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The End Is The New Beginning | AoT/SnK Reader Insert by cosmic_rainfall
The End Is The New Beginning | ✾
!!AOT/SNK FANFIC!! {A story about you in the AOT/SNK world} ~• •~ Eren Jaeger. A name so commonly known. The only son of Grisha Jaeger, a doctor known to have stopped an...
Phobia - A Levi x Original Character Story by crumbee
Phobia - A Levi x Original ~ c r u m b s ~
phobia /ˈfəʊbɪə/ noun an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. *** Eve Hamilton has a fear of touch. She immediately becomes defensive when anyone touc...
Something To Gain by TCWolf
Something To Gainby TCWolf
Tori Brooks made the big decision to enlist in the U.S. Army at the age of 17. Just graduating from high school, she had no idea what she was getting herself into and t...
The Loss of Humanity by pokenaruto58
The Loss of Humanityby Rita Winter
The Crimson Shadow. A mysterious yet renowned and infamous figure in the Underground. This particular person winds up finding themselves in the Survey Corps with no part...
The First Titan ( Attack on Titan// Shingeki no Kyojin) by karsunhoes
The First Titan ( Attack on step on my face kageyama
Azure Eclipse is a girl. But different from others. In look and in personality. Same girls want attention. She wanted to be in the darkness, away from the spotlight. She...
Controlling The Titans {Levi x Reader} by TheYaoiAnimeGeek
Controlling The Titans {Levi x TheYaoiAnimeGeek
You, y/n Yeager, wanted to defeat all Titans like your brother Eren, after watching your mother's death. It seemed to be your end but you decide to avenge your mother an...
Attack on Titan (fanfic) by ToothlessOwner
Attack on Titan (fanfic)by ToothlessOwner
My names Natasha dejesus and I was there when the armored Titan and colassal Titan broke wall Maria. I also witness someone get eaten by the smiling titan. from that sig...
lacuna ; levi ackerman by moarchy
lacuna ; levi ackermanby yangyang's hoe™
we tripped on the urge to feel alive moarchy © 2020
Attack on Titan for beginners by Four-Ackerman
Attack on Titan for beginnersby four ramsey
want to watch the anime Attack on Titan? but have no idea what it is or you think it's too confusing? read this. it will help understand why/how things happen and more...
Tips From Unknown by Assassin2008Ace
Tips From Unknownby Assassin of Chaos
When Ace Reacher(Military Police Major) gets new that one of his team mate has been murdered but the police are declaring it a suicide. He goes to catch the murderer. He...
FREEDOM„ aot by mxchichi
FREEDOM„ aotby 𝟒𝟓𝟏𝟗𝟒
"Could we achieve freedom?" (Y/N) (L/N), a girl living inside the walls of Maria. Her ignorance of the outside world can't even compare to a new born. What cou...
Attack On Titan Ending Theory by tobeforgottenplease
Attack On Titan Ending Theoryby Abandoned
This is mainly more for the anime side, as if the manga went in a whole different direction almost Completed - Based off a tumblr post
Within the Lies by YourLocalHistorian
Within the Liesby William Perez
In the assumed Luxury of the Military Police comes the darkness.. or rather "buisness". There sits the boy, known by his superiors as "Sid" due to hi...
Attack on Titan (Zombie Apocalypse Edition) by Pkmntrainerjay13
Attack on Titan (Zombie Jay Battle
In the confined hell of the walls, titans have almost killed off humanity. But we fought against the titans and almost won. But another threat has came to threaten us. Z...
War On Titan by Anghellic
War On Titanby Gabby seguin
Karasan has never been the bravest or smartest person in the world, but when the war between titans and humans begin with chilling gore, Karasan refuses to hold back! Wi...
The Scientists Little Sister by Author_Chan_
The Scientists Little Sisterby The Disciple
This is a story about Meria Zoe, Hanji Zoe's younger sister. When a building collapsed in their home town, Hanji thought her sister died. Luckily, she survived and was f...
Her Wings of Freedom by FlugelDerFreiheitSNK
Her Wings of Freedomby FlügelDerFreiheitSNK
It's hell. Complete hell. The titans have broken through Wall Maria, invading Shiganshina district. A young girl must learn to fight and abandon all doubt for humanity i...
Short AOT Fanfic (Modern Day AU) ~COMPLETED~ by mortdoggy
Short AOT Fanfic (Modern Day AU) ✨маddîe✨
❝уоu сапт снапgе апутнîпg uпłеss уоu сап dîsсагd рагт оf уоuгsеłf тоо. то suграss мопsтегs, уоu мusт ве wîłłîпg то авапdoп уоuг нuмапîту❞ - агмîп агłегт :•:•:•:•: What...