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Catch 22 by SavSOS_
Catch 22by Sav
Sage Mires is a young up and coming Sound Technician dying to chase her dreams and escape the memories her home now holds for her. Chanced with a fresh start when given...
Be Mine Tonight - Michael Clifford by greenclifford
Be Mine Tonight - Michael Cliffordby Green Clifford
"You fixed me, Riley" Michael said, green eyes sparkling in the moonlight "I need this. I need you. Forget everyone else. Be mine tonight"
5sos Age-Play Oneshots by anythingbri
5sos Age-Play Oneshotsby Bri
Basically just gonna be a bunch of age play one shots for 5sos.
Blind Date // A.I (completed) by fuego_ashxx
Blind Date // A.I (completed)by fuego_ashxx
"You want me to go on a what?" "A blind date. Come on, it'll be fun" One date could change the course of life. **I DO NOT OWN ANY IMAGES***
The Bet || l.h. by ghostofyou1996
The Bet || l.h.by ghostofyou1996
One bet. One month. One mistake. How far is too far? ((Completed)) Highest rankings: #1 in 5secondsofsummer #1 in ashtonirwin #4 in lukehemmings #7 in 5sos
everything | mystal by calmwildflower
everything | mystalby yo
"I promise that we are going to do everything we can for you," "I wish you guys were always my parents, you're a lot nicer than my parents," "We...
Adopted By 4 Idiots // 5sos by -sincerelyalyssa-
Adopted By 4 Idiots // 5sosby a l y s s a
"I can't go to sleep when you're crying." Or in which a young anxious, sleep deprived, girl saves four boys from destroying themselves. ...
Babies {Ageplay} //5SOS Ot4 by LaurenDolan5
Babies {Ageplay} //5SOS Ot4by Confuzled
Ashton's a big businessman, but also a daddy to three littles.
209-Dizzy by ZariaHallredWrites
209-Dizzyby 𝑍𝑎𝑟𝑖𝑎 ꨄ
A struggling girl, with a hard past. A team of young doctors, who are looking to help. A fateful backpack, and a good lie. What do all these things have in common? Conne...
silence by 5secsmendes
silenceby A
"You're quiet" "Yeah"
5 Seconds Of Summer Smut by EreriShipper99
5 Seconds Of Summer Smutby Rin Park
This is my first time doing smut like this so I hope you like it. *NEW NOTE: I will also take request now*
✔️ headphones ━━  michael clifford by darklvv
✔️ headphones ━━ michael cliffordby . . . . lav ?!
❞You guys fight too much. Please, Just give it a rest!❞ Jade Clifford doesn't know what to do when she realizes her parents are happy anymore. She becomes a child of div...
home | lierra by calmwildflower
home | lierraby yo
"Why would you want to be foster parents?" "For you, darling," "Would you want that?" "To live with you?" "Not just live w...
Settle Down // Irwin by irwin-hfk
Settle Down // Irwinby Hi :-)
For crying out loud, Settle down! You know I can't be found with you ~~~ book 1 of The 1975 series
Ashton Irwin Imagines - COMPLETED  by gayforddlovato
Ashton Irwin Imagines - COMPLETED by Kaylee♡
Imagines with Ashton Irwin ❤️ everyone loves this cute aussie drummer All Imagines are written by me! Enjoy 💘 ❁ I accept requests for this book as well as all of my ot...
SUNLIGHT. ━━ ( M. CLIFFORD ) ✓ by chkelmeckis
SUNLIGHT. ━━ ( M. CLIFFORD ) ✓by millie
▷ SUNLIGHT | in which a troubled girl rants to an inactive tumblr account [ michael clifford x oc ] [ tw: depression + self harm ] - michael is single just for the...
Deadline≫hemmings a.u by falleyes
Deadline≫hemmings a.uby lea
In which two thieves and the girl they kidnapped go on an interesting road trip with lots of guns.
gangs by 5secsmendes
gangsby A
"This isn't what my life was like" "That's a good thing, now you're safe"
Michael Clifford imagines by maisymoo9
Michael Clifford imaginesby Maisy
~Just read them...they're not that bad...I hope ~Random Michael imagines - no order ~Updates almost regularly...few times a week ~use my ideas but say you got them from...