Merwaine Stories

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Princess Merlina by GekikaraLove
Princess Merlinaby WaitingforDragonlord
Female/Royal Merlin! Princess Merlina of Drakonia have to escape her kingdom, as her evil cousin takes over. Using a magical charm to make her look like a boy, she lives...
Merlin Oneshots by NatashaStubby
Merlin Oneshotsby Natasha Stubby
1)Kill me now because ... (Merlin tries taking his life at nearly two thousand years old) 2)Merlin and Gwaine go drinking. 3)I'm here now. (Arthur returns, finds a dist...
The Crow Prince by ChaoticBiBoi
The Crow Princeby Chaotic Bi
The boy had pitch black hair, enticing blue eyes, and peach lips. simply beautiful. but the oldest in the group of knights of a foreign kingdom seemed uneasy. "The...
Becoming Magic by NatashaStubby
Becoming Magicby Natasha Stubby
Based on BBC's Merlin, takes place post season 3 and leads in to season 4. Arthur Pendragon has been crowned King of Camelot as his father's condition worsens. His coro...
Merlynn's Knight in Shining Armor by little_emrys
Merlynn's Knight in Shining Armorby plant
This is a Merwaine story with Secret!Fem!Merlin, Royal!Merlin, Good!Morgana, Good!Mordred, and Magic Reveal. Oh and gay relationships too, such as Fem!Oc/Morgana. Knight...
Young Warlock || Merlin Stuff by -madisonstark
Young Warlock || Merlin Stuffby Mads
Just a few pictures hanging around on my mobile. Mostly Merthur, but also some others. Have fun #1 merthur (06.-12.06.)
*Merlin Crack* by JapethTheSnake
*Merlin Crack*by Angsty Era
This is just some random and funny stuff I like from the Tv show 'The Adventures of Merlin'
There can be no place for magic in Camelot by NatashaStubby
There can be no place for magic Natasha Stubby
Merlin thought he was doing the right thing. He thought telling Arthur that magic had no place in Camelot he'd be able to save his friend. When he sees the mistake he ma...
Merlin One-shots by itsjustchichi
Merlin One-shotsby Chacharealsmooth
One-shot book of BBC Merlin. Multiple ships Reveals Crack chapters many more I however do not own BBC Merlin or its characters *This is my first book so sorr...
Merlin one shots by SiamJetJaz
Merlin one shotsby Karma_siam
Merlin one shot Any recommendations or ideas please tell Any ships?
•The Story Of The Lost Princess• by Bitch3172002
•The Story Of The Lost Princess•by Bitch3172002
•The Knights in shining armour don't exist, they were only created to show the men as the protagonist of a fairytale to avoid a reality where women only have themselves...
Merlin- Bleeding Hearts by Darkartqueen
Merlin- Bleeding Heartsby Jay M.
Merlin is attacked and won't tell Arthur anything. Arthur likes Merlin, his hand servant for almost 2 years, it breaks his heart to see Merlin this beat up and hurt. Art...
Why him? by Alex_989
Why him?by Root beer
A modern day Merlin story where they're all pretty much college students and Gwaine is stupidly in love with Merlin, Arthur is in love with a boy who's name he's gonna f...
Long Live the King by my_failed_ships
Long Live the Kingby my_failed_ships
Various ways of Merlin's magic is revealed and not working out well.
The One Where All The Knights Love Fem!Merlin by Sunflowerseed090
The One Where All The Knights Sunflower
Instead of Guinevere, Arthur falls in love with a female version of Merlin. The problem is that he wasn't the only knight. Who will win Merlin's heart? I got this idea f...
Merwaine oneshots  by Billy_BillyBumBum
Merwaine oneshots by ♡Sami ♡
Fem!Merlin x Gwaine some of the prose might be connected I don't own these Characters ( I wish) BBC does
Heartbreak Stains Us All {Modern Merlin Au} by dean_the_queen_17
Heartbreak Stains Us All {Modern dean_the_queen_17
Merlin has come to terms with his feelings for his closest Arthur. He has been plucking up the courage to tell him how he feels for months now, and he finally has a plan...
Darkness by NatashaStubby
Darknessby Natasha Stubby
When Morgana gets captured and imprisoned by King Lot, Merlin is thrown in with her but was able to get Aithusa to safety before being shut in the dark for almost two ye...
just to be near you by justkindatiredandgay
just to be near youby kay
When Arthur discovers Merlin's secret he is shattered by feelings of betrayal and makes the biggest mistake of his life: he confides in Uther. A year after Merlin's ban...