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The Unlikely Triplet by I0am0useless
The Unlikely Tripletby I am useless
Naruto's parents are too preoccupied with his siblings, leaving him feeling neglected. However, Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage, recognizes Naruto's potential and tak...
The Wandering Ronin N  by WolfSama8
The Wandering Ronin N by Wolf Sama
Óbito's attack to the leave turned into a failure as Minato managed to kill him, but when one problem is solved another one comes to takes it place. In order to save the...
Dying Is Easy Living Is Harder  by WolfSama8
Dying Is Easy Living Is Harder by Wolf Sama
Minato and kushina Uzumaki after sealing the nine tail fox inside of Naruto go into a deep coma what will happened when they wake up 14 years how will they react by the...
please love me by Sorrowsofthesoul
please love meby Sorrowsofthesoul
Naruto Uzumaki. When you hear this name, you think of a endlessly energetic and happy child. But that isn't the case. If you met the owner of this name, you will see a e...
Naruto and the Ink Machine- Naruto Neglect fanfic by deathbear48
Naruto and the Ink Machine- Naruto...by deathbear48
During the nine tails attack Bendy is freed from the studio and accidently gets sealed into Naru. Her parents neglect and terrorize her for being different and when her...
Naruto: Learning from the Professor by GreenwolfGames
Naruto: Learning from the Professorby HeavenlyEditor
Naruto gets neglected for his sisters Mito and Naoki before he discovers a hidden scroll in his room. Now he will rise to the pinnacle of the ninja world, known as the S...