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Will You Be My Friend- SATZU ☑  by AustinHaris2
Will You Be My Friend- SATZU ☑ by Austin Haris
A story of friendship blooms via email Started: 09/18/20 Status: Completed Ended: 01/23/21 Newest Highest Ranking 02/02/21 #8 sapphire #14 narratives Ranking 12/13/20 #...
Playful Kiss.. (N.YT & M.SN) by yougurt__
Playful Kiss.. (N.YT & M.SN)by
yuta and sana.. - inspired by a Japanese Drama
«Innocent Love» TWICE! [Under Revision] by jaljungeun_goodnight
«Innocent Love» TWICE! [Under Revi...by awheat
"You're a lot Like Snow. You're beautiful, mesmerizing. But at the same time, cold and alluring."-Minatozaki Sana Copyright © 2018 jaljungeun_goodnight Innocen...
The Flirty Professor by dkwtnhiw
The Flirty Professorby dkwtn
Read to find out ;) (Sana x neutral reader) Start: 1|6|22 End: 2|19|22
The Heiress || MSN by PingooPot
The Heiress || MSNby 惨事
Minatozaki Sana, daughter to a business giant, and Y/n who has the opposite status met and went to the same high school where hierarchy existed. Does having a different...
Memories of a Lover by yuashua005
Memories of a Loverby aftermoon [hiatus]
A story about a video editor Y/N who is a big fan of the South Korean girl group TWICE and aspires to work on his favorite South Korean Company, the JYP Entertainment. W...
New Beginning (2na) by TW_JY01
New Beginning (2na)by I Miss PRISTIN
Sana is a nerd that came from Osaka, Japan. She transferred to Seoul University to have a new beginning. But then, a girl discovered her past.
drunken texts | jeongmo by fabsorrows
drunken texts | jeongmoby jo
jeongyeon texts momo while drunk
+22 more
You in my Heart | Twice Sana x Reader by rSanaKim
You in my Heart | Twice Sana x Rea...by Sana Kim
Ren is from japan transferred schools to seoul, he who always wore ripped jeans and hoods/sweater instead of his uniform . Former bully guy who always gets into a fight...
Idol (Samo) by Laurmila9697
Idol (Samo)by Karla Mckenzie Michelle Jaure...
What will happen if you accidentally date an Idol that you don't even know?
My Cheerleader: Twice Sana x Male Reader by MilkyWay2424
My Cheerleader: Twice Sana x Male...by MilkyWay2424
Y/n L/n is a 10th grader, he plays football and has a small crush on his best friend, Sana. Sana Minatozaki is also a 10th grader, she's a cheerleader and has a BIG crus...
Between Us (2na One shots) by woliiysh
Between Us (2na One shots)by call me daddy
~Dicontinued~ Oneshots between our favourite Mina and Sana from TWICE. Book cover done by: @park_yoonjie
My dear teacher ( YANDERE sana X reader) by bhavyamotwani3
My dear teacher ( YANDERE sana X r...by bhavya motwani
the new teacher just joined in and at first glance you became heavily attracted to her, But after knowing the dark secret about your favourite teacher your life suddenly...
weird ➳ itzy by honeytzu
weird ➳ itzyby 𝐥𝐲𝐧’𝐬, ia.
/wird/ (adj.) an unusual, absurd, or strange behavior coming from a person. © honeytzu, 2020.
It Was Like A Dream by lightfuryHY
It Was Like A Dreamby Chae's cowboyhat
"Who do you think you are, Yeji?" Lia says as she pushed me back by the shoulder. I looked at her, her eyes starting to get teary. "The promise. Please...
Is There A Chance For Me To You? || J-Line X Fem. Reader by ben_tozaki
Is There A Chance For Me To You? |...by .
[ON GOING + Re-writing + lots of TW + bad words] What will happen when your crush, bestfriend and your cousin's tutor fall in love with you? As for this college student...
unnie, saranghae! ; saida by saidafucc
unnie, saranghae! ; saidaby tofued
"unnie, saranghae." []saida ff. []short story []completed []pure mild english []UNEDITED.
Remember Me? || Sana x Reader by Eco_Wecko
Remember Me? || Sana x Readerby Buko Pie
[Completed] "Do you remember me? Y/N-nie?" I ask, cupping her/his cheeks. Her/his eyes widen. "No, who are you?" She/he tilts her/his head to the sid...
Our Song ( Sana x Fictional Male Character) by tobybot09
Our Song ( Sana x Fictional Male C...by tobybot09
Sana goes to the Philippines to face unfinished business with someone in her past. This is a full-blown story, related to the anthology "What is Love?"
Half Written Story  by walkwithcranes
Half Written Story by walkwithcranes
Two strangers meet in the midst of fixing inner turmoil and broken soul.