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Sky's Story from MY BIPOLAR BOYFRIEND "I do not allow my work to be used or adapted in any way without my permission." -EmbiWitchy Copyright © 2020.
Stay With Me (COMPLETED) ✓ by Queen_yehana
Stay With Me (COMPLETED) ✓by 🌹🍒🌹
BREAKING NEWS: Two famous K-pop Idol, were caught dating. They're known as Kim Jisoo from the girl group BLACKPINK and Park Jimin from the boy group BTS. The following c...
Cause Of BTS. by dollkar
Cause Of BTS.by doll karr
BTS IS BREAKING THE RECORDS# BTS THE BILLBOARD GUYS# BTS THE BIGGEST KPOP BAND# The question is...... how did they end up together? Who was behind this very unreal guys...
Shush || K.TH || by TakahashiHaruko
Shush || K.TH ||by Girl In Black Dress
Even if someone has realised his mistakes, that doesn't mean that karma won't get him back in the future. And that is what happened with Taehyung. . "What do you wa...
White Night [JinGyeol and WooXiaoHee] by joytiny
White Night [JinGyeol and WooXiaoH...by Joy
Lots of things are happening while the ice hockey team waits for Kogyeol to wake up. Jinwook is a wreck. Wooseok is angry. Hwanhee blames himself. And Xiao? He's just t...
Most Unlikely by lunmrtn
Most Unlikelyby dwluna
The most unlikely couple turned out to be real. No one ever considered the two of them to be an item, and they liked that, it made it easier to be in public together wit...
❝serendipity❞ ➳ lost in translation x reader by lovelyvitamin
❝serendipity❞ ➳ lost in translatio...by vita⚘
sometimes when you try to find something, you find something else as well. ••••• started: 2020 ended: ??? ••••• [fem!reader insert] [idol!reader] [a/n: as of now, i don'...
Mayhem Oneshots by pitycroissant
Mayhem Oneshotsby aluce
Oneshots of Mayhem from the Line Webtoon Lost In Translation by jjolee! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be friends (or potential lovers;)) with the membe...
Lost in confusion (Lost in translation short story) by Glee4lili
Lost in confusion (Lost in transla...by The huntress
Wyld was... different than when he was training. Before all this game and attention. Before he got caught in the game. The game of life. There are the parts of the game...
Found ✈︎(Wyld x Reader) by btsxsugakookies
Found ✈︎(Wyld x Reader)by skz player
《Self doubt of an ordinary girl changes the faith of both her and a male with red hair as their paths intertwine to commemorate an emotional bond towards one another.》 H...
lost in translation oneshots by qqwertie
lost in translation oneshotsby paper cuts hurt
read lost in translation on webtoon because it's cool 😎 just some fluffy and fairly decent oneshots written by yours truly this'll only include ships because i've see...
Up10tion Oneshots «-Discontinued-» by FlyingDarkDragon
Up10tion Oneshots «-Discontinued-»by Last-DarkDragon
"Let me satisfy your thirst for Up10tion BoyXBoy oneshots." Just oneshots, and more, and more Date Started: 12th of October, 2018 Date Ended: 24th of February...
[Lost In Translation] One shots 15+ by euphorichyun
[Lost In Translation] One shots 15+by Salt
These are LIT one shots ;)) /This will contain Smut! i will warn in the chapter title!\ \Read at your own risk!/ +Contains+ =Sa1nt= =Mayhem= +Ships+ +X readers+ +Texts+ ...
☻ f a c a d e ☹ | wyld {discontinued} by invadeyourbed
☻ f a c a d e ☹ | wyld {discontinu...by ꧁𝘺 𝘦 𝘰 𝘯꧂
facade /fəˈsɑːd/ (n.) a deceptive outward appearance. "Hey nice to see you again. You've grown." [DISCLAIMER: discontinued until further notice]
Twins || VSOOKOOKMINby smile while im gone
-in which a girl pretends to be her twin brother at his boarding school
Journey in Love (Mino x Jisoo Novel) by onlygirljisoo
Journey in Love (Mino x Jisoo Nove...by onlygirljisoo
Jisoo felt inferior with her skills. She constantly pushed herself to the bones. What happened if one day, Mino caught Jisoo, practicing until late hour and fell down in...
Lost in Translation Drabbles by gayhem
Lost in Translation Drabblesby gayhem™ fics
A collection of drabbles and one-shots written by six huge fans for the Lost in Translation Webtoon by JJOLEE. (Also known as Byunghunnie on Instagram.)
Memoir of Love (Mino x Jisoo Short Stories) by onlygirljisoo
Memoir of Love (Mino x Jisoo Short...by onlygirljisoo
This novel specifically contains a variety of short stories about Song Mino from WINNER and Kim Jisoo from BLACKPINK. The author feels that these two people have chemist...
I'm In Love With A Gangster // Bts ;; Bp by ZennaJeanLeonardo
I'm In Love With A Gangster // Bts...by B A B Y K O A L A
Four boys and four girls studying at the same school, both famouse and most of all, both gangsters... Yes they know each others, and they just discovered their secrets i...
The Ghost Of You by SpookedByMe
The Ghost Of Youby Spookedbyme
Wyld has been made fun of and slut shamed since he joined a company in Korea. He has gotten over the voices that tell the lies, but he hasn't gotten over the lies. He wa...