10 Ways to Say Goodbye by LovelyLivvi
10 Ways to Say Goodbyeby Olivia Harvard
Completing everything on that list was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Not because I lost you, but because I had to learn how to love myself. [commissioned entry fo...
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Curves In A Bikini (Completed & Partially Edited) by Vampirehorsequeen31
Curves In A Bikini (Completed & Pa...by Just.Reckless.
"big girls and bikinis just don't mix." Aylin Scott is new to the island. After her mother's trial, Aylin is left without a parent, a home, or her job. S...
  • bikini
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Instagram ~joey birlem by Im_proof
Instagram ~joey birlemby 💋
@joeybirelm dm u
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The Innocence of Revenge by All4Furious
The Innocence of Revengeby Jo Furious
They are here. Together. The man I love parades my best friend around my family, friends, and colleagues as if a year and a half didn't happen. My best friend moves ele...
  • consequences
  • loyalty
  • ego
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The Little Voice by AnAbundanceofStars
The Little Voiceby AnAbundanceofStars
Have you ever felt that little voice in the back of you mind? That would break you down and make you feel like nothing? This is all about how I was able to conquer that...
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  • mindovermattercontest
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Happy #MindOverMatterContest by Mocha_Bean
Happy #MindOverMatterContestby Mocha_Bean
My entry to the #MindOverMatterContest 500 words of my life 500 words that prove I'm okay 500 words that prove its possible. (To The Bone entry)
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Netflix #MindOverMatterContest by ChickLit
Netflix #MindOverMatterContestby ChickLit and Women's Fiction
In 500-words or less, tell us how you conquered your internal monologue and overcame negativity for your chance to win a signed prize from Lily Collins and Marti Noxon!
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Shark Bite by ElenaCahill
Shark Biteby Elena Cahill
Kaylee is just you're average girl, that is until a tragedy changes her life.
  • drama
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If Tomorrow Doesn't Come  by DestinyWitcher
If Tomorrow Doesn't Come by DestinyWitcher
I always knew I was a failure. I wasn't a size 6. I don't have pretty eyes. I was short in stature and temper, and I have no filter. I am not perfect. Though no one trul...
  • bullying
  • special
  • alpha
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The Willow Trees by GGClements
The Willow Treesby GGClements
The Willow Trees must be kept safe at all cost. No one is allowed to see them, they are fenced in with the brick walls of my mind. Any presence that lingers too long sen...
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Asymmetrics by Claraii
Asymmetricsby Clarence Joy
(Highest rate: #33 in science fiction) I have never heard a silence quite so loud I walk in the room and you don't make a sound, make a sound You're good at making me fe...
  • fictional
  • teleportation
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Looking For Love by perfectimperfect1
Looking For Loveby Anastasia Marie diamond Washi...
20 year old Shanell been through alot she had to grow up early to rise her brother and sister and having her own child to take care of is hard with work and school and...
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This is Me. by Candi_is_batman
This is Me.by Candice
Welcome into the inner turmoil that is my mind.
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Be Me For A Day #MindOverMatterContest by _linny_boo_
Be Me For A Day #MindOverMatterCon...by Headphone Zombie
#MindOverMatterContest Living with a Mental Disorder(s) is hard, however trying to overcome them and not let them get the best of you is harder... Published: August 22...
  • anorexiarecovery
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Part of Who I Am by MayIJustImagine
Part of Who I Amby Keirstan
How I accepted what they said, then rejected what they said.
  • mindovermattercontest
Ombre - MindOverMatterEntry by -_Heidi_-
Ombre - MindOverMatterEntryby Heidi
A story of a young girl overcoming her best friends suicide.
  • depression
  • mindovermattercontest
  • mindovermatter
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The Past I Ponder #MindOverMatterContest by AlexiaColette
The Past I Ponder #MindOverMatterC...by Alexia Colette
My Negativity and Self Loathe were my shackles and they brought about Memories that would have led to my downfall. But once I realized that world wasn't so Conscious, I...
  • love
  • intelligence
  • negativethoughts
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Beneath Your Flaws #MindOverMatterContest by Deethewriter
Beneath Your Flaws #MindOverMatter...by H a d e e l
Ever felt like you're worth nothing? Ever felt like you're drowning in insecurities and self-doubts? Ever felt like your dreams are crushed by the doubts? Ever felt dama...
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  • mindovermattercontest
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Sprites | #MindOverMatter by Semipeaceful_Hippie
Sprites | #MindOverMatterby Layne
Anxiety appears in different forms for different people. Mine was a shoulder sprite who ate my grades.
  • school
  • short
  • anxiety
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