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Say Anything Else |Miyusawa| by FandereChan
Say Anything Else |Miyusawa|by FandereChan
An Amnesia-AU where Sawamura Eijun gets struck in the head with a baseball during a match and is immediately hospitalized. After making a partial recovery and being diag...
Why I hate him by CrystalNamida
Why I hate himby Endless Tears
I hate him.... I couldn't possibly hate someone as much as I hate him... Why?... Here's the reason why
MiyuSawa Oneshots! by Kattreese
MiyuSawa Oneshots!by ❣ʆσʂʈ ɩη ʈɦε αɓψʂʂ❣
You read the title. MiyuSawa Oneshots!!
Mis hijos by Hanaki1804
Mis hijosby Hanaki1804
Es el primer Omegaverse que hago asi que podrian darle una oportunidad :)
Voodoo Doll by CrystalNamida
Voodoo Dollby Endless Tears
It's Miyuki Kazuya's birthday, Sawamura Eijun doesn't know what to give for his senpai, Everyone else already wrap their gift but here he are still thinking as to what t...
 6 Reasons Why he can't be mine by CrystalNamida
6 Reasons Why he can't be mineby Endless Tears
I'm his but he could never be mine Why? Here's the reason why, I Sawamura Eijun, can't have Miyuki Kazuya
 A normal college life for the supernatural  by AnimeWolf765
A normal college life for the sup...by ❤️Love is love❤️
No clue yet... just thought to write this while I think of ideas for my other book so if I publish this know I have no idea what I'm writing but I hope you all enjoy XD ...
MAID by Hanaki1804
MAIDby Hanaki1804
Esta es una historia de como Eijun tiene que trabajar para poder ir a un viaje pero nunca se imagino que acabaria trabajando de eso
as delicate as diamonds (Miyuki/Sawamura) miyusawa by eiseuace
as delicate as diamonds (Miyuki/Sa...by au
Eijun detests prodigies most of all. But this Miyuki Kazuya was different when he'd first met him that day. He didn't seem fragile at all. Quite the opposite, in fact. C...
Smitten (Ace of Diamond Fanfiction) by Safaisma
Smitten (Ace of Diamond Fanfiction)by Safaisma
Miyuki Kazuya knew Sawamura Eijun is always full of surprises. As a renowned genius catcher, he is not fazed by the pitcher's uncertainties. But when Sawamura's twin sis...
Let's play Hide and Seek by CrystalNamida
Let's play Hide and Seekby Endless Tears
Hi guys✌🏻️ I made this while I'm at school but I hope you would like it Everytime Sawamura ask Miyuki to hangout with him, Miyuki would always ask him to play, read and...
Love meter (miyuki x sawamura) by yanciiiiie
Love meter (miyuki x sawamura)by lovely gail
Summary: in this story every one in the world that miyuki and sawamura are dating for 5 years. Miyuki is a pro baseball player while sawamura was just a rookie but after...
It's Too Late Now... (MiyuSawa Oneshot) by Kattreese
It's Too Late Now... (MiyuSawa One...by ❣ʆσʂʈ ɩη ʈɦε αɓψʂʂ❣
WARNING: ANGST It's been years since Sawamura has graduated high school, but his regrets still linger. And one of them is not confessing to Miyuki Kazuya, his catcher an...
It's Always Love (Miyusawa One Shots) by aintgotnogirlfriend
It's Always Love (Miyusawa One Sho...by Sophia Marie
※ Story One: If Kazuya would be asked how many times he had fallen inlove-- --he'd say about a thousand times already, or a hundred thousand. Actually, maybe a million. ...
Don't tear down a wall, if you don't know why it was built (Miyuki x Sawamura) by SouYukina
Don't tear down a wall, if you don...by Yukina Sou
They have been arguing for at least an hour. The worst fight of their lives. Warning! Male x Male relationship(s)! Don't like it, don't read it! You've been warned! Disc...
Bedtime Stories 《 Misawa 》 by Nahir02
Bedtime Stories 《 Misawa 》by Cinnamon°°KM
Bedtime♥Stories a la Miyusawa. "Eijun pide a Miyuki por historias para dormir. Miyuki simplemente no puede decir 'No' a Eijun."
The Ace Number Is Too Heavy For Me (Miyuki x Sawamura) by SouYukina
The Ace Number Is Too Heavy For Me...by Yukina Sou
Sawamura realizes that the number sewn on his back is a lot heavier than he first thought. Warning! Male x Male relationship(s)! Don't like it, don't read it! You've bee...
DnA Headcanons! by Kattreese
DnA Headcanons!by ❣ʆσʂʈ ɩη ʈɦε αɓψʂʂ❣
This is a place where my imagination runs wild.
the worst birthday, and after that (Miyuki x Sawamura) by SouYukina
the worst birthday, and after that...by Yukina Sou
Sawamura Eijun had the worst birthday ever. The team is worried about him and Miyuki comes up with a steep idea. What will happen... Warning! Male x Male relationship(s)...