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The Barricade Girl (A Les Miserables FanFiction) by the_daydreamer
The Barricade Girl (A Les Miserabl...by the_daydreamer
Juliette Pontmercy and her older brother, Marius, have always been close - they had no secrets...or at least that's what she thought. When he suddenly becomes distant...
  • french
  • eddie
  • gavroche
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The Night That Ends At Last *Les Miserables Romance (Enjolras)* by doctorandriver
The Night That Ends At Last *Les M...by doctorandriver
: Enjolras/OC : Joleigh can see the faults in Enjorlas' plans for this 'foolish' revolution and needs to stop his reckless course for nothing before Enjolras and all her...
  • marius
  • enjolras
  • gavroche
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The Beating of Your Heart by SammyJaneBarks
The Beating of Your Heartby lili
When I saw Eponine Thénardier for the first time, I only saw the girl with the reputation. The Jondrette girl. But then she got into my head, pulled me into her world, a...
  • les
  • mis
  • enjolras
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All I See *a Les Misérables fanfic* by Moulin-Rouge
All I See *a Les Misérables fanfic*by Moulin-Rouge
Courfeyrac has always loved Améile, Améile has never really believed in love. The Revolution is drawing nearer and the barricade shall rise. Can he fight for her love...
  • fra
  • cmaguire
  • frafee
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The Two Lives of a Revolutionary (Eventual Enjolras/OC) by FenrirSonofLoki
The Two Lives of a Revolutionary (...by FenrirSonofLoki
After her adopted family is killed by pneumonia, the Bastard named Adelaide sets out to find her father in the city of Paris. But instead, she finds a revolution in need...
  • drama
  • lesmis
  • mystery
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Pirate radio ( e/R) by my-names-not-anna
Pirate radio ( e/R)by Poppy Waters
After the completely crap year that was 2016 a few things go down the drain, including most of the worlds governments apparently. This starts a chain reaction that someh...
  • mis
  • dễ
  • grantaire
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In The Rain by SmallFrenchCar28
In The Rainby Cookie
What will happen if the events on the barricade go slightly differently? When an unlikely pair are drawn to one another? Or will it be too late? ENJONINE I'm not Victor...
  • valjean
  • eponine
  • revolution
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On My Own by mermaidmarissa12398
On My Ownby mermaidmarissa12398
Enjolras was never one to pay attention to girls. But a chance encounter in the streets of Paris stirs something new inside him with a girl who would never love him back...
  • enjonine
  • eponine
  • misérables
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Redmayne. (An Eddie Redmayne Fan Fiction) by iLoveYouBecause
Redmayne. (An Eddie Redmayne Fan F...by Brielle Tolbert
Anna Reynolds never expected that she would have her dreams come true. She never imagined that she could be cast as Éponine in Les Misérables, the recreation of a class...
  • tveit
  • movie
  • redmayne
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F A L L E N • P R I N C E S S by Mizzymazza
F A L L E N • P R I N C E S Sby Maddy
A les Amis X OC book/ Enjolras x OC I don't own Les Misérables, nor am I Victor Hugo, french, or a man. Enjoy! ??
  • amis
  • jehan
  • louis-philippe
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Les Misérables One Shots And Short Stories! (Any Pairings) by Izzy_Is_Bored
Les Misérables One Shots And Short...by Izzy
Les Mis One-Shots and Short Stories. ALL PAIRINGS! (But mostly Enjoltaire)
  • marius
  • barricade
  • courfeyrac
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Little Phantom on Adventure by thepottergirl123
Little Phantom on Adventureby Coconut squash
Emma is tired of life in the Phantom's lair. Her father's lair. Erik kept his daughter in the catacombs under the Opera Populaire in fear of losing her, but what if keep...
  • first
  • grantaire
  • misérables
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Just a Street Rat (Enjolras Love Story) by peanutbutter_colours
Just a Street Rat (Enjolras Love S...by Maggie :D
Natalia is a poor immigrant from Florence, Italy. She travelled to Paris at age 12 hoping to escape the streets of Florence and make a better life for herself. Little di...
  • marius
  • fantine
  • cosette
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The Little Pup-A Les Mis/Gavroche Fanfic by AmyLeya
The Little Pup-A Les Mis/Gavroche...by Amy Leya
Find out how the revolution goes in young Gavroche's mind, and how he deals with the fact that he never died in the first place. ~~~~Praise for "A Little Pup"~...
  • gavroche
  • misérables
Take My Hand{Enjoltaire} by larryflavoredship
Take My Hand{Enjoltaire}by larryflavoredship
Taken at the barricade. Grantaire struggles to stay still and not do something foolish. He believes be is nothing and that he will die without a meaning to himself. Enjo...
  • misérables
  • les
  • drunk
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Broadway Pick Up Lines by LabyrinthLover12345
Broadway Pick Up Linesby Clever
This is how characters from almost EVERY Broadway musical flirts. I don't own pictures, characters, and some of the pick up lines.
  • broadway
  • phantom
  • pickup
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Les Miserables - No Longer On My Own by daydreamer_blossom
Les Miserables - No Longer On My O...by daydreamer_blossom
  • eponine
  • lesmis
  • marius
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The Sound of Music Live! - Script by Special_Effect
The Sound of Music Live! - Scriptby Special_Effect
The complete script to NBC's live broadcast performance television adaptation of Rodgers and Hammerstein's The Sound of Music which aired Thursday, December 5th 2013 at...
  • germany
  • characters
  • maria
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