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aru shah oneshots by halcyonpeachh
aru shah oneshotsby peachy :]
Everything TPQ/Aru Shah related :) All characters belong to Roshani Chokshi! Has MAJOR spoilers for all the books 8.25.21 -- thank you for 4.6K! :) 11.15.21 -- thank you...
The Race to a Blessing (An Aru Shah Navratri Story) by sidharthaad26
The Race to a Blessing (An Aru Tiger Lily
Yes, one would say it was the end. The end of the story. The end of the Potatoes' adventures. They had defeated the Sleeper. All was well. Now where did we leave off? Th...
Aru shah One Shots by Greg_the_Elephant
Aru shah One Shotsby 𝐒𝐡𝐫𝐚𝐲𝐚 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐍𝐢𝐯
This is a group of Aru shah stories from multiple points of view. We originally had them all separate but decided to add them together into a whole group of them. Hope y...
kilig - an Aru Shah au by halcyonpeachh
kilig - an Aru Shah auby peachy :]
(n.) butterflies in one's stomach a coffeeshop aruxaiden centric au slow updates!
Aru Shah Short Stories/One Shots by BookLoversClub3
Aru Shah Short Stories/One Shotsby The Book Lovers Club
This is just going to be a book of some short stories I've written from Aru Shah :) (spoilers for all 5 books) all characters belong to Roshani Chokshi, or they are an o...
Aru Shah FLUFF by Magique_12
Aru Shah FLUFFby Magique_12
Me up late at night obsessing and fangirling of Aru Shah. I recently joined Wattpad and I hope you enjoy my amateur writing! :) Thanks, Magique
Where's Aru? (SPOILERS) by aidens_camera
Where's Aru? (SPOILERS)by Kei
This was inspired by:@lizard-wizard-17. So this has spoilers, so if you haven't read Tree of Wishes then don't read this, only if you want.
Vajra's Diary/Journal by Vajra_Forever
Vajra's Diary/Journalby Kate Kapoor
The innermost thoughts of a lightning bolt known as Vajra. Everyone else was doing the journal, and I must honor my role as Vajra and make this
Aru Shah Oneshots 'N Stuff by rai060906
Aru Shah Oneshots 'N Stuffby tanushree
Yup. A SECOND Aru Shah book. It won't contain jokes like my other book, but who knows? Maybe it will. And if you are wondering why I created a second one, for Vajra's sa...