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You'll always be mine. by LaylaAkshitaElodie
You'll always be mine.by LaylaAkshitaElodie
So, after I finished watching the drama addicted heroine and read the novel a couple times. My imagination went wild. I read the second book and it was AMAZING. But I c...
  • bl
  • love
Just for art ( oh and now I write in it when I'm bored oops )  by pinkchocoisinlove
Just for art ( oh and now I write...by thot
Just look at my art;;w; I probably will forget to update it , if you want to see more jus tell me,, Step right up for shitty art one and all!
  • wbu
  • mine
  • drawing
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IN YOUR CONTROL  [ JJK ] by GgukBizzle
Jungkook, a well known Gangster at first wanted to have fun and just play with you but as the time passes, unexpected things happen and he couldn't help but to fall in l...
  • jungkook
  • drama
  • thriller
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Mine Forever by sunehrasokwala
Mine Foreverby sunehrasokwala
#484spiritual 15/8/19Him & Her ...Lots of drama and secrets to be unfold during their journey but their life will be filled with tears, happiness and a lot more ...
  • marriage
  • love
  • hurt
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MY ANGELA by Brismaa
MY ANGELAby Rismawati Sri Dewi
••Perhatian!!! Mengandung kata-kata kasar dan Kontent Dewasa•• Harap pembaca bisa bijak. Tidak ada ketakutan dimatanya--terkurung 6 tahun disebuah ruang bawah tanah yan...
  • trust
  • america
  • fear
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idyllic | ethma by GRANTDIORS
idyllic | ethmaby GRANTDIORS
he rolls his eyes, "they always talk about the calm after the storm." he points the gun closer to my abdomen, and says, "but they never talk about the cal...
  • grayson
  • emmachamberlain
  • ethandolan
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The feelings by JustDianaK
The feelingsby 🤪💜🐰
"You know that you shouldn't fall in love with me, right?"- he quietly said. "But we both know that it's impossible ." - I whispered. Read to find o...
  • belieber
  • swag
  • lovestory
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Forever and a day. by justdolanxtwins
Forever and a day.by Beep beep
"Let go of me!" I screamed into his face "Sorry babe, your gonna be with me forever" He smirked deviously Just before I feel into darkness I heard o...
  • mate
  • alina
  • werewolves
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Age Gap (BTS FF) by Endless_Sky123
Age Gap (BTS FF)by Endless_Sky123
"He probably wants...your...body," my teacher whispered in my ear before lightly biting it. "It's beautiful," he said while giving my neck small kis...
  • namjoon
  • seokjin
  • yoongi
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Mine (Sequel of Yours) by Amber_H97
Mine (Sequel of Yours)by Amber H.
Kepergian Ian membuat Arya berusaha untuk memecahkan kasus-kasus yang membahayakan dirinya semata-mata hanya untuk berita-berita yang ditulisnya. Namun, alasan di balik...
  • fiction
  • pembunuh
  • cinta
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(OG) MINE ~ JEONJK by nrllmeera
(OG) MINE ~ JEONJKby nrllmeera
+ ur mine just mine + -jjk
  • jungkook
  • mine
  • jeonjk
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His Mercy by Ms_Nobody8
His Mercyby Ms. Nobody
She wouldn't ever ask for mercy for that no one would show cruelty to her in the beginning. And in all his cruelty, he gained mercy in the middle of his inhumane ways. M...
  • obsessed
  • innocence
  • mercy
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•|OWNERS|• kth-jjk by PurpleHearteu7
•|OWNERS|• kth-jjkby Ryza Mei Correa
(I just deleted my first story cuz I didn't really planned how it is going to turn out so here I am.My brain cells finally decided to work.) In which Taehyung and Jungko...
  • kookv
  • namjin
  • swag
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Kim Taehyung Oneshots Some smuts Here to fill my fantasie
  • bts
  • fanfiction
  • taehyung
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Destined to be with you by ILABUTU
Destined to be with youby Benneth Salvador
Noon pa man ay mahirap na para sakin ang buhay. Sa edad kong to dapat ay pag-aaral at kung ano anong ginagawa ng mga tipikal na kagaya ko. Pero wala akong choice na mag...
  • ilabutu
  • hesintoher
  • heartache
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The Shepherd Daughter (Hausa Love Story) by pp-panda
The Shepherd Daughter (Hausa Love...by pp-panda
A stranger came to the village with no memories of who he is or where he came from... Join komal to unravel the mystery of the stranger
  • mine
  • amnesia
  • supernatural
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Oc Book by xEmoxPsychox
Oc Bookby Horror Bride
Better Ocs I've created From different fandoms. Enjoy!
  • dccomics
  • thewalkingdead
  • zombies
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Melting Her Heart Again II (gxg) by imnoonesproperty000
Melting Her Heart Again II (gxg)by lexi
book 2 of Ms. President is Mine
  • girltogirl
  • president
  • lesbian
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chryssie by indigobeaudelaire
chryssieby indigo beaudelaire
❛ He had loved her for years, centuries, eons even. He had loved her from the very first touch, from the very first kin...
  • romance
  • obsession
  • horror
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