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The Song of Bones and Glass (coco fanfic) by word_addict_1599
The Song of Bones and Glass (coco...by word_addict_1599
Alexandria Imelda Rivera Older sister to Miguel Rivera by 6 minutes Miguel and Alexandria have always been close and they both have a passion for music, but Alexandria d...
✅The Other Family ✅ (Completed) *#Watty's2020* by Misuka-B-Shinko
✅The Other Family ✅ (Completed) *#...by Katori-Pacifist
What if Hector had a great great granddaughter shall I say Grandniece from HIS side of the family? His sister, María had missed her Hermano and told her daughter stories...
Coco fanfic-To Be Forgotten by JustAnotherSuperfan
Coco fanfic-To Be Forgottenby JustAnotherSuperfan
All Miguel wants is to be understood by his family, and for them to understand what he's going through. But with his parents spending all their time with his baby sister...
Coco (genderbend Imelda x reader) by Lavender_honey15
Coco (genderbend Imelda x reader)by Lavender_honey15
Y/n is the sister to Héctor. Like him, she loved music. She was married to her loving husband, Immanuel. Together, the two had a loving son they named Coco. Everything w...
Family Rivals (Coco Fanfiction) by Itsoknottobeperf
Family Rivals (Coco Fanfiction)by Ok Not To Be Perf
Miguel is 17 years old now. He has a girlfriend now. You would think its okay? He would tell his family? No. Thats not it at all. Of all the beautiful women in Santa Cec...
Miguel's Twin Sister {on hold} by alexander_bae
Miguel's Twin Sister {on hold}by heyo im eღ
so I told myself not to do this but here we go..... in which Miguel and his twin sister Lorena travel back to the land of the dead for a second time. hopefully though, t...
Coco: Remember Me (Miguel x Female Reader) by SlinkyDogg
Coco: Remember Me (Miguel x Female...by Slinky
Miguel's friend is (Name) (Last Name). Who move to Santa Cecilia. Ernesto de la Cruz's home town. Her papa sells guitars for a living. After her mama die and her papa pa...
>>Ay, Mi Amor!<< (Miguel Rivera x Reader oneshots) by xxMadamGhost
>>Ay, Mi Amor!<< (Miguel Rivera x...by Miss Mimington
"I have a dimple on this side, but not on this side! Dimple! No dimple. Dimple! No dimple." (You) "Can you stop talking about your dimple for one minute...
Sukoshi kurutta [ΩHiguelΩ/¤Kuban¤] by CelaenaMuguiwara
Sukoshi kurutta [ΩHiguelΩ/¤Kuban¤]by Celaena Mugiwara
"Felicitaciones Hiro Hamada, participante en el concurso de robótica anual de San Fransokyo. En esta ocasión su invento no llega solo hasta aquí. Usted y su equipo...
From me to you... (Higuel/Hiroguel) by stephsan96
From me to you... (Higuel/Hiroguel)by stephsan96
Hiro expresses his emotions about Miguel through poetry while Miguel expresses his emotions about Hiro through writing lyrics...
Dancing With A Stranger (Higuel/Hiroguel) by stephsan96
Dancing With A Stranger (Higuel/Hi...by stephsan96
*BOTH CHARACTERS ARE 18+* It's been a couple of months since Hiro and Karmi broke up, and Hiro wants to move on with life like before. But when Fred suggests for the gr...
La Bikina: Through The Years by myfairfraulein
La Bikina: Through The Yearsby maria cristina
Hector and Imelda through the years. How they met, got married, grew apart, passed away, and their life in The Land Of The Dead. Will they ever reunite? -- A series of o...
Big hero 6/Coco movie parallels (Higuel/Hiroguel) by stephsan96
Big hero 6/Coco movie parallels (H...by stephsan96
A collection/collage of screenshots from both movies that I thought looked pretty similar to the each other....like....literally! From the opening scene to the expressio...
Higuel Oneshots by 1026282094a
Higuel Oneshotsby Pansex
I am making this oneshot because I can never find Higuel oneshots or stories, theyre either all in spanish or unfinished. And yes I can fluently read and speak spanish b...
Fly me to the moon🌙 (Higuel/Hiroguel) by stephsan96
Fly me to the moon🌙 (Higuel/Hirog...by stephsan96
🌙✨💙❤️ *BOTH CHARACTERS ARE 18+* One-shot
The Melody to my Heart (Miguel Rivera x F!Reader) by PAngel135
The Melody to my Heart (Miguel Riv...by PAngel135
Like everyone else in the music-loving town of Santa Cecilia, you love music and you're even talented in one thing: singing. Also, you have a very big dream of being a s...
Lover Boy [SLOW UPDATES] by ohnoitsmiki
Lover Boy [SLOW UPDATES]by Seasoned Bitch
The Rivera Family saves up enough money to go on a vacation to Sanfransokyo, one of the largest cities in the world. Little did they know, that their little Miguel would...
Naufragio De Tempestades by 17Takkizza19
Naufragio De Tempestadesby Takkito González
Hiro Hamada tomo la decisión de emprender una búsqueda suicida adentrándose a aguas desconocidas con una fachada de oro y esclavos para el rey, no le importara tomar rie...
What I love about you (Higuel/Hiroguel) by stephsan96
What I love about you (Higuel/Hiro...by stephsan96
One-shot *BOTH CHARACTERS ARE 18+* Hiro and Miguel tell each other what they love about one another 💙❤️
Coco X Reader Oneshots by Huskimo
Coco X Reader Oneshotsby Huskimo
Just a few things I would like to say: 1.Requests are open so feel free to suggest scenarios 2. I do take criticism so if you see a mistake don't be sorry to tell me and...