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Goodness Gracious! by genniefromtheblock
Goodness Gracious!by Genoveva
Fair enough that Lindy Coleman is offered a job right after graduating from university with a degree in journalism. Unfortunately, the euphoria doesn't last long when h...
  • humor
  • projectgiggle
  • nun
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Love isn't a lie by mishraparul1225
Love isn't a lieby Parul mishra
" No matter how hard it takes, i promise I won't break. No matter how far we get, I promise I won't forget. No matter how much we fight, I promise to get you back. ...
  • deep
  • distance
  • collection
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The beauty of death  by 154hutson
The beauty of death by 154hutson
"Tell me Roe, how do you let someone die when she means the whole world to you?" Jake Ray.....the popular boy of school. Everyone worships the ground he walks...
  • danger
  • death
  • tragedy
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Craters [#NaNoWriMo] by Olivaughn
Craters [#NaNoWriMo]by Olivaughn
-3rd Place Winner in the Ohana Awards, Sci-Fi Category- Stars cast shadow, too. Andrew Peeters didn't ask to be the first child born on the moon. He didn't ask to be fa...
  • amberawards2019
  • romance
  • moon
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Chaos by AntiSepticEyeisKing
Chaosby AntiSepticGlitchBitch
My day to day life. Please leave a comment if u wanna join the no bullying club. Thanks!!!!! #nobullying
  • whatever
  • msawareness
  • meandmyneverendingwordsbringyouhappinessandjoyscrewyou
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The Killer by Twilight451
The Killerby Twilight
Abigail is a girl who is 18, a young girl died last year from a killer, which the cops couldn't solve the case, because the killer was a master at killing, Abigail was a...
  • love
  • blood
  • fiction
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The Falling by ecmalerie
The Fallingby E.C.Malerie
"What are we going to do? They're going to die!" "We save them, that's what we do." ★ ★ ★ There are more dimensions than the human world. Just look f...
  • mystery
  • friendship
  • strong-heroine
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The Ancients by MissFantasyy
The Ancientsby NV
Catherine Black learns the hard way that some things are meant to fall apart. Some rules, including ones that are centuries old, aren't supposed to last. Once the littl...
  • soulmates
  • dragons
  • fire
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The Mistbreakers by raynestainthorpe
The Mistbreakersby tasha
A rebel leader on the path to dominion, An enstranged boy with a ballast of secrets, A string of cold murders caused by warped intentions. Arista Knight, though unwillin...
  • spirits
  • tga2019
  • adventure
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Paradigm Shift by bloodyredrain
Paradigm Shiftby bloodyredrain
This book was created for my own amusement but everyone is welcome to join me! PARADIGM SHIFT (Merriam Webster) noun formal : an important change that happens when the...
  • hanslee
  • johanneskleemanxreader
  • animefanfiction
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Element Animals: Legends Rising by silverstorm1053
Element Animals: Legends Risingby silverstorm1053
In a world where the animal kingdom rules, Avalanche, a young Great Grey Owl, must fight for her own life when her parents die tragically (after all, we must orphan the...
  • midnightsunawards2019
  • animals
  • dystopia
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Slumber by ecmalerie
Slumberby E.C.Malerie
Imagine you wake one morning and find that everyone in your house is still asleep, and won't wake up. Only it's not just your house; it's the whole world. You then decid...
  • romance
  • australia
  • future
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The Gateway by NightElflady
The Gatewayby A.J. Wright
A collection of multi-genre stories. From turbulent skies and stormy seas to magical lands and wintry forests, this is a journey which will awaken some of your deepest...
  • paranormal
  • poetry
  • trialsoflove
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The Search by B_L_A_C_K__C_A_T
The Searchby BlackCat
I used to think that Ashley had a normal life. Key words: used to. The transition from normal to unreal happened so fast. If you weren't paying attention, you would have...
  • funny
  • family
  • action
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The Inked Thoughts by stucknreverse
The Inked Thoughtsby Jho Llorente
🏆BLUE ROSE AWARDS🏆 🥉 THIRD PLACE WINNER - Poetry - January 2019 Entries🥉 🏅Announced: 9th of February, 2019 🏅 Random thoughts and poems. We all have thoughts rambl...
  • literature
  • projectdiscoveryourtalent
  • theemberawards
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Therapy against insanity (COMPLETED)  by 154hutson
Therapy against insanity (COMPLETE...by 154hutson
Feelings....are just like seasons. They come and they go. A new one arrives-and leaves, the only residue of it being the poetry left behind. Poetry which is my therapy a...
  • escapism
  • poem
  • acceptance
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T R I O | t r i o duology #1 by mikaylalwrites
T R I O | t r i o duology #1by mikayla
"I hear another shriek, this time ringing clearly. I know for sure I heard it. I pick up my gun once more and hold it to my chest. The shrieking doesn't stop this t...
  • science-fantasy
  • monster-hunter
  • powers
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Dream |REWRITING| by uvrose04
Dream |REWRITING|by 𝓥𝓲𝓸𝓵𝓮𝓽 𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓮
◈ Short Story ◈ ❝To my shy crush for he distracted her from reality and put a smile on her face with his rosy cheeks and curly hair.❞ In which a girl has a crush on a bo...
  • shortstory
  • teenromance
  • sweet
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The Outsiders (on hold for major edits) by FantasyDreamer528
The Outsiders (on hold for major e...by ShadowDreamer
^_Complete Date_^( Not Confirmed ) *WindWood Moon-Book 1* ••• "As the wind stirs, passages will form, lives will be changed & peace will be no more" - The stor...
  • combat
  • magicalpowers
  • suspense
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Love + Revenge [CURRENTLY ON HOLD] by 154hutson
Love + Revenge [CURRENTLY ON HOLD]by 154hutson
They say that love is a game that two play and both win. That revenge is a deadly game where only one survies in the end. Then what happens when Revenge and Love merge...
  • tragedy
  • betrayal
  • heartbreak
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