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Silent Passion - Quiet x Male Reader by MathewwsWasTaken
Silent Passion - Quiet x Male GrandpaMathewws
You were a soldier guarding your post, when suddenly your partner gets hit with a sleep dart... Cover by: phamoz on deviantart
Rwby: Metal gear by v3nomsnak3
Rwby: Metal gearby I AM NIPS
Story is being revamped because I suck at writing Summary: When Jaune Arc leaves Beacon after being found out to be a fraud, he finds himself in the world of the metal g...
Metal Gear Omega by Saiyan98
Metal Gear Omegaby Cooper Jackson
Metal Gear Series: The Patriots has been defeated, but war is still a part of this world. The age of the Patriots is now over... but a new evil is rising. And if this ne...
Kazuhira Miller X reader   One-Shots // Drabbles by _eiki_
Kazuhira Miller X reader _eiki_
Part 1 and 2 Related. Everything else are one-shots and drabbles on their own. Character Backstory: So You know those stories where the main character kind of just ends...
kazuhira Miller Instagram by Peace_Squad
kazuhira Miller Instagramby Kaz and Paz
My pupil Snake has one so why not? get with the times I suppose
Art Book! by SploonHD
Art Book!by Bella
This is my doodles I've been doing recently so uh yeah, have fun o vo'
Metal Gear Omega: A soldier's path by Saiyan98
Metal Gear Omega: A soldier's pathby Cooper Jackson
A sequel to Metal Gear Omega and... Yes, it's a sword art online cross-over as well. But it's not all romance. It's mostly suspense and action. Anyways, it's been about...
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Assistant ~Huey Emmerich x Reader~ {FINISHED} by MagicalRaiRai
Assistant ~Huey Emmerich x RaiRai
My good old cinnamon roll Huey Emmerich, too pure for this world.
Metal Gear Solid 30 Day Challenge by AirmanLink
Metal Gear Solid 30 Day Challengeby AirmanLink
Another person did this so why not me!! Hope you enjoy this little book :3
"After all that has happened" Kazuhira Miller x Reader by elliefmg
"After all that has happened" Bæcca
~Please read the end of the description 🙏~ Your name is Y/n L/n and you're starting your new job as a medic on Mother Base. You thought you were going to enjoy your fir...
Paz Instagram by Peace_Squad
Paz Instagramby Kaz and Paz
Kept you waiting huh?
I'm a cyborg's master by KGB1701
I'm a cyborg's masterby KGB1701
My spin off of the "I'm a cyborg's pet" and the "I'm a cyborg's daughter" stories. IM SO SORRY FOR THE POOR QUALITY. All comments welcome. Note this...
metal gear solid: infiltrate shutter island (a mgs fanfic) by TheEliteKillerYT
metal gear solid: infiltrate theelitekiller
snake gets word that there is a scientist that went missing. He is sent in to search and recover this missing scientist due to his info on a new type of metal gear. Thin...
Switched (Solid Snake Perspective)                 MGS1 And MGS3 by CoolAssNinjaBro3333
Switched (Solid Snake Perspective) Austin
This is an interesting Idea I came up with, Naked Snake has just survived his encounter with Ocelot and entered the cave where the Pain is waiting for him. Solid Snake...
Liquid/Mantis Oneshots by Master_Eli
Liquid/Mantis Oneshotsby Master_Eli
This is a collection of Liquid Snake and Psycho Mantis oneshot fanfics. I uploaded it first in AO3 but I've decided to publish it here in Wattpad, too. Dedicated to all...
Nine years *Venom/Ocelot/Kazuhira/Huey x Reader* {PAUSE} by MagicalRaiRai
Nine years *Venom/Ocelot/ RaiRai
Actually this story is going to be so random... Please enjoy :). Everyone of them is getting their own ending! Thinking about if I should let Eli join or not ;_;.
Your Body Pieces x Office Fridge by selenejaeger
Your Body Pieces x Office Fridgeby Nickole Rougeau
Written on my roleplaying blog on tumblr as a drabble one evening following the prompt for it being dropped in my inbox. I've cross posted this to a few places and figu...
The Man who made Paradise by Djblade98
The Man who made Paradiseby Djblade98
Y/N Uzumaki...a rather interesting individual, he waited in the shadows, training and learning while his sister was in the spotlight, however Y/N refused his father's bl...
Just be QUIET! by 4NINETY4
Just be QUIET!by 4NINETY4
After an attack by the Skulls that nearly kills Venom Snake, Quiet take the fight to the enemy by herself, without letting anybody know. What will happen? [-][-][-] ALL...