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Hand Signs [A Deaf Naruto Fanfiction] by KoreanOreo
Hand Signs [A Deaf Naruto Fanficti...by 하루❤Oreo
Naruto was known throughout his village for a couple things. Besides the hatred and disgust that seemed to follow him everywhere, Naruto was known for his pranks and his...
Masks by PawWars7171
Masksby Big bad wolf
This is the second book to Barriers {damirae} so if u haven't read that one some stuff in this one won't make sense so I sagest u read that one first. ...
Clash: The Nergigante by Carmelizedunipn
Clash: The Nergiganteby Nathan Fang
Clash is a nergigante who, while escaping hunters comes across a portal. The portal takes him to Pyrhhia. A world completely different from his own. Will he learn to liv...
Wings of Fire- Frost Biting (BOOK ONE) by Elsa_Animus
Wings of Fire- Frost Biting (BOOK...by Frostbite the hybrid
Frostbite has hated her entire life ever since her hatching day, under all three moons, the brightest night. Her father hates her, her mother left- she is all alone in t...
With Open Arms And Open Eyes by Temmie-Official
With Open Arms And Open Eyesby Smash That Bad Movie
An unsub has been killing male omegas in Dr Spencer Reid's area... And of course, they had to be offering police protection to the only other male omega in the area: Dr...
Cerveau à la dérive by Nekoyo801
Cerveau à la dériveby Nekoyo
Pourquoi, doux Seigneur, faut-il que mon professeur soit aussi sexy ? Ce n'est pas comme si mon cerveau avait une fâcheuse tendance à faire des rapprochements assez dout...
Y/N POTTER (Reader x Harry) by paulajenkoala
Y/N POTTER (Reader x Harry)by paulajenkoala
Two thirteen year olds are in love, can you blame them? Your name is Y/N L/N you are a gryffindor This is my first writing piece so please do not judge and enjoy!
True Love's Kiss by Irhaboggles
True Love's Kissby Irhaboggles
Out of concern for her best friend, Sabrina goes looking for the Haunted Mask. Because she doesn't know what she's getting into, she is quickly overpowered. Now it is up...
The Spades Organization by MoonStoneWriting
The Spades Organizationby Lucinda Serenity
They play with cards, they Steal, kill, learn, and save. They aren't seen as good or bad. The organization of cards goes by the names of the suits from a card deck. Spad...
banished by Secret_Faeri
banishedby 1-800fangirl
"Oh, Mai." Azula took a step towards her, reaching out with her index finger to trace a solitary tear as it fell down Mai's face, following its path with a sha...
Midnight Cypress  by Sarudoshi
Midnight Cypress by XxcammxX
She smiles, but it has no meaning. Obito would beg to differ. ROOT!RIN FANFICTION
ERROR「Maika's Story」 by AisecaSenchineru
ERROR「Maika's Story」by "Just Monika" :)
Status : On Progress P0V: 3rd Person 7 Chapters / 59 Pages Last Update: February 2, 2017 Next Update : Chapter 7 [ Part 2 ] ***** A program created by heart. A creator...
Otome Romance Hack by himittsu
Otome Romance Hackby himitsu desu
To fulfil my longtime wish to have a boyfriend, my friend Judith gave me a dating simulation game that she has been into nowadays. Little did she know that there is a se...
RISK by LycanAshdancer
RISKby Lycan
My project for my driver's ed class. It was sort of about what happens after a drunk driving accident and I've never actually gone through this kind of thing so it's not...
miraculous: A New Tail  by PawWars7171
miraculous: A New Tail by Big bad wolf
a lot has changed in the future. Marinette and Adrian have gotten married and live a happy life with the decision to give up their Kwamies. But that dosn't mean they hav...
Where the Wind Blows by Refalinaafifah
Where the Wind Blowsby Refalina A. Afifah
Nina Beaumont is tired. The past few months haven't been easy on her, and the sudden death absolutely rattles her. And when she found out the murderer, can she held hers...
Boys, Bands, and Broken Promises by emmiepooh2
Boys, Bands, and Broken Promisesby Emily Ashlyn
Leaving middle school has never felt so good for Violet Reed. She's no longer seen as a pre-teen, she's reached a new level of girlhood, and she finally gets to see her...
Whispered by a Boy by Lyndsey3454
Whispered by a Boyby Lyndsey Anderson
He stared at the dark ceiling, wishing he could turn back time. But he couldn't. He couldn't rewind and start all over again. He couldn't save Emma. He couldn't bring he...