angst. by shubinn
#1 -close-
Sometimes when you feel sad, you really want to make yourself even more sad. There's so many things you can do for that. Watching sad things, look at others happiness, s...
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CRIMINAL LOVE [MYG & BSZ] by aprilrsln
Min Yoongi seorang pria pengangguran yang terpaksa harus menculik seorang wanita dari kalangan atas hanya untuk mendapatkan haknya mampukah Yoongi mengambil kembali hak...
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House of cards: Her by zackkira
House of cards: Herby zackkira
Jeon Jungkook never thought that unconditioned love he received from his wife would end someday. That. Until one incident ruined his life forever. Graphics by Kurogane ...
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My Boss by Miss_Little_Artemis
My Bossby Ate Niens
Two persons with completely different personalities. She is kind. He is not. What if these two persons meet? What will happen to them? Will they find love? Will they be...
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[C]BangFriend Imagines (BTS X GFRIEND) by w1skdz
[C]BangFriend Imagines (BTS X H A N
Request are closed I made this book especially for BangFriend shipper,if your not a fan of BangFriend please dont waste your time giving hate on my book? My favourite co...
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SAILING by 94Noona
SAILINGby 94Noona
Min Yoongi sebagai anggota dari boygroup terkenal, BTS dan Kim Yewon, anggota salah satu girlgroup populer, Gfriend. Mereka menjalin hubungan sejak setahun yang lalu. Ba...
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BangFriend Group Chat by w1skdz
BangFriend Group Chatby H A N
  • yukook
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  • 방탄소년단
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fakestagram by MinFreida
fakestagramby minyoonda
bangchin fake instagram chats & dms ✨ if you're not a bangchin stan i'd rather you go and not leave hate comments thank you ^^ language ; english if your ships are not...
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Glass Bead:SowJin by w1skdz
Glass Bead:SowJinby H A N
Falling in love in the season of glass Sowon X Jin/BANGFRIENDSERIES1
  • sowjin
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  • yumin
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Lost Soul's Love by shadowkmuX
Lost Soul's Loveby -PandaBearZzz-
~ 1 ~
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When We Were Young by MeeMeeMox
When We Were Youngby MeeMeeMox
Two gifted and talented childhood friends with special powers need to part ways at a young age just to fulfill each other's destinies.
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In a Relationship with a Stupid by LITTLEGULLIVER
In a Relationship with a Stupidby LITTLEGULLIVER
Anong gagawin mo sa isang arrogante, walang paki alam, bwisit, sellfish, tamad, mayabang, at nakakainis na boyfriend? Tumagal ka kaya? Ito ay istorya ng isang couple na...
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