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manifesting my inner russia x canada (old💀💔) by COUNTRYHUM4NS
manifesting my inner russia x histautus😻
eye catching description DONT READ THIS GOOD LORD read this instead! Dressed For Rejection slow burn i love them some angst
Rise of the Overlord (Overlord Male Reader x Fantasy crossover) by sambamhaw
Rise of the Overlord (Overlord sambamhaw
This is a the tale of Y/N L/N, the Fourth Overlord. He was treated horribly at Nordberg because of his evil magic, and just when he left to have a second life of happine...
Stay With Me by MarsOlivegarden
Stay With Meby Mars Olivegarden
Metro man isn't the only one with powers, the only problem is you are too scared to use them till it's too late. After the sad death if Metro man, Megamind is seeking a...
A Phone Works Two Ways You Know? (Fletcher Shears x fem oc) by ispyagooseegg
A Phone Works Two Ways You Know? ( ispyagooseegg
A book based off of the song "Baby Came Home 2 / Valentines" The main character Luna just moved to Orange County California. She's lost and feels hopeless unti...
I saw an angel (fletcher shears) by thefarten
I saw an angel (fletcher shears)by Yeah
"I cannot describe what I feel Oh, oh, oh I saw an angel" Fletcher shears x oc
The wish (Megamind x reader) by SensualSecrets
The wish (Megamind x reader)by SensualSecrets
Your a single 25 year old comic book artist, who's hosting a Christmas dinner party your parents want you to be like your sister, to meet someone, have kids and get marr...
How I started a war in a children cartoon. (OCSI x My Little Pony) by netapel
How I started a war in a Neta Peleg
NOTE! If My Little Pony is a turn off for you, just don't read, don't comment about how it's childish and stupid and for babies. I know that already, I'm using it simply...
Not Aloud To Love You (Niall Horan) by 223NiallandMe
Not Aloud To Love You (Niall Horan)by Charlotte
Hello! I'm Lottie Tomlinson. I'm 14 years old and my brother is the world renowned singer and member of One Direction Louis Tomlinson. Mum says I'm not doing good enough...
Hang In There|Grucy Oneshots #1 by Mary-Miracle
Hang In There|Grucy Oneshots #1by bruh™
Book 1 of my Grucy one-shots! :D Imagine how life would be having your boyfriend plus three extra girls along with him. It must be torture! Right? Well, Agent Lucy Wi...
Megamind x Minion (Or Megamind x Metroman) by APersonNamedBoe
Megamind x Minion (Or Megamind x APersonNamedBoe
This is written by three different people. We wrote one chapter then gave the device we wrote this on to the next person, giving them the last sentence written. (Chapter...
No way not my sister creep! (Dustin x !fem oc) by IDKMushroom
No way not my sister creep! ( Mushroom
No way not my sister creep! -mike wheeler you read the title or at least i think..Dustin x reader contains spoilers to season 1,2,3,4 and possibly 5 when it comes out ye...
Minions Do Stupid Stuff by NikSpeed10
Minions Do Stupid Stuffby NikSpeed10
In every single chapter I'm going to take you all along Bob, Kevin and Stuart's journeys where they do stupid stuff to make you guys hopefully chuckle. WARNING: THIS BOO...
Megamind X Reader by Pandalion23
Megamind X Readerby Pandalion23
This is a one shot of Megamind and you in school. If you've seen the movie, you would've noticed how Megamind's childhood was actually pretty rough and he didn't have an...
Funny Jokes  by Rachel_Anny
Funny Jokes by Rachel
Some of the jokes are not mine.If you already read it somewhere,just keep quiet and read:3 If any of this jokes are related, don't get offended,I mean c'mon they're just...
Peeled Away (From Your Heart) by Stikck
Peeled Away (From Your Heart)by Stick
Kevin and Bob have always had quite strong feelings for each other; unfortunately, they knew that if they were ever found, harsh punishment would follow. Keeping their l...
Laugh like a Minion by SpinAweb
Laugh like a Minionby X mysterious X
The funniest jokes you've ever heard. Some of them you never heard before. Find and request new jokes here, AND laugh like a MINION!! :D Please COMMENT VOTE and SHARE! E...
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Fake Love. by ItsAsh174
Fake ItsAsh174
this story is For fun only! Hope you giys will like it!
The Minions New Toy (Minions x Rabbids) by Its_Beetlejuice
The Minions New Toy (Minions x Beetle <3
Two shitty mascots come together to have hardcore rough gay sex :)
Gru x Minions by PonyUpDaddy
Gru x Minionsby PonyUpDaddy
Gru has pain