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Mending Her Heart |Book I (✔️) by -Nitasha
Mending Her Heart |Book I (✔️)by 👑-Nitasha 👑
Genre: Romance, Suspence, Drama and Spritiual Meet Gul -e -Jannat : She is a young divorcee daughter of rich landlord. Because of her first marriage she is scared fr...
Mismatched Compatibility (A and D Spin-Off) by fallenbabybubu
Mismatched Compatibility (A and D...by Louisse
What if fate's playing a cruel joke on you because your soulmate annoys the heck out of you, despite sharing an undeniable chemistry? Ethan Tyler is your typical arrogan...
Mismatched  by loveforadiza
Mismatched by Reza
The story of a Couple who are divorced. Destiny has some other plan which made them unite. What happen when they meet? A super fun-loving story of Avneil.. I guess *fin...
Mismatched by sharon4bern4thy
Mismatchedby Sharon Abernathy
In a world where your perfect Match exists, all there is left to do is find them, right? Follow 16 year old high school junior, Dahlia Clark, as she waits the appearance...
The Girl Behind Her Glasses by __AninditaRaj
The Girl Behind Her Glassesby Anindita Raj
~A mist in the dark, a dew on a leaf, the purple of a rainbow, I'm a translucent sheet ________ Anna Thompson, a fresh teenager attends college leaving her shell behind...
The Unknown Bonds (non-romantic) by collimate
The Unknown Bonds (non-romantic)by Lights.Camera.Action
"Family is where life begins and love never ends" Mahabharata was an epic war, happened between the family for the throne but there are bonds in the family too...
The Mismatched Eyes (VK) by MezzzoSoprano
The Mismatched Eyes (VK)by MezzzoSoprano
Excerpt from future chapter : "Get out of here!" "But R-Ruka, I-" "you're an enemy of Lord Kaname.. And of us." "IM ON YOUR SIDE"...
THE LOSER CLUB SERIES: 1 Jasmine Buenaflor  by Hazelle-san
THE LOSER CLUB SERIES: 1 Jasmine B...by Hazelle-san
Jasmine really hate when her Aunt set her into blind dates. Isa Ito sa pinaka-ayaw nya sa Aunt na halos I pa-date sya sa kung sino-sinong lalaki. Hindi sa ayaw nyang mag...
The Mismatched Half by Razzzzzia
The Mismatched Halfby Razia
Firstly, Hello to whoever's looking at the description now because you loved the cover. So lets take a moment to thank the lovely @dsosabomb. Anya is a twenty three year...
Little Lost Miracles by passerbyarmy99
Little Lost Miraclesby Madison R. Tassi
“So come with me, where dreams are born and time is never planned. Just think of happy things and your heart will fly on wings forever in never never land.” –Peter Pan “...
Risalvia by Dark__Desires
Risalviaby Leelah
In the peaceful territories of the Underworld, ruled by the kindest of Kings. A thousand years old prophecy kept people at unrest. It was the most simple yet the most co...
Mismatched | Jungkook by Miracle_0
Mismatched | Jungkookby amaejjing
Highest Ranking: #24 in kpopfanfiction "What the hell are you doing?!" "Um...kissing you, cant you see?" Mismatched: verb Past-tense for mismatch Def...
Missing Pieces by koalee
Missing Piecesby koalee
Brittyn has grown up in a society where selecting your mate has become unheard of, but rather fate draws your card. Every child is born with a tattoo on their palm, and...
Our Future by NicoAngelBird
Our Futureby Nico
The year is 2065, in the dystopian-type world that was once our own. We were too late to reverse the effects of climate change and disaster has struck the world. In the...
Jigsaw by TripleN
Jigsawby TripleN
Love is like a puzzle with mismatched pieces you wish could fit.
The skater and the player by sk8trgirl1248
The skater and the playerby sk8trgirl1248
Brianna is just a skater girl who wants to be paired with another skater since she will be spending the rest of her life with this person. But who she gets isn't right i...