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Teacher Crush by TheBriaJ
Teacher Crushby Bria J
Olivia, an 18 year old girl from New York City, is forced to move to Ohio when her mother, Rosie, gets a new job. It is January, the middle of the school year, and Olivi...
11:30 p.m. (Completed) by AppleaHead
11:30 p.m. (Completed)by Anonymous
Whenever he felt lonely Michael would randomly dial a number, but what happens when a wrong number leads to the right person. Destiny is a beautiful thing. Aly and Micha...
Michael Jackson Imagines by AppleaHead
Michael Jackson Imaginesby Anonymous
Short stories where Michael Jackson is the ideal, romantic, kind, caring and most handsome man that ever walked the earth (well he Was all that and much more so this boo...
POC FACECLAIMS by thepharrcyde
melanin men and women ♡︎ y'all stay using the same light skin women/men in your stories. um BORRINGGG. change it up a lil bit. that's what this book is here for anyway
Can't let her get away by Kasandra_J
Can't let her get awayby Kasandra Jackson
Michael knew better than to fall for this girl, it was just something he kept telling himself he couldn't do. He wasn't supposed to. But once they started getting t...
Fate saved us by buttercreamSQ
Fate saved usby multi-fandom
Beyoncé met Michael Jackson when she was 15, he was 17. Both coming from strict religious backgrounds they had to hide their relationship and love for each other away fr...
XSCAPE | Michael Jackson and You Fanfiction! by mtanofficial
XSCAPE | Michael Jackson and You F...by M-TAN
*This story takes place at the This Is It era, near his death in 2009* It is almost time for Michael to start rehearsing for his final tour, This Is It. But something a...
Mr. & Miss JACKSON: The Beginning by MrsMJAY
Mr. & Miss JACKSON: The Beginningby MissThang
SOFT SPOILER "I wanna marry you" "I can't marry you" "You won't marry me but you'll fuck my brains out and tell me that you love me...but won...
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Michael Jackson story) by angelzsing
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Michae...by 𝐍𝐀𝐈𝐉𝐀 𝐁𝐁𝐘
⚠️I don't recommend reading this if it's the first book of mine that you've come across⚠️. Shiiii enjoy I guess
True Affair by motownmimi
True Affairby “SUCK MY SOCKS”
"You and I can get in a lot of trouble girl" Isabelle Shae is a decorated lawyer with all the academic requirements to be the head of her current law firm. Due...
The Thrilling Jackson by angel58Jksn
The Thrilling Jacksonby angel58Jksn
This story is about a girl who is lost, and somehow finds Neverland. She breaks into Michael's home, Michael falls in love with her. She's very worried that he'll be mad...
She Drives Me Wild [MJJ] by _seonyeonhoes_
She Drives Me Wild [MJJ]by _seonyeonhoes_
[modern!dangerous era] michaeljackson liked your post michaeljackson commented on your post michaeljackson started following you! Nevaeh, a 24 year old woman who acts an...
Michael Jackson Fan fiction: Love Is War by AppleaHead
Michael Jackson Fan fiction: Love...by Anonymous
What happens when Eve Adams meets Michael Jackson. she's not just another fan girl. they have a past that has shaped Eve's life but does Michael even remember her? Their...
Amora by TheBriaJ
Amoraby Bria J
After losing her father at age 15, Naila made some unintelligent choices. She got into drugs, alcohol, and sexual encounters. Because of her negative behavior, she found...
Michael Jackson: "Facts and Pictures " by isaah_mj4ever
Michael Jackson: "Facts and Pictur...by Isa Jackson
Here you will find facts about the life and career of Michael Jackson! maybe some of you already know, but I will bring in an interesting way! I'll post a fact a day
The Allusion by Brit808
The Allusionby Brittney W. S
Can she fight the urge to pollute him? This is a recollection of moments shared in two peoples lives. People who weren't meant to stick together. People who weren't sup...
Another Part Of Me by harryisvibey
Another Part Of Meby ッ
"She said you were letting go of the cliffside. You ignored her warnings. And when she left, you were oblivious how far you were falling down. And now, you're at ro...
The Perfect Soulmate by LegendaryApplehead
The Perfect Soulmateby Sabrina
In a world full of loneliness, misery, and hope. A young lady named Darlene Friyina Victorina faced hardships throughout her life. The torment of every moment she experi...
The Contract  by princeinspiredme
The Contract by Shay
"I was young and stupid. I didn't mean to do it." Said Michael as he was placed in front of the council. "It's too late, immortality cannot be reversed...