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You're not alone ☆Mimikyu x Reader☆ by XxXMabelPinesXxX
You're not alone ☆Mimikyu x Reader☆by Piggles & Mabels
OwO' I'm horrible at descriptions. This story has violence and a bit of cursing in it but not much.
Mimikyu ¨I Chose You¨ by animaniac0013
Mimikyu ¨I Chose You¨by animaniac0013
the story of a Mimikyu and her trainer.
Alolan High | A Pokemon fan fiction by LittenIsSwagg67
Alolan High | A Pokemon fan fictionby Torri
Alolan High School 2 | A Pokemon Fanfiction by LittenIsSwagg67
Alolan High School 2 | A Pokemon F...by Torri
[READ THE FIRST ONE FIRST! :)] A water type named Popplio has managed to survive a year at her new school environment, Alolan High. However, a series of events occur whe...
Pokémon Sun & Moon: Emethyst's Journey Continues by Gore_Jus
Pokémon Sun & Moon: Emethyst's Jou...by GoreJus ❤️
Professor Kukui's daughter, Emethyst is back! She's ready for what her new life in Alola throws at her. She's still healing from her mother's death, and has the occasion...
Bitter~Sweet by LunarCrowAngel
Bitter~Sweetby Angel
A young soon to be trainer dies mysteriously and is reincarnated as a pokemon in another region. Now lost in the jungle with almost no memories other then name. Can Alex...
El hombre del saco... by Suntrainermaster345
El hombre del saco...by Viva Chile CTM.(Suny).
Solo un humano solitario con un gran rencor y odio a los héroes, sobre todo con uno llamado "Pikachu". Usando un traje con el mismo diseño de el para tratar de...
The Pokemon Guardian by RLKing27
The Pokemon Guardianby RLKing27
Ashley "Hope" Ketchum has a lot of pressure on her shoulders, being the daughter of Ash and Serena Ketchum. It doesn't help that she's the middle daughter of h...
That Smile ( Leon x reader ) by Simp_Gremlin
That Smile ( Leon x reader )by Gremlin
HI! So first things first this is a x reader story XD. AND IM TERRIBLE AT UPDATING, so for warned. But I will try to update once a week, ooooon Fridays! Anyway this stor...
🐾Your Love Is Electrifying🐾Pikachu!Reader X Mimikyu🐾 by Songflake
🐾Your Love Is Electrifying🐾Pikac...by Songflake
🐾Remake of 'Different Love (Mimikyu x Pikachu!Reader)'🐾 🐾 Pikachu!Reader X Mimikyu 🐾 (Y/n) a female Pikachu has caught eyes of many males. She would always say no to...
You better believe  by An1bus
You better believe by Ryan Ravenclaw
Andrey Alexander-Arnold grew up in a family of Pokémon trainers with much success.He never had interest in Pokémon training however,he loved football instead.He secretly...
Mimikyu randomness book, I guess by LynoleyTpayne
Mimikyu randomness book, I guessby Stay hydrated
Mimikyu is my religion **Was once mimikyu appreciation book**
Pokemon: Mimicking You (A Short Story) by Revanyx
Pokemon: Mimicking You (A Short St...by Revanyx
A Pokemon short story. From the very first day of his transfer to Pokemon School, Mimikyu was already labeled an outcast by his classmates. Things were very lonely for h...
Pokemon  Ask or Dare by whitewolf49
Pokemon Ask or Dareby whitewolf49
Ask Pikachu, Meowth, Charazard, and other pokemon a question or dare them to do something. Honestly I'm just doing this to keep myself busy while I work on other stuff...
Gone for too long (Pokémon Piers/reader) by _Mx_Fallen_
Gone for too long (Pokémon Piers/r...by Mx.Fallen
"Six years and you finally decided to show your face around here." "Hello to you too Piers." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I left Galar to see the world and...
Cosplay Mimikyu🖤 by aliceexlynn
Cosplay Mimikyu🖤by alice
lots of pictures of mimikyu dressed up as other pokemon/other stuff. if you like good art/pictures/mimikyu then you should take a look :3 I DONT OWN PICTURES AND CREDIT...
(Y/N) and mimikyu by fox36843
(Y/N) and mimikyuby fox36843
the story is of you and your wonderful Pokemon Adventure but there's a slight catch you take the ones that nobody will
The forgotten girl (a Pokémon fanfic and a paul x echo x Barry x ash) by lunaartist1
The forgotten girl (a Pokémon fanf...by Senpie luna
Echo when she was 5 she got lost in a trick forest and she cannot find her self back,when she turned 6 she found her self back but later did she know her parents were DE...
IN HER MEMORY'(Pokemon x depressed reader) by SaachiSonawane
IN HER MEMORY'(Pokemon x depressed...by kiana
Meet adriella and her sister Ruby in the journey of the world against them Adriella a strong depressed girl with unknown fast goes to some random poke School will they k...