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Cycle of Abuse |Dee x reader |•metal family | editing | by gowthers_wife
Cycle of Abuse |Dee x reader |• gowthers_wife
#1 - dee #1- dee x reader #1 deemetalfamliy #1 metalfamliy #1 vicky #1 glam a new girl enters dee's class, she doesn't talk much and she seems to be carrying a violin ca...
My metal family (Big sister!Reader) by Annabel184
My metal family (Big sister!Reader)by Amanda Grace
Y/N Metal, first born of Glam and Victoria and their only daughter, as well as an older sister to their two sons, Dee and Heavy. She likes playing guitar, like her fath...
Metal family One shots  by paint_bomb12
Metal family One shots by Who'sEsme?
Characters Glam Vikky Heavy Dee annnnnddddd......Chive
How To Be A Rockstar [A Dee x reader story] by Offeppy
How To Be A Rockstar [A Dee x ☆Nicole☆
A popular rock band has blasted across the country of Russia. The ugly ducklings was a new band of 5 teenagers, the lead singer being Alkonost, a 15 year-old musician wi...
Metal Girl by HannaMcLendon
Metal Girlby Hanna McLendon
I am the baby of the family. I have 2 big brothers Dee and Heavy. my mom Victoria and my dad Glam. we are the Metal family. I have mom's eye shape and blue eyes like my...
Truth Comes Out (Metal Family // Glam's Past) by metalfamfan
Truth Comes Out (Metal Family // liz🎸✨💿🌈
This story is basically how I imagine Glam would tell his family about his past, and how it effects the other members of the family... Pretty sad so a TW (abuse//sh//su8...
The Firefly Of Ignorance ♡Dee X Oc♡ by WetCheeseisgood457
The Firefly Of Ignorance ♡Dee X Oc♡by Wetchessemamahere4567
You are a strange sixteen year old kid name Anastasia zahkory, You always follow fathers rules, it was like your mission to please him to have hin proud..he never really...
Metal family Dee x transmasc!reader by tobeeboys
Metal family Dee x transmasc!readerby Apples
So it seems that all of the Dee x readers I can find are for girls Where is my love for the gays 😩 so here's a self indulgent story specifically for us transmasc gays...
Dee x Fem!Reader (Metal Family) by Alex_Is_Gay_666
Dee x Fem!Reader (Metal Family)by Alex ???
Y/n is a feisty girl who's trapped in everyday normal life. But when she meets two boys who make her break free of her isolated life will it all change for the better? A...
|•They are so weird...•|Metal family x reader (platonic) by H4PPIER0PL4C3S
|•They are so weird...•|Metal H4PPIER0PL4C3S
A American 14 yr old girl by the name Y/N L/N is moving in with her uncle, Glam in Russia. Will she fit in? Will bad things happen? Is she gonna have a good relationshi...
You Just Don't Get It by latingrayson626
You Just Don't Get Itby latingrayson626
sickfic where dee has chronic illness **i've done my research**
•LET'S ROCK• Dee S. x Reader by superioroveryouall
•LET'S ROCK• Dee S. x Readerby Superioroverallofyou
-PAUSED- art cover is NOT by me EX: \\Your parents weren't 'bad' people... ...He walks past you, making sure to hit your shoulder along the way with a smirk. "Talk...
Male Character x Male reader Oneshots by Bigbrain32
Male Character x Male reader Alex Black
Here you can request Head cannons, one shots, and much more! before you request please look at te rules (before you say ' I'm fetishizing the MLM community, this is not...
• Friends in the forest • Dee x Reader • by pickypokipoo
• Friends in the forest • Dee x 𝚅𝚒𝚌𝚝𝚘𝚛𝚒𝚊
Y/N she is artistic and loves the forest, she loves plants and animals. But near the end of her school year her mother passed away. Being forced to move to her fathers (...
The Words I Can't Speak by latingrayson626
The Words I Can't Speakby latingrayson626
Dee Shvagenbagen has been non-verbal since the day he was born, and rendered "useless and stupid" by all medical professionals and teachers. But Dee knows he's...
When a star shines brighter than the sun by Skyzen17
When a star shines brighter than Zendora Norris
helping glam get through abuse and trama and the need to be perfect glam x reader pluse chess is your cousin
Metal family: An old habit , glam x chive  by user89791032
Metal family: An old habit , Untitled.Goose.
Chive finds out that glam did something again that he did a while back and isn't happy. This takes place when Victoria took the kids out for the day so glam can have som...
A Perfect Storm by lilyhooves
A Perfect Stormby lilyhooves
"Dude, you might smell worse than I do, and I live in a camper." Ches jokes, scanning the blond boy's serious face. "Hey, I was joking... About you smelli...