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Beyond the Waves •BxB [COMPLETED] by 1flawlessflaw
Beyond the Waves •BxB [COMPLETED]by 🦁Kinya🦅
No.1 in #Ocean (Feb, 2019). No.1 in #Merman×Human (May, September, 2019). No.1 in #Literary Fiction (July, September,2019). No.1 in #Literary Fiction (July, August, 2020...
Glass Prison by andielexxis
Glass Prisonby Andie S.E.
#1 IN MERFOLK (06.2019) #1 IN MERPEOPLE (07.2019) #1 IN MERS (07.2019) #1 IN FAY (08.2019) #1 IN FAIRIES (10.2019) #1 IN MERMAID (10.2019) #2 IN ROMANCE (10.2019) #3 IN...
Beneath the Courage by TheoryKierei
Beneath the Courageby TheoryKierei
Book 3 of Beneath the Waves Being left alone for days on end was never something Fri looked forward to. After having just gotten back his one true friend in the world, h...
In Too Deep by carla_martinsxxx
In Too Deepby floriana miller x
16 year-old Flo North visits the world famous mer-aquarium for the first time. She had no clue it would change her life. When Flo meets gorgeous merman,Noah, she had no...
Neverland's Merformers by RubyPasha
Neverland's Merformersby RubyPasha
Neverland. The place where magic and adventure thrive with beings-creatures that exist nowhere else. Including mers. One day Peter Pan decided that a few more lost boys...
Mermaid Shifting Journal! by LunatheMermaid
Mermaid Shifting Journal!by Daughter_to_the_sea
Hello Everyone! Have you ever wondered how people transform into mermaids/Mermen? Well, here in my Mermaid Shifting Journal, I'll put how my shift went and how it's goin...
Mermaid Shifting Journal by starseatravellers
Mermaid Shifting Journalby StarSeaTravellers
Heya! Welcome to my mermaid shifting journal. I'm Alice, a tropical and open ocean soon to be mermaid. This journal tells you all about mermaid shifting and how to do it...
Mermaid Shifting Guide by Isla_Mer
Mermaid Shifting Guideby ♡Isla
Want To Dive Into A World Of Magic And Danger? To Swim Into The Deepest Trenches Without Running Out Of Oxygen? To Be Able To Control Water? Read This. Follow Every Word...
Shimmering Tails by jaidsaue
Shimmering Tailsby jaidsaue
I stood there, too scared to move. The beautiful creature moved gently through the water. It's diamond eyes stared back up at me, and I could feel my knees becoming weak...
The Sorceress of Dreams by RemiMSense
The Sorceress of Dreamsby RemiMSense
Aisling is a sorceress. A very bored sorceress. So bored she started to go to the sea. When coming back to her last walk, she finds that there's a mermaid in her lake...
Our Torn Minds by GoldenSunryse
Our Torn Mindsby Sunny
Betrayal after betrayal after betrayal. My friends turned my life into nothing more than a mere game to them. Well, here's news for them, I was longer the weak and frai...
Hérésie, Insurrection by MessMidy
Hérésie, Insurrectionby MessMidy
Vous qui vivez dans cette parfaite connaissance d'exister... De savoir que vous êtes là pour le but le plus lumineux qu'il soit, ou simplement de vivre, de faire de votr...
"I Loath Them" by silentspeaker98
"I Loath Them"by Mers.
I loath you I loath you I loath you I'm so sick and tired of you It's always the same thing with you I can predict your every move We can never have a full conversation...
"Thing That I Miss" by silentspeaker98
"Thing That I Miss"by Mers.
I miss us.... I miss our whole friendship I miss what we were I miss you Everything about you How you made me feel The sparks that I felt anytime I f...
Faradja by sabrinaMez
Faradjaby sabrinaMez
Faradja née dans une famille kyriate, est au service du capitaine Térizan et de son équipage. Le Sonaré était devenu un terrain de jeu pour elle et ses amis et son capit...
Magic BXB by King99FLife
Magic BXBby King99FLife
What if all the beast in fairy tails were real. They were forced to Live like us. Hidden in the darkest corners of the world. What if you found out you are one of these...
Siren's Song by immortalEphemerality
Siren's Songby Merelyi Jenny
Two lonely souls, both searching for love. They meet on a chance day after a shipwreck, but there's a catch-- only one's human.
Aura Falls Roleplay by Master_of_Roleplays
Aura Falls Roleplayby Master_of_Roleplays
Roleplay as a mermaid, selkie, or a human in a small town shrouded by mystery.