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Kind souls { MikaxYuu } by animeshipperr
Kind souls { MikaxYuu }by z
This is a college love story pretty much and its Mikayuu. (MikaxYuu from Seraph) I'll try and update as much as possible. Buh-bye!
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Dangerous | MikaYuu [DISCONTINUED} by bigheck
Dangerous | MikaYuu [DISCONTINUED}by .
Yuichiro didn't think that taking off his contacts would change his life as much as it did. - A/N: I don't own the original photo for the cover, nor do I own any of thes...
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Family ღ (Yandere! Mikaela Shindo x Yuichiro Amane Lemon) by deannasour
Family ღ (Yandere! Mikaela Shindo...by Michelle Lyndou ツ
Anime: Owari No Seraph Shipping: Mika x Yuu Mikaela and Yuichiro finally reunited after four years of a certain incident. However, a different Mika is born! What will h...
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Mine Forever by MistakeAtBirth
Mine Foreverby Bre
So, I just finished watching, Seraph Of The End, all 12 episodes. And I found that I ship Mikaela and Yuichiro hard, so here is a fanifiction on them. Nothing will be ce...
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Anastasia AU Mika X Yu  by ErikaGleave
Anastasia AU Mika X Yu by Erika Gleave
Yuichiro is the young prince who belongs to the Amane family and Mika is the boy who helps Yu and his grandfather Guren escape that night. Ferid Bathory placed a curse o...
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bloodshed (mikayuu) by shinyasan
bloodshed (mikayuu)by shinyasan
One day, a mysterious virus appeared on Earth which killed every infected human over the age of 13. At the same time, vampires emerged from the world's dark recesses and...
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Vampire and his human - Mikayuu - Fluff shots by mikaela_vampiree
Vampire and his human - Mikayuu...by mikaela_vampiree
Just some fluff between the boys themselves. Do not expect anything smutty or heated, these two are still basically kids, (They're both still 16 still? I mean, not kids...
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Mikaela X Yuichiro by Animoo421
Mikaela X Yuichiroby Animoo421
So, this story is if the vampires never existed, and if Yuichiro and Mikaela had never met. It's in their first year of college, so yeah! I hope you like it!!!
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|<Mika>|Please Love Me For Me |<Yuu>| by YourFriendSycla
||Please Love Me For Me ||by Titania
Most of the time, Family is there for you...Most of the time, Family is Happy for you... Most of the time, Family is true to you. Every time I think, I fall into a spir...
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My Own Fairytale (Mikayuu) by WanieyMafuyu
My Own Fairytale (Mikayuu)by BlackWings186
Seraph of The End X Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Ja Nai Do u guys need description? No ? OK then lol
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Red String Of Fate [Mikayuu Fanfic] by Akimxuuy
Red String Of Fate [Mikayuu Fanfic]by Keita
AU where everyone go to school and live as a normal life. Yuichiro always have a recurring dream about a red string leading him to several doors but each doors is part o...
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{Mika}He Is My One And Only{Yuu} by YourFriendSycla
{Mika}He Is My One And Only{Yuu}by Titania
The world is shrouded in mystery, and life is a lie. Mikaela Tepes, Yuichiro Amane, And Akane Shindo are the last survivors of the Hyakuya Orphanage. Aren't you suppose...
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