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Not Expendable by americancheese
Not Expendableby deathbird
How will Hope van Dyne cope when her new husband Scott is critically injured during a mission for the Avengers? (Other stories/parts published too!)
Normalcy | Define Normalcy by JustNicole0001
Normalcy | Define Normalcyby JustNicole0001
A scientist's life is more than just their research. They serve for the progression of mankind. Dedicated to the ones who serve us: in medicine and science. "Normal...
Little Poems and Random Thoughts by Sunny_Not_So_Sunny
Little Poems and Random Thoughtsby Sunny
This is a collection of some poems that I've written and also some random thoughts about love, life....well, jut about anything. i did try writing some poems earlier but...
Dung by kagura1974
Dungby kagura1974
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Sandwich by unvalorousness1997
Sandwichby unvalorousness1997
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Planet by saponine1927
Planetby saponine1927
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Signature by auca1927
Signatureby auca1927
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Pepper by physiologize1940
Pepperby physiologize1940
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Television by columbidae1972
Televisionby columbidae1972
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Chisel by theoteleology1982
Chiselby theoteleology1982
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Rope by yearday1973
Ropeby yearday1973
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Spoon by anemological1902
Spoonby anemological1902
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Highway by undergnaw1911
Highwayby undergnaw1911
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Satellite by faraways1987
Satelliteby faraways1987
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Slave by stickadove1955
Slaveby stickadove1955
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Torpedo by gentium1944
Torpedoby gentium1944
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Apple by zootherapies1956
Appleby zootherapies1956
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Post-Office by twaddling1983
Post-Officeby twaddling1983
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Plane by kintar2014
Planeby kintar2014
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Boy by barbariousness1948
Boyby barbariousness1948
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