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The exchange (camren) English Version  by camrreeen
The exchange (camren) English Camren es real
- THE EXCHANGE 1ST BOOK - The author of the story is @merari-cabello on wattpad. All the credits go to her! I asked the author if it's okay to translate it but she still...
The doctor is in: Joker's and Harley's little clown by Louisa532
The doctor is in: Joker's and Louisa532
22 years after their capture, The Joker and Harley Quinn have been placed in Arkham Asylum. When they receive a new therapist who suggests they be counseled together, m...
Misconceptions (Zayn Malik) by BelWatson
Misconceptions (Zayn Malik)by Bel Watson
{book 2} ✓ - ❝ I'm tired of pity, of everyone looking at me like "poor Zayn, infatuated with his best mates's girl". I know it's not okay and if it were so eas...
Otayuri Pics by wolfabby2003
Otayuri Picsby wolfabby2003
Just a bunch of random pics I have of Otayuri on my phone. I need a life, lol. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own any images in here. All credit goes to the amazing artists! THA...
TRUE LOVE by MarthaFee
TRUE LOVEby Martha
Penasaran ? Cuusss dibaca! Jangan jadi pembaca gelap yah, tinggalkan jejak dgn VOMMENT! Tolong bijak dalam membaca, karna cerita ini ada unsur dewasanya! So, yg...
The Foolish Five by SarcasticallyWitty
The Foolish Fiveby Leata
(THE GIRL IN THE HOODIE SHORTS BOOK) Just a bunch of short stories of the Foolish Five as F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Along with some random one shot type things. And some headcanon...
Mrs.Volturi by BangtanieBbyGrl
Mrs.Volturiby Bangtan Girl
The powerful Milana Ethan meets the Volturi Clan......... How will it end? Will two parallel worlds coexist? What about the rules and ancient bad bloods? Will Milana be...
monster musume x shota by JamesHall137
monster musume x shotaby James Hall
when your mom and dad died on a plane crash going to a meeting for the company that they owed a month later a woman shows up at your door saying it was in the will of yo...
Be my little by littleone2106
Be my littleby littleone2106
A stressed girl friend is forced into being a little by her dominant boyfriend, while she does everything in her capacity to not be dependent on him.
Life having to deal with Murphy's law by Lumityforever
Life having to deal with Murphy' 🐺
Mila, Miguel, Miles, and Marcy are the children of Milo Murphy. Amanda just left him to raise them on his own. How will these quadruples deal with growing up with Murphy...
Percentage- How long can you keep your smile by mauvefire
Percentage- How long can you mauvefire
TW: This book talks about drugs and abuse so please don't read if you don't like any of that. A girl is made fun in school and abused at home. She...
More Than Friend by xrmxxlxh
More Than Friendby xrmxxlxh
Anak baru -> temenan -> pacaran. Siklus normal dalam dunia per SMA an.
YAMS Season 2by Liora Wijaya Zhang
In family life love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that bring harmony ♥
Lauren Jauregui Imagines by steinfeldjauregui
Lauren Jauregui Imaginesby steinfeldjauregui
random short & long imagines/story's of you + lauren💓
MILA by EternallyWriter
MILAby julie
Sait-on vraiment tout sur ce qu'il s'est passé le soir du 31 octobre 1981 ? Cette nuit où le jeune Harry Potter bébé à vaincu le Seigneur des Ténèbres, cette nuit où Jam...
Little Bird (Ed Sheeran) by BelWatson
Little Bird (Ed Sheeran)by Bel Watson
{bonus book} ✓ - She’s a hopeless romantic– when it comes to others. She doesn’t believe in love to herself, she doesn’t believe someone could really love her. And when...
El sol y la luna - Camren (english Version) by camrreeen
El sol y la luna - Camren ( Camren es real
"Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui, two people totally opposite. But as they say the opposites attract." -- Hello people! :) I will be translating the story ...
Wattson x Crypto (No Smut) by GeGegrg
Wattson x Crypto (No Smut)by GeGegrg
First book. I've had an account for a few months now, and I always had this idea for a Crypto x Wattson story, and here it is. (Also, Wattson is 28 in here, so the age g...
Keep Away by _jnicole_
Keep Awayby J. Nicole
Mila, Liam, and Tessa are on the run. After their little episode at the Members Building, they've fled to Liam's childhood house, where the monsters of Liam's past lurk...