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Mixed emotions by Playmaker_12
Mixed emotionsby Playmaker_12
[COMPLETED] Eren is a new transfer student and he is sent to live with a Girl named Mikasa. At first they don't see eye to eye but what happens when they open up to each...
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Every time I see my father I get sooo horny~ (Aot-FF) by Attack_on_Touka
Every time I see my father I get s...by Tokios schlimmster Alptraum.
A long time Eren thought he liked girls. But one day he looked at Grisha Jäger, his father, and noticed that he got really horny while looking at him. Eren knew it was w...
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No second choices by Zofen456
No second choicesby All About Dat Sass~
Mikasa is young, beautiful, and is leading her cadet core class so far. She's always had a crush on her foster brother, Eren, but he's never shown any interest in her...
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Ereannie:The new girl by Dimitris444
Ereannie:The new girlby No Idea
Eren goes shiganshina high scool.In his class there are all of his friends like mikasa,armin,jean,marco and more.One day a new girl cames to his class.How will he react...
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Colliding hearts-Eren x Levi, Jean x Mikasa by Nadia23smiler
Colliding hearts-Eren x Levi, Jean...by Nova Rei
Eren Jaeger was always the outcast. His sister; always the pretty smart girl. His enemy; the horse jock. And his secret crush; the most popular guy in school. So when al...
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Mikasa reacts to ships by Awesomeeh9
Mikasa reacts to shipsby Emoli
So, my friends wanted me to do this. I don't know why, but they gave me a list with a ton of names on. Wait, a ship isn't something that floats on water..? Its a what? A...
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Relax with me by piccolo2017
Relax with meby piccoloYAOI
This is the start of a Riren/Ereri love story. I hope you enjoy it and comments are appreciated! I will be posting a new chapter at LEAST once a week.
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His Red Scarf (ErenXMikasa) by jade_loser
His Red Scarf (ErenXMikasa)by jade_loser
Childhood friends into teen lovers seems simple-but not for this duo. Will conflicts between the two drive Mikasa into Jeans arms? Read to find out.
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As Time Goes By(Riren) by AnastasiaHeart772
As Time Goes By(Riren)by Wings of freedom
Who is that man staring at me? What does he want? Why are people staring at me? Don't tell me he's a killer. ------------------------------------------------------ Eren...
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Jean x Mikasa - Fragile Love by HeldFlower3134
Jean x Mikasa - Fragile Loveby 🌹 HeldFlower3134 🌻
This story takes place where the new rookies of the survey corps begin their journey. Hard works keeps everyone busy, and the Titan crisis that rises to become more dang...
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(Eren X Annie) You Look Nicer When You Smile by DeadEyesFish
(Eren X Annie) You Look Nicer When...by Lloyd
This my first story of my favorite ship of all time Erennie so I wont make this ship sink !!!!!
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AOT/SNK one shots(DISCONTINUED) by Little_Boo15
AOT/SNK one shots(DISCONTINUED)by Charlotte Jackson
Well, most of these are some ships that i may or may not like but i do take requests. ALSO WARNING: SEXUAL CONTENT, ALOT Of SWEARING AND YAOI/YURI
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The boy next door: attack on Titan style  by creepyartist97
The boy next door: attack on Titan...by maddie britt
I've been into this movie for a good 3 weeks straight called "The Boy Next Door" starring Jennifer Lopez and that one hot guy from "Step up: All in"...
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Written In Blood by yunipee
Written In Bloodby Eva
Mikasa X Jean A basic fanfic about the star-crossed lovers in the Survey Corps! Luv Furever
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/Ereri/My sister's boyfriend by xcandygirl
/Ereri/My sister's boyfriendby Annie
What happens when you have a crush on your sister's boyfriend?Eren's sister Mikasa is going out with Levi which Eren has a crush on.What happens when Levi shows interest...
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OS - Au final , tu es personne en or {Mikasa x Jean} by Une-otaku-merdique
OS - Au final , tu es personne en...by Naruse Shou
Un jour , Mikasa dit tout ce qu'elle avait sur le cœur à Jean. C'est tout ce dont vous avez besoin de savoir ...
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You are my sky and stars an ereri story by DarthTheDarkVader
You are my sky and stars an ereri...by Yo, she need Jesus
"Eren jaeger is my name. I am 15 years old and I am a Titan shifter" That was 2000 years ago now in the year 2057 Eren is 31 years old. Eren has never been no...
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