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Sugar and Spice by DisgustedDumpling
Sugar and Spiceby Mostaccioli
Zebra understood the basics of Boss' mind when it came to organizing his staff. If a member was grade C or higher in a particular skill, he would be put on a team to mat...
Astartes Doomguy gamer X RWBY/Multiverse by tfstories07
Astartes Doomguy gamer X RWBY/ will hayes
*don't read if you have easily disterbed stomachs* you don't remember how you got here, but here's what you do know. the situation will only get worse. Out of everything...
Paz Instagram by Peace_Squad
Paz Instagramby Kaz and Paz
Kept you waiting huh?
A Different Quiet Exit by StoriesNotHere
A Different Quiet Exitby StoriesNotHere
An MGSV fic I've had in my head for a while after completing the game. I worked on it slowly as I was busy with my other stories. Since the game's ending is a sad one, h...
Keep you safe MGSV Quiet X Reader by _eiki_
Keep you safe MGSV Quiet X Readerby _eiki_
Summary: Beyond just words, there were other ways of expression. There were glances, there were touches... special moments to share... To pr...
MGS: Tactical Espionage Romance! [REQUESTS OPEN] by TacticalFiddle
MGS: Tactical Espionage Romance! [ Fiddlesticks
Various one shots containing [Character x Character] and [Character x Reader/OC (Upon Request)] All stories will relate to Metal Gear Solid, which I do not own in any wa...
Quiet Instagram by Peace_Squad
Quiet Instagramby Kaz and Paz
Quiet:*hand signs* This my Instagram the smol bean Paz has one so does burger Miller
How MGSV Should Have Ended: Chapter 3: Peace by IroquoisPliskin01
How MGSV Should Have Ended: Austin Mcmath
This isn't so much a fic, as it is a synopsis. If the community wants me to turn it into a fic, I'll consider it, but for now I just wanna share what gives me closure to...
Just be QUIET! by 4NINETY4
Just be QUIET!by 4NINETY4
After an attack by the Skulls that nearly kills Venom Snake, Quiet take the fight to the enemy by herself, without letting anybody know. What will happen? [-][-][-] ALL...
Otacon insta by Peace_Squad
Otacon instaby Kaz and Paz
Otacon:Hello this my Instagram lot freinds of Snake has ones so does he
Yumi's Life: Dead Inside | Part 1/5 | Chapters: 1/3/15 by YumiProject
Yumi's Life: Dead Inside | Part Hirowo Air
All Humans Died, She Is The Last Human In The Earth! Musical!
metal gear solid | revelations (quiet x venom) by ultra-seokjin
metal gear solid | revelations ( 𝙙𝙞𝙖𝙣𝙖 ⋆✴︎
Quiet finds out that the man that she once sacrificed her life for, Big Boss, isn't whom she thought. The feeling of betrayal overwhelms her. But she is yet to discover...
゚。・*.゚☆Different☆゚.*・。゚ by LittlePsychoInMySoul
゚。・*.゚☆Different☆゚.*・。゚by Cherry <3
Metal gear solid - Highschool Au This is Au where all characters from Mgs series are but they are having and living different lives. No wars, no revenge's, no army's, no...
Venom (Big Boss x F!reader) by Video-Game-Imagines
Venom (Big Boss x F!reader)by Video-Game-Imagines
Hey everybody! I am back with another request this one is from fandom-child16 for the Metal Gear Solid series. The request was for a Big Boss X Reader which I am going t...
Artwork by JamesLaCheese
Artworkby James LaCheese
Don't steal my art jfc More art from me in my Instagram: phantom_queen1975