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The Boy From The Stars by TheCandyChild
The Boy From The Starsby ..
Miku Hatsune's life has always been boring. She's always yearned for some excitement in her life, and boy did she get it. A boy who seems to be badly beaten and wearing...
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The Rolling Girl by TheCandyChild
The Rolling Girlby ..
Miku Hatsune is the 'Rolling Girl'. She rarely gets anything done correctly, and has parents who expect her to be perfect- to be like the flawless child they've never ha...
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vocaloid - summer school! by littlehappyotaku
vocaloid - summer school!by littlehappyotaku
miku is a girl with amazing singing abilities and huge potential, but don't have any good friends or social life. when she comes to an special summer school for kids lik...
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Under a Blossoming by braavy
Under a Blossomingby ヤナ
That's absurd - I couldn't be falling in love with this girl, especially since she's mute.. Is it really so wrong to fall in love after your deceased fiancé died? Is it...
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夏reconciliation by renmii
夏reconciliationby renmii
A Len/Miku oneshot.
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Unrequited by AsheCorinthos
Unrequitedby ~Ashe~
"I envy that it was her that you loved, and not me." -There's nothing more painful than unrequited feelings. Onesided!Mikulen, hinted Lenrin. Kind of angsty o...
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Never Forget Me [#LENKU - REWRITING] by braavy
Never Forget Me [#LENKU - REWRITIN...by ヤナ
"You can't run away from the monsters in your head, but you can learn to fight them." Peter Pan was Miku's pride and joy as a little girl, but as she grew old...
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Senpai!notice me! (Mikuxlen) by mikumikulen-fan
Senpai!notice me! (Mikuxlen)by mikumikulen-fan
Hatsune miku, a sweet innocent girl, who have a crush on a boy named kagamine len , a simple boy but a play bastard boy . He had never accepted any girl feelings . He...
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Học viện Vocaloid by ErRoRexeexe
Học viện Vocaloidby ErRoRexeexe
Đây là một fanfic về vocaloid, sẽ có chút đan xen tình yêu ở đây, nói chung là mời các bạn đón đọc
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Be My Bride! (Miku×Len Fanfic)  by AnimeSenpai01
Be My Bride! (Miku×Len Fanfic) by AnimeSenpai01
This is a fanfic where Miku is an average 1st year high school student. While, Len is 1 year younger, who's smart and the heir to the Kagamine Group, the top 3 largest c...
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Through the mirror by xAbbiBearx
Through the mirrorby xAbbiBearx
Miku Hatsune a girl of age sixteen has been alone all her life. No friends at school, no one. This was until the mirror she bought send off a mystical vibe making her mo...
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Tình Đầu by KagamineAiko
Tình Đầuby KagamineAiko
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The Adventures of the Abnormal Girl (MikuXLen) by BernaCetin
The Adventures of the Abnormal Gir...by BernaCetin
There was a girl which everyone hated and made fun of her hair color. They always called her things like "Emotionless, Abnormal Girl" or "Sea Witch"...
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(MiLen Fanfic - Sưu tầm) - Lầu Vũ Mộng - Amayumerou by FumiyoSatoh
(MiLen Fanfic - Sưu tầm) - Lầu V...by FumiyoSatoh
Đúng như đã hứa từ hè năm ngoái, hè năm nay Mina sẽ gửi đến các bạn một vài fic viết dựa trên những bài hát, series do MiLen nhà ta thể hiện. Đầu...
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Our Forbidden Love: A Lenku Fanfiction {Vocaloid} by ArielLynn1014
Our Forbidden Love: A Lenku Fanfic...by ✨🖤Keith🖤✨
Started: 4/23/15 Finished: ??? Len has always had a huge crush on Miku Hatsune but there is one small problem. She doesn't know he exists! But when his English brother O...
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