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Legacy Of FOX  (Expecting Rewrite) by Pardonmyskillz
Legacy Of FOX (Expecting Rewrite)by Pardonmyskillz
David Rose is the middle son of the Rose/Xiaolong family. Although he is highly intelligent, and have ambitions to become a huntsman, he was looked down upon by his fami...
Silent Passion - Quiet x Male Reader by MathewwsWasTaken
Silent Passion - Quiet x Male GrandpaMathewws
You were a soldier guarding your post, when suddenly your partner gets hit with a sleep dart... Cover by: phamoz on deviantart
Revolver Ocelot X Reader Oneshots // Drabbles by _eiki_
Revolver Ocelot X Reader _eiki_
Most, if not all will be MGSV. They are unrelated to each other as well unless you want to imagine it otherwise. All of them do follow the same idea as the past Metal Ge...
Switched (Solid Snake Perspective)                 MGS1 And MGS3 by CoolAssNinjaBro3333
Switched (Solid Snake Perspective) Austin
This is an interesting Idea I came up with, Naked Snake has just survived his encounter with Ocelot and entered the cave where the Pain is waiting for him. Solid Snake...
Metal Gear Solid X Reader by chernobylcherry
Metal Gear Solid X Readerby Big Boss
This book is an ode to one of the greatest video game series of all time. It is dedicated to one of the most brilliant people, Hideo Kojima, who inspires me each and eve...
Metal Gear Solid V: The Quiet Venom | Unofficial novelization of MGSV: TPP by NotStylelike
Metal Gear Solid V: The Quiet NotStylelike
This fiction is not only about Venom Snake and Quiet, but also the plot of MGSV, its hidden messages, theories and misunderstood meanings; matching the pieces given by T...
naruto the metal gear shinobi. by AaronHansell
naruto the metal gear professor fox
raiden has returned to Japan seeking refuge from the aftermath of the war against snakes brother. he comes across the hidden leaf village where he sees an innocent narut...
The B.O.W enhanced cyborg by calebhenry120
The B.O.W enhanced cyborgby The one that’s above all
Izuku yagi was a child like no other, caring family and friends, until he was announced powerless, he did not have a quirk or having signs of being a conduit, for that h...
metal gear one-shots by ShootingStars666
metal gear one-shotsby ShootingStars666
Currently on hold (due to moving, having no time to play games really) stories of the characters of metal gear, you can request scenarios of the following games: metal g...
Metal Gear Omega by Saiyan98
Metal Gear Omegaby Cooper Jackson
Metal Gear Series: The Patriots has been defeated, but war is still a part of this world. The age of the Patriots is now over... but a new evil is rising. And if this ne...
She made my Snake very solid - MGS fanfic by SloppyBJProductions
She made my Snake very solid - SloppyBJProductions
Why are we still here? Just to watch furry hentai? Every night I can feel my legs... my penis... and its hard ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)
metal gear solid: infiltrate shutter island (a mgs fanfic) by TheEliteKillerYT
metal gear solid: infiltrate theelitekiller
snake gets word that there is a scientist that went missing. He is sent in to search and recover this missing scientist due to his info on a new type of metal gear. Thin...
Art Book! by SploonHD
Art Book!by Bella
This is my doodles I've been doing recently so uh yeah, have fun o vo'
Metal Gear Omega: A soldier's path by Saiyan98
Metal Gear Omega: A soldier's pathby Cooper Jackson
A sequel to Metal Gear Omega and... Yes, it's a sword art online cross-over as well. But it's not all romance. It's mostly suspense and action. Anyways, it's been about...
Metalrune by pick_Angel13
Metalruneby pick_Angel13
It takes place in the distant future. Years after the possible events of Deltarune, where the world of Deltarune or mainly the "light world" Earth, has adapted...
A Place to Call Home by solidsnacks
A Place to Call Homeby Solid Snacks
A short, sweet story that follows Snake and Otacon's day to day activities prior to MGS2 after Shadow Moses. Some sugary moments, a few somber ones, but overall a feelgo...
 Dogs Of War: An MGSV Fanfiction  by Anarchy_rulez07
Dogs Of War: An MGSV Fanfiction by Dustin Johnston
We have Cipher on the ropes... Or so we thought. Skull Face always seems to have a trick up his sleeve. It turns out Quiet isn't who she seems. Nor is Huey, though he al...
Raiden x Takumi x Elsa: WAR AND LOVe by AceXNoctisLuvrXD
Raiden x Takumi x Elsa: WAR AND Anita P. Hamster
The spiritual successor to FORBIDDEN ADDICTION. I don't think I need to explain myself further. UPDATE : Unfortunately, due to some happenings and events I no longer hav...
Diamond Dogs.  by Anonymous2297
Diamond Dogs. by The Alpha.
The Diamond Dogs are a multiverse traveling mercenary force. Their original leader's death wish was that his reincarnations got the life he had. The new reincarnation's...