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Alike | Katsuki Bakugo X Twin!Reader by Sachee-san
Alike | Katsuki Bakugo X Twin!Read...by Lizzzz_101
You and Katsuki we're twins. It may be shocking but you both had the same quirks. Though, your quirk manifested next, at home, after your brother in school during kinder...
  • allmight
  • bakugou
  • midoriya
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Plz Respond (BNHA X Fem!Reader) by TheRedDragon1
Plz Respond (BNHA X Fem!Reader)by Isabelle Dragon
Iida mistakenly adds a stranger to the class 1-A group chat, where they decide to replace Mineta with their new friend. Soon enough, everyone is curious of the newcomer...
  • midoriya
  • selfinsert
  • bnha
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Unbeatable [ Bnha x OCs ] Fanfic by Red_Azula
Unbeatable [ Bnha x OCs ] Fanficby Azula_Red
After the incident that took place in USJ, UA High School decided to host a second Exam! However, it was not made public instead it was a secret scouting of 100 talented...
  • momojirou
  • blood
  • action
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Bnha( đồng nhân) by yukino8768
Bnha( đồng nhân)by yukino8768
Cốt truyện không giống trong phim. Chỉ có một vài phân đoạn giống. Tất cả cốt truyện và tính cách nhân vật đều là theo ý của tác giả, ai không thích mời đi ra
  • midoriya
  • bnha
  • todoroki
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Heavenly  by ijustate56cookies
Heavenly by River
Post Tenebras Lux : After Darkness, Hope For Light
  • shouto
  • izuku
  • midoriya
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My Hero Academia Roleplay by SuicidalRaphael
My Hero Academia Roleplayby BlackWidowSin-øf-Death
For those who want to roleplay MHA Individually (Or in PM).
  • plusultra
  • mha
  • oneforall
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Oc short stories by Cinnimonrollizuku
Oc short storiesby Matsu Toshiro
Short stories of our OCs and their partners Enjoy
  • ốc
  • izukuxmatsu
  • iida
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Did I Make You Proud- A Villan Deku Story by thirsty_sinamonroll
Did I Make You Proud- A Villan Dek...by todo love deku
Author is @thirsty_sinamonroll Midoriya izuku always felt unwanted in the life he was born into He never had real friends and his mother never supported his dream Hed ha...
  • izuku
  • villain
  • villaindeku
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Black rabbit by black-wing-king
Black rabbitby black-wing-king
There is a vigilante called the black rabbit, he is agile and strong, a frightening combination. Not much is know about him, only his gender and that he had green hair
  • myheroacademia
  • seraphoftheend
  • shinoa
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By Now (BNHA) by _piece_of_garbage_
By Now (BNHA)by Me
"It's kind of sad how people aren't waiting for happiness anymore. They're just waiting to die." What do you get when you mix quirks, sarcasm, daddy issues and...
  • todoroki
  • aizawa
  • shota
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Across the multiverse by iceblazer1
Across the multiverseby iceblazer1
It's a regular day in class 1-A, the students were ready for some boring lectures and training but when a machine rolled in by the one and only Mei hatsume they are eage...
  • izuri
  • myheroacademia
  • eri
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El caluroso día veraniego by luigydv
El caluroso día veraniegoby luigydv
Un dilema femenino en una tranquila tarde de verano. -*TODODEKU FEM*- AVISO: es un yuri, es amor chica x chica, leelo bajo tu propio riesgo.
  • tododeku
  • todoroki
  • izuku
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Fight | (Deku x Reader) by ItsWeirdz
Fight | (Deku x Reader)by Weird
Book 2 of Quirk | (Deku x Reader) After the events in the first semester in U.A., things have been getting tougher by the minute. More training, love, and danger. What w...
  • animeworld
  • hero
  • superheroes
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My hero academia shorts( WARNING: swears are included) by mistical-mayhem
My hero academia shorts( WARNING:...by mistical-mayhem
These are not my pictures or videos BUTT enjoy.
  • midoriya
  • myheroacademia
Bakudeku Quotidian | Bakugo Katsuki x Izuku Midoriya 🐼 by Aizawa_Head
Bakudeku Quotidian | Bakugo Katsuk...by Eraser Head
Forewarning ~ This book is under major construction, I have just recently completed the first chapter. This is just a gratification book of 'imagines'/oneshots revolvin...
  • ochaco
  • mha
  • bakugou
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BNHA Boyfriend Scenarios by Bakuhoe_Bitches
BNHA Boyfriend Scenariosby Leila and Ku!!
Just another preference book on bnha boy characters. And I'll do mixed preferences but if you want certain ones you can request for them. Also I'll do oneshots every now...
  • bnha
  • kirishima
  • eijirou
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Hot & Cold || Shoto Todoroki x Reader by kryxsx
Hot & Cold || Shoto Todoroki x Rea...by krystal 💫
Shoto Todoroki was outright cold - that unfriendly and closed off personality of his caused his fellow peers to shun away from him, afraid of the latter. (Y/N) (L/N) was...
  • myheroacademia
  • shoutotodorokifanfic
  • katsuki
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ᏕᎮᎥᎴᏋᎩ{винα ¢нαт } by lazarilaz43
ᏕᎮᎥᎴᏋᎩ{винα ¢нαт }by lazarilaz43
'Y/N go to sleep...' 'wHaT iS sLeEp?!'
  • bnha
  • midoriya
  • bakugou
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eri's sister | bnha by RiahRiasZone
eri's sister | bnhaby riah
carefully crafted, the perfect teenage villain. long white hair, soft blue eyes. though their situations may be the same, their purpose couldn't be any more different. ~...
  • aizawa
  • bakugoukatsuki
  • izuku
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Katsuki Bakugou x Izuku Midoriya  by NekoDekuKun
Katsuki Bakugou x Izuku Midoriya by Izuku Midoriya
This was a rp my friend and I did on Amino
  • izuku
  • midoriya
  • katsukibagugou
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