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Treasure // YG Treasure Box Imagines  by calxpalxhood
Treasure // YG Treasure Box Imagin...by calxpalxhood
Imagines for ALL trainees who were on YGTB and the Silver Boys. Started: Jan 29th 2019
trouvaille | kim doyoung by Millymellymully
trouvaille | kim doyoungby 詩
Trouvaille(noun); Something lovely discovered by chance. " This is my girlfriend, Fred. " He said. That's how he first introduce me, that's also the first tim...
tempat les (Silver Boys) by kepincut
tempat les (Silver Boys)by euriale
anak goblok mau les dulu, sayang 15+ Yaoi!bxb! Non baku kasar dikit Silver Boys 190102 ©kepincut
You Love, You Lose。You Hate, You Win。 by Weechu
You Love, You Lose。You Hate, You W...by Imaginative Sloth
He did that stupid dare just to get closer to her. And it surprisingly worked. #1 in Hyunsuk [14.3.2019] #1 in Byounggon [15.3.2019] #1 in kimdoyoung [1.4.2019] #1 in Ju...
Still ¦ Kim Wooseok  by Infinitearose
Still ¦ Kim Wooseok by 린
"What am i? a princess?" "Yeah my princess." [CURRENTLY EDITING SO DON'T MIND THE CHANGE OF POINT OF VIEWS] [↬] Finished [ ] Ongoing
aesthete | kim junkyu by Millymellymully
aesthete | kim junkyuby 詩
aesthete; someone with deep sensitivity to the beauty of art named kim junkyu. started: 5 Dec 2018 Ended: 31 Mar 2019
Forbidden Love / b.yd x l.cy by minnie_panda
Forbidden Love / b.yd x l.cyby minnie_panda
Bang Yedam and Lee Chaeyoung are 2 YG trainees forbidden to love each other because of a 5 year dating ban. Can they keep on waiting for the right time? or will they fin...
Live A Little (Supernatural One-Shots) by atllou
Live A Little (Supernatural One-Sh...by lou
a collection of one-shots based around gay ships and fluffy stuff (mostly) update: this is really fucking old and I kind of want to delete it but I'm really proud of it...
parallel • silver boys by bellacxllens
parallel • silver boysby Bella (봉준희)
"maybe at the another world, we are together again and that's enough for me"
from afar. | takata mashiho by ashleyniiiiicole
from afar. | takata mashihoby ashley
"i like to go to bookstores and sniff the books in the new additions section." "excuse me?" - he hears a voice from afar and somehow, he's fallen fo...
saudade | ha yoonbin by Millymellymully
saudade | ha yoonbinby 詩
saudade; longing for an absent of someone you love. realising that she means so much only when she's gone. " I'll protect you with my life. " probably the fi...
Message sent || Haruto by bluhblahblah
Message sent || Harutoby B Luh
Haruto: You're not you?
silver boys chatroom by bellacxllens
silver boys chatroomby Bella (봉준희)
yg thought he can separate them
Supernatural Multi ship collection by _Doctor_Pond_
Supernatural Multi ship collectionby Lexy
A collection of Oneshots that I write about ships I ship from the TV show 'Supernatural'
YG Treasure Box Imagines by SeventeenIkons
YG Treasure Box Imaginesby SeventeenIkons
Requests and comments are open!
incorrect silver boys by gonslut
incorrect silver boysby jenny
incorrect silver boys. a book full of quotes that the boys have most likely never said.
when we were young • silver boys by bellacxllens
when we were young • silver boysby Bella (봉준희)
"so dad... do you get to debut together at the end?" he smiles, "almost."
Live《Silverboys au》√ by hajeongwooygtb
Live《Silverboys au》√by hOpEwOrLd
In which the girl just wants to live her life.not breathe.but live. Previously known as 'stay'. Completed√√ DISCLAMER:this story includes sensitive topics like death,can...
Nerd? by KimRre
Nerd?by deem~
Siapa sangka di balik kacamata bulat serta keluguannya itu, terdapat berjuta-juta rahasia yang tersimpan. Nerd? Start [24 September 2019] End [?]