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His Bride.  by TheOfficialVanny
His Bride. by Vanny
izuku midoriya is 22, he was diagnosed quirkless at five, ever since then he been beat and tortured by his dad and students at school, His best friend katsuki bakugou be...
What Is Normal? Yandere Male x reader by FreeFlyer68
What Is Normal? Yandere Male x rea...by FreeFlyer68
Y/n was just an ordinary high school student. Perfect grades, nice friends, and a sweet boyfriend. But a new transfer student comes and her normalness disappears. Her g...
Shatt Pictures by nuclearplantlife
Shatt Picturesby olivia🌊
matt holt/shiro fanart!! dm me for credit or removal tumblr: @mattsholt
~°•Why Are You so Bright..?•°~ Tamaki x Mirio| SLOW UPDATES by ___sweetpotato___
~°•Why Are You so Bright..?•°~ Tam...by ___sweetpotato___
It's the Big Three's second year in U.A, but little did Tamaki know that he started to have feelings towards his best friend Will Mirio reciprocate those feelings? •Fluf...
My Hero Academia One shots by Briana_Cita
My Hero Academia One shotsby Cita_
This whole book is dedicated to Young Ones. check: @sp00ky.izuky out on Instagram and hit her up with a follow also follow @mrs.kirishima1 and @_maya.brady_ ~~~ there wi...
Omega of his Own Right Shatt by Space-Daddy-Shiro
Omega of his Own Right Shattby Takashi Shirogane
While Matt and Shiro were contained by the Gulra several other experiments were thrown at them before they gave up and threw them in the arena. These experiments were me...
RMA 2nd Dimension Dilra,Xilize Moments Part 2 by LornaStar8902UwU
RMA 2nd Dimension Dilra,Xilize Mom...by LornaStar8902UwU
Yesh lebsian I hope cuz I like miyo x taro and Nuel x Karly
Little Believer {Pidge Gunderson VLD fan fiction} by That_Fandom_Boi
Little Believer {Pidge Gunderson V...by Angst Deity
Pidge has always believed in something, as a kid it was santa and the tooth fairy, then growing up it was that she'd one day find her family. But with her eyes glued to...
Wired Together |Tamaki Amajiki x OC by Sweettner
Wired Together |Tamaki Amajiki x OCby 💫 EDITING 💫
❝Your fingers intertwined with mine, and suddenly life made sense❞ Hibiki Raikumo can transform her body into electrical current-but she willingly chooses not to. S...
AEW Adventures  by BriaWils
AEW Adventures by BriaWils
Stars of AEW go on adventures who knows what they'll find or figure out. Who will join them, or join AEW?
Promised | A Rusev/Miro Fanfiction  by adoreesun
Promised | A Rusev/Miro Fanfiction by adoreesun.
They both want love and a baby. What could go wrong? When Rusev was tasked with helping Kim take care of Brie's daughter Birdie, Kim lets it slip out that she wants a ch...
Angel {Keigo Takami x Reader} by Chickennuggetishere
Angel {Keigo Takami x Reader}by Jackichi <3
(Y/n) grew up with her best friend Miro ever since her parents died she's been on her own. But she hasn't forgotten the hero that saved her from death. Ever since then...
streets  by Thegoldmind
streets by Thegoldmind
Y/N and mirio had dated for 6 months before they walked in on him in an entanglement with some other girl, with their powerful quirk, UA decides to take them to another...
Esto Es Teatro, Coño~! A Voltron School Theatre AU (Featuring Klance and Shatt!) by Opposite_Eclipse
Esto Es Teatro, Coño~! A Voltron S...by Munnevver
(The Title Translates To "This is Theatre, Cunt.") Keith is a transfer student at Voltron High, who gets caught up in the shenanigans and antics of the school...
Loser club by NanamiFushikawa
Loser clubby NanamiFushikawa
Lance y Matt sufren de amor no correspondido, así que ambos deciden fundar el club de los perdedores, el cual solo tiene dos miembros. Por el momento. Primer tópico a di...
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(Voltron AU) ⛸ Ice Skates ⛸ and 🚀 Outer Space 🚀 by TheBiSonOfHades
(Voltron AU) ⛸ Ice Skates ⛸ and 🚀...by TheBiSonOfHades
Matt Holt, a 23 year old university student living at home with his parents and younger sister. his younger sister, Katie, or Pidge, is an ice skater.she practices with...
villain tamaki by fire_reea
villain tamakiby Kaycoray Fire queen
i was bored you guys pick ships for all ages
Malice [Keith] by mindofennui
Malice [Keith]by mindofennui
• VOLTRON • Orphaned until fourteen, Keith had trust issues. It was natural for him to act snappy in front of people he first met. Especially since his parents had passe...
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You - (Shatt/Miro) by KeithenHeathen
You - (Shatt/Miro)by Gay and Dying
And if you must die, sweetheart die knowing your life ...was my life's best part