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Adopted by Brendon Urie  by ur_lil_bands_lover
Adopted by Brendon Urie by Karson
Literally the title says it all tbh:) There will be a lot of trigger warnings I'm so sorry I just got so bored in quarantine and wrote this The story is still not done...
Brendon Urie DDM by underscoreandy
Brendon Urie DDMby ☆
Daddy-daughter moments with Brendon Urie! {in these preferences, Y/N is used, as the reader is the daughter.} Either comment or message requests! {brendon and sarah have...
DDM~BRENDON URIE  by taraisnotamazing
DDM~BRENDON URIE by taraisnotamazing
DDM= dad daughter moments Imagines of (y/n) and Brendon as father and daughter:) (Sarah is also in this story) DISCONTINUED
The End Of All Things // B.U by strxy_kidsx
The End Of All Things // B.Uby strxy_kidsx
Four years ago she moved to la from England. Today her life was turned upside down. Ava, a 13 year old British girl, moved to LA when she was 9 as she had to move foste...
Life Unexpected (The Urie's Daughter Series Book 4) by justabassicmusicnerd
Life Unexpected (The Urie's Daught...by @bnpbassicmusician
I woke up in total darkness with a faint rumbling beneath me. My hands and feet were taped together and I was pretty sure a blindfold was over my eyes. I felt a hard bum...
Brendon Ur¡e - Fluffs and !mag¡nes by fantasyzero
Brendon Ur¡e - Fluffs and !mag¡nesby 𐍂⟅יִ𐨩
Hey, welcome to my book! As you'd expect, this has some fluffs and imagines involving you, the reader, and Brendon Urie. From lighthearted everyday scenarios to outrageo...
The Urie Legacy ~ A Panic! At The Disco FanFic by Leia4Lyfe
The Urie Legacy ~ A Panic! At The...by ~Leia
"You're my daughter, you can do anything you put your mind to." ...
Nicole Row Pictures  by _xalexanderturnerx_
Nicole Row Pictures by _xalexanderturnerx_
Pictures of our bassist from panic! :) #24 in Nicole Row! (2/21/19)
Brendon Urie DDM imagines by paramoreurie
Brendon Urie DDM imaginesby sarah urie stan
just some imagines/oneshots if Brendon Urie was a dad.
panic at the disco -> imagines  by aestheticbandtrashxx
panic at the disco -> imagines by rhiiiii
hello! you can request any current or former members of the band:) I'm open to all requests, just message me. Leave feedback and comments. Make sure to vote! thanks sm...
❤︎ panic! at the disco imagines by http-heymoon
❤︎ panic! at the disco imaginesby seeing is not believing
Will include imagines of: ❥ Brendon Urie ❥ Ryan Ross ❥ Spencer Smith ❥ Dallon Weekes ❥ Jon Walker » Can also be requested: Nicole Row, Sarah Urie and Mike Naran.
Beebo Urie (Brendon Urie x Reader Oneshots) by drawingearthfreak
Beebo Urie (Brendon Urie x Reader...by •Fucking•Trash•
A lil book of oneshots about Brendon Urie. Im also really dumb and stupid so if these stories are bad oops. I also take requests so message me because I get writers bloc...
Houston Vro Highschool (Jake Chams X Reader) [SLOW UPDATES] by yukaluvemoquartet
Houston Vro Highschool (Jake Chams...by Yuka Gabriela
Hello and welcome to Houston Vro Highschool ! In this highschool, you will be meeting your favorite band members become your teacher in this high school ! Do you want to...
P!ATD X READER 1 SHOTS (Requests Open) by 0somuchfandom0
P!ATD X READER 1 SHOTS (Requests O...by Professional fangirl
(Might be mostly x Mike Naran or x Nicole Row, but if yall request other people I'll do it)
Kidnapped by Brendon Urie by bloodycal-ntyne
Kidnapped by Brendon Urieby cal’s valntyne
Miia is an adventurous, generous, passionate, brave, bright and charming 16-year-old girl. Who loves to go on adventures with her best-friends Jupiter Johnson, Sarah Orz...
brendon urie's sister -> mike naran by aestheticbandtrashxx
brendon urie's sister -> mike naranby rhiiiii
his sister -> and her life <3 also I adore mike and see barely any fan fiction about him soooo leave me any feedback, it's much appreciated and helps a lot! social...
Tattooed Heart || Brallon by ohjustcas
Tattooed Heart || Brallonby 💫 Castian 💫
"I'll show you, how much I wanna be, on your tattooed heart." ~Tattooed Heart - Ariana Grande -- Brallon (Brendon Urie x Dallon Weekes) AU -- Tattoo Artist !¡...
Vices & Vsco (Brendon Urie x Vsco Girl) by vipclouds
Vices & Vsco (Brendon Urie x Vsco...by k
no one asked for this and yet here i am writing it at 2am there may be some vsco smut hehe and i oop-
You're going to be the Death of Me by xlillixn
You're going to be the Death of Meby xlillixn
"if you knew how much your safety meant to me, you wouldn't do these stupid things." Up and coming artist, Margo Kelley, is working hard for her dream. She ge...