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My Ancient Lover by Jasmine-cha
My Ancient Loverby Jasmine-cha
Be careful what you wish for, you may get it. Wishes are brutal, unforgiving things. They burn your tongue the moment they're spoken and you can never take them back (Al...
  • ceritasejarah
  • fantasi
  • historicalfiction
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World History by user68296550
World Historyby CrimsonSky
A clearly written that covers global history from prehistory to the modern day. A clearly written, accessible and comprehensive text that covers global history from preh...
  • allcivilizations
  • worldhistory
  • ancientworld
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TroubleMaker (RealitiesSquad Fanfiction) by Human_Monkey
TroubleMaker (RealitiesSquad ThatOneBlondeBish
A Realities Squad fanfiction Ian x Brianna (thief x prince) !Egypt AU! Brianna is a monkey Faunus living in the slums of Egypt, stealing for her families, her squad's...
  • therealitiessquad
  • mesopotamia
  • monkeygirl
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A Sacred Rite by EXAlexander
A Sacred Riteby E.X. Alexander
A deadly situation has the warrior maiden Inara summoned to the temple of the goddess Inanna in Uruk. Her twin sister -the high priestess - has been poisoned in an att...
  • ritual
  • city-state
  • ancient
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The Sumerians by JeremyShadaRules
The Sumeriansby JeremyShadaRules
This fascinating short story sets you up for an amazing adventure! Get to know the Sumerians, people who walked Mesopotamia (now known as Western Asia) long ago. You can...
  • mesopotamia
  • history
  • ancient
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Body 32 by Charlie_Decker
Body 32by Charlie
  • ancient
  • 20th
  • history
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Boundless: The Cradle and the Tomb by YannSteunouMurray
Boundless: The Cradle and the Tombby Yann Steunou-Murray
In a far-off planet, surrounded by an unknowable void, a young girl named Amara trains to be an archivist in the illustrious House of the Five Waters. When tasked to fin...
  • sci-fi
  • history
  • mesopotamia
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A puzzling question for Kurds: Where are you from? by chiaa2004
A puzzling question for Kurds: Çiya A.
Being a stateless people in the modern world, is like being nurtured in a cage, just like a bird in the cage. Even if it is set free at a later time, It might not find...
  • kurdisizing
  • turks
  • mesopotamia
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Dawn and Sunset by mikebis2016
Dawn and Sunsetby Michael Baizerman
My history book "Dawn and Sunset: A Tale of the Oldest Cities in the Near East" tells the story of the earliest urban communities on earth that mushroomed in M...
  • akkad
  • mesopotamia
  • sumer
Chronicles of Mythology - Book Three: The Castle Across the Frozen Lake by cdparham3
Chronicles of Mythology - Book C.D. PARHAM
"My name is Isabel Anthes, I lived in England until I was eleven. When I was eight, my mother died while fighting an ogre. My best friends are Clay, Dave, and Kayso...
  • hero
  • magic
  • wizard
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Left to Protect What's Mine by Walking_in_shadows
Left to Protect What's Mineby Rinna
Amy and her brother John are forced to learn to trust each other and work together when three clever house burglars put her house in their crosshairs. With their parents...
  • robbery
  • rinnaf
  • amy
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The Epic of Phi by Inversius
The Epic of Phiby Iversius
The story of the god Phi, transcribed from the ancient Chaldean tablet. He restores balance to heaven and brings order to earth. The god Phi will be featured in future w...
  • chaldea
  • polytheistic
  • phi
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Vòng xoáy Mesopotamia - Hoa Minh Tuyết - END by tghoaminhtuyet
Vòng xoáy Mesopotamia - Hoa Minh Hoa Minh Tuyết
Thể loại: NP Truyện mang tính hư cấu, không có thật. Tiết tấu nhanh, không thích dài dòng, không đặt nặng tình cảm, hơi hướng convert hóa (Đọc rồi không cần nhắc lại vì...
  • hoa-minh-tuyết
  • mesopotamia
  • np
Jesús and Mesopotamia {and Josh :)} by roadchip
Jesús and Mesopotamia {and Josh :)}by no name 😩
Jesús has survived the artic and the nile, josh has survived the nile, wanting to adventure they hop on another plane.
  • jesus
  • mesopotamia
Lilith: Beyond the Deluge by maylingsu
Lilith: Beyond the Delugeby May Ling Su
The immortal Lilith is tasked by Azazel with a new mission: get aboard the Great Ark and ride out the flood that threatens to destroy civilization. It seems easy enough...
  • ancient
  • biblical
  • eroticastories
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Chronicles of Mythology - Book Two: The Lord of Lightning by cdparham3
Chronicles of Mythology - Book C.D. PARHAM
"A wall of ice appeared between the flames and me, so thick and cold that not even the fire of the sea monster could break through. I saw the spiders successfully d...
  • mythology
  • magic
  • saving
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Left to Protect What's Mine (Rewrite) by Walking_in_shadows
Left to Protect What's Mine ( Rinna
Amy and John are left at home by their parents, even though this happens often they weren't drawn toward each other when they were younger, they didn't cling together fo...
  • kidnap
  • fight
  • rich
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How The Euphrates Met The Yangtze by BabylonianPrince
How The Euphrates Met The Yangtzeby BabylonianPrince
When Zaynab left her beloved Iraq and moved to Sydney, Australia never did she imagine that life would be so different. Her mind constantly flutters around the images of...
  • mesopotamia
  • zaynab
  • china
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