female idol isn't all sunshine and rainbows. a BTS fanfiction knj x girl
Sweet Nothings by fictitious_fatema
Sweet Nothingsby fictitious_fatema
An anthology of conversations the author has had with numerous people garnished with her opinion and served with humor .
Strong Opinions That Will Probably Make You Mad by waterisnotwet12
Strong Opinions That Will Probably...by water is not puffing wet
a friend once told me I should write a rant book cause I always have to rant about something. And to be honest spitting it all out on a app seems much healthier than fig...
Misogyny: How to Spot it & How to Stop it by greanbeann
Misogyny: How to Spot it & How to...by Micayla Bresnahan
How to go about misogyny and hopefully put an end to it
Till Death Never Will We Part by BirchyBabes69
Till Death Never Will We Partby BirchyBabes69
An original twilight fan fiction in which the roles are reversed. what if Edward never was a vampire? If Bella had her end and a new beginning over a decade before lover...
Poems of Wrath  by hunnyymoon
Poems of Wrath by hunnyymoon
My way of fighting against hate and hypocrisy