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Ideas by Teratophiliac
Ideasby The Teratophiliac
My ideas. Let me know whether I should write them or toss them, or change them in some way.
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They Say Fairies Don't Exist | 태국 by Author 언니 by FanfictionalWeebu
They Say Fairies Don't Exist | 태국...by • ₳Ʉ₮ⱧØⱤ 언니 •
정국- No, I'm seeing things. You ar-aren't.. a... a.... 태형- Fairy? And y-y-you're a-a h-h-h-hu- Human! !Warning! -MPREG -New creatures exist in this story. -boyxboy -re...
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Monsters x Male Reader by musiclover624
Monsters x Male Readerby Sixx66
Just some mxm monster one shots.
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In The Maze by SpookyGayBoi
In The Mazeby Spooky GayBoi
When Kai is framed for a crime that he did not Commit end eventually found guilty his punishment was one made for him he must walk the maze until his eventual death but...
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"Strength" by DamHades
"Strength"by Hades
(I do not own most of these characters. Or the cover art yikes..) in the modern world the gods have little to fear with their children to defend them.. but when the tita...
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Knights of Narnia by warriorfox279
Knights of Narniaby Kurama
In the land of Narnia they're animals that can talk, Fauns, Centaurs and other magical creatures but there are the knights of Narnia who protect the lands but disappear...
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Heaven and Hellfire 07: The Web of Iron by WilliamGabriel10
Heaven and Hellfire 07: The Web of...by Lord22
William Gabriel has returned from Kalthak and freed Kiyora from her betrothal. However, the Goddess of Fate, Rioletta, has been pulling strings, and now they face a new...
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US of America and The lightning theif (PJO x CH AU) by MeFirst2
US of America and The lightning th...by ☆ ° ~ Voda ~ ° ☆
I was listening to the musical and came up with this. I'll try to list the cast first part for you as I come up with them. The gods are countries that would make sense f...
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In Harmony's Hands by KaylaSeraYorth
In Harmony's Handsby Charvel Pennington
Your name is Harmony a human female with a special talent. When your family moves from a backward thinking village you discover there is more to your abilities than you...
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Little Witches by buzzmama
Little Witchesby Holly Owen
In the world of witches and wizards, flames do more than bring your cauldron to a boil. When conjured properly, a fire can take you anywhere. Just watch out for dragons...
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The Ennead Circles by kenwaywrites
The Ennead Circlesby kenway
Entry for @Fantasy's Ennead contest (June 2020). A girl wakes to find herself trapped in a ruined city, chased through the maze-like streets by a horned monster. Her mem...
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Guardian of the Deep by Apheira
Guardian of the Deepby Apheira
Everly thought that when she dies, She would just end up in heaven. In fact she didn't expected anything at all. However when the time has come, she ends up somewhere co...
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Straight To The Bottom by Jake_Thales
Straight To The Bottomby Josh Mayer
Hi, I'm Michelle. I'm stuck in the one place that kinda resembles a maze that can decide my afterlife but I'm too lazy to figure out what to do. Go figure. Cover made by...
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Demoness by Karasmara
Demonessby Erhi Divina
"It's a test," he said. "A test no one should pass." But of course, he was lying. He needed me to go through the 9 gates of hell. He needed me to rea...
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The Labyrinth  by Storm200794
The Labyrinth by Storm200794
Everyone has heard the story of the the Minotaur. But what if the Minotaur had a sister? What if Theseus never killed the Minotaur after all? What if the Minotaur wasn't...
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The Adventures of DARAK: PART 1- BESTIARII (1 of 2) by Equus21
The Adventures of DARAK: PART 1- B...by Aaron B.
Enter a world of war, sorcery, bloodshed and love. Darak, a six foot tall Minotaur is living his life peacefully. He is then forced into the world of gladiators and lear...
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Ariadne (Still In Works) by iamleman
Ariadne (Still In Works)by iamleman
"As I grew up, I began to realise that my fate is not a blessing but instead a great burden. How can it be but a dire affliction to me, my family and my kingdom? Fo...
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Misled by Glitters by royals_2015
Misled by Glittersby N.J. Vitor
To escape the Labyrinth, just follow the path. "Don't be fooled by the shining fake."
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Life as an arena's healer by Shadow_trooper2
Life as an arena's healerby Shadow_trooper2
Fantasy smut following a healer, in an arena
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