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Thousand Cherry Blossoms by ApoKun
Thousand Cherry Blossomsby ApoKun
Izuku Yagi, a boy loved by his family and friends. His cheerful smile brought joy to people around him. That is until he was declared quirkless while his sister got a A...
Izuku Kurosaki The Strongest Hero Hunter by Libatie
Izuku Kurosaki The Strongest Libatie
Izuku Yagi is a happy child with a happy familly his dream is to become a hero with is sister Izumi and their best Friend Katsuki and Katsumi Bakugo. But all of this cha...
Battle is All I Need by BrendanLodden
Battle is All I Needby Diablo D. Drago
He awakened all alone. Not one clue on how he got there nor who he was to begin with, not even a name. All he felt was an unyielding rage with not a clue why he felt as...
The 2nd Quincy King by kinggito
The 2nd Quincy Kingby KINGGITO SAMA
Before his death yhwach uses his powers to find him a worthy heir to his powers. What if Izuku was born with and memories yhwach's powers. I do not own bleach or my hero...
Im a soul reaper? BleachXmha by HammerKun
Im a soul reaper? BleachXmhaby Hammer Kun
izuku yagi was a strange boy, he could see ghosts ever since the age of three though no one ever believed him, he was born with two siblings, izuna and izumi Yagi, all t...
The Hollow Hero: Dragoon by liesaremylife05
The Hollow Hero: Dragoonby Nope
Izuku Midoriya was a normal boy, until he was blasted through the chest with an AP shot from Bakugo. Now, his true quirk has awakened, and his rage is immeasurable.
Midori no Senshi(Hiatus) by potatobro19
Midori no Senshi(Hiatus)by Abnormally Normal Person
Disclaimer:I do not own My Hero Academia or Bleach. MHA is owned by Kohei Horikoshi and Bleach is owned by Tite Kubo I am not good at writing descriptions so read the s...
Soul Reaper in Flesh || Katsuki Bakugou Love Story (BNHA x Bleach FF) by Wolfcat500
Soul Reaper in Flesh || Katsuki Wolfcat500
Zeryu Kurosaki, the great great granddaughter of Ichigo Kurosaki and Katsuki Bakugou's girlfriend. She has successfully became a hero-in-training under the guidance of h...
A God Among The Quirk by AjAkam7
A God Among The Quirkby Aj Akam
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