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The Seeding by Cholwellian1956
The Seedingby Cholwellian1956
They came to do what was expected: To Seed and Colonise. Billions were scattered - only a tiny percentage would find a viable, fertile home. One such seed fell to earth.
  • burning
  • burn
  • sporadic
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The Past of the Future by FCGWriter
The Past of the Futureby Malachi
  • arrows
  • pistols
  • post-apocolyptic
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Meteorites by ChloeRivs
Meteoritesby Chloë Rivs
I listened to LIGHTS' song Meteorites on repeat after a shower and ended up writing this. The only romance story I've ever written, maybe the first of many others? I usu...
  • teenagers
  • fire
  • runaways
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Yeasty Peasecods, Let Me Squeegee by chiralphenomena
Yeasty Peasecods, Let Me Squeegeeby Lin Tarczynski
Toasted nirvana for breakfast this morning. Two dozen short poems by Lin Tarczynski.
  • driving
  • crows
  • lcmt
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You Can Never Kill A Mountain by Watermelern
You Can Never Kill A Mountainby Watermelern
An unexpected shower comes to dance on a mountain's parade.
  • historical
  • meteorites
  • sci-fi
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Unwatched by caybailey
Unwatchedby caybailey
"Anything can happen when no one is looking." // 2nd Place Thriller/Horror - The OMP Awards // 2nd Place Mystery/Thriller - The 3rd Ohana Awards Jenna Reide is...
  • action
  • youngadult
  • scifi-romance
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Invisible Sky by Kringefest
Invisible Skyby Kringe Fest
Rowan and his best friend, David, witness the fall of a meteor. But there's a catch to the origins of the meteorite, and it has to do with a theory that conveys the idea...
  • wonder
  • science
  • meteorites
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The End Of Time by BadPunzBookworm
The End Of Timeby Sir Punsalot
You were walking around, and decided to look up in the sky. Wait. What is that? A light is floating in the sky. It's really hot here. Its getting bigger. Thanks for read...
  • godandsatan
  • choice
  • comedy
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  • disaster
  • apocalypse
  • shooting-stars
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Titan Forging by wikiFAYZ
Titan Forgingby Lexa Lanes
When five meteors hit Earth on a Tuesday afternoon near Willow Brook High, six eighteen year-olds discover that the meteors came with different colored crystals. Only fi...
  • supernatural
  • monsters
  • love
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Falling by SinsNTragediess
Fallingby SinsNTragediess
Jamie Calvert escapes the dome where she used to live. Crossing paths with Aiden will make her doubt everything she thought she knew.
  • conspiracy
  • meteorites
  • radiation
The Tips of His Fingers by seaprincess37
The Tips of His Fingersby seaprincess.37
*TRIGGER WARNING* *ATTEMPTED SUICIDE* I didn't put mature warning on this but use your own discretion. This is depressing. uh...yeah. Don't read unless you can handle it...
  • meteorites
  • teenagers
  • imtired
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Luminescense (Drop of Moonlight) by cluwiz
Luminescense (Drop of Moonlight)by Mitsuha Miyamizu
Nagmula ang lahat sa isang patak ng tubig galing sa buwan. Sabi ng mga sayantipiko(scientist) wala daw oxygen sa buwan. Kaya wala ding tubig ang naroon. Walang buhay. Y...
  • fantasy
  • meteorites
  • moonlight
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The Adventures of Dr. Long and Tomkins by baptisttexan
The Adventures of Dr. Long and baptisttexan
Join Dr. Long and his trusty sidekick Tomkins as they discover a mysterious meteorite that could change everything! But Dr. Long isn't the only one who wants it -- he mu...
  • adventure
  • space
  • meteorites
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A Dark World by QueenOfKirby
A Dark Worldby QueenOfKirby
One fateful day, two brothers are caught in a explosion from a meteor crash. The radiation of the meteor engulfed them, and they become what they've never expected. Goin...
  • meteorites
  • pokemon
  • wutdawut