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Tainted by SincerelyBroken
Taintedby b r e e
A baby was sentenced off for death because the mother was accused of adultery. This wasn't an ordinary family that would send a child to death for unclean blood; this wa...
  • adultfiction
  • romance
  • queen
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The Power of Three by pretendingtofly01
The Power of Threeby Maddie
The Cullen's take a trip to Australia to look for werewolves and end up at mako island! Enjoy
  • meremaids
  • h2o
  • mako
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My Cat is Human? by Shi_Shika
My Cat is Human?by Shi Shika
Werewolves, shifters, vampires, magic, witches, fairies, mermaids, and everything unworldly. We believe these to be nothing but myths. That they are only fairy tales and...
  • magic
  • unworldly
  • werecat
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What Truly Matters by Faoilltiiama
What Truly Mattersby Griffin
Sibley Den Bakker is an 18 year old healers apprentice in the country of Adron. A place recently colonized by humans. The country already inhabitated by 6 other races t...
  • centaur
  • lgbtq
  • discovery
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Moonlight on the Water by LightsLastMaiden
Moonlight on the Waterby Mary Jeffers
Selene, a half mere-maid with a Goddess for a Mother, suddenly has to leave her home and flee to the surface to escape a threat on her life. Hiding out with her Older Co...
  • romance
  • mystery
  • meremaids
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Rare and in Danger by 2ndStar2theWrite
Rare and in Dangerby Kirt Chris Morris
Melony Grace has set out to find her parents after becoming half beluga whale,but all that changes when a group called the zookeepers are after her for her rare beluga h...
  • meremaids
  • zookeepers
  • beluga
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The Sick and the Lost by Magic-7x
The Sick and the Lostby Taitum R. Brown
Death. Death is interesting, maybe it can be better then Zac Madison's life?
  • feminism
  • fantasy
  • love
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The Shadows (ON HOLD) by VelvetSkyline
The Shadows (ON HOLD)by Abbie
Envy the vampire hunter has no feeling apart from hate, rage and jealousy. She bears a mark that humans do not accept; they stare and vampires hate the sight of her. She...
  • elves
  • demons
  • geri
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Merelaneia by Fallingwings1
Merelaneiaby Fallingwings1
When Drayah is kidnapped by a boy with striking green eyes. She quickly finds out the her life is nothing that it seemed to be. Now she must fight beside some new friend...
  • romance
  • fantasy
  • meremaids
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The Sea Guardian by nnutmegg
The Sea Guardianby nnutmegg
Meredith comes from a long linage of protectors. Even at a young age she was forced to change her lifestyle to protect the ones she loves. All too soon she realizes ever...
  • unique
  • mermaid
  • mermaids
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Paranormal High by NinjaNova1996
Paranormal Highby NinjaNova1996
Blaire Weathers is the first hunter to be accepted into a school full of creatures she's suppose to kill...
  • hunters
  • werefoxes
  • vampires
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First Draft, no longer avaliable. See Forever Tide: My true Identity by CtoriaNoel
First Draft, no longer Christin McClatchie
Growing up not knowing her roots, her true family or her destiny. Emilae learns of a fate beyond her dreams, and a title that is hers alone. A story of love, betrayal, a...
  • christinmcclatchie21
  • meremaids
Athena is a Siren, the Watcher of the Sacred Prisons. Her current duty is to prepare the new inmate for the celebrations that would take place soon- a feast, that will c...
  • meremaids
  • horror-thriller
  • romance
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The Blue Rose by horseluvme
The Blue Roseby Serenity
Bliss was out walking one spring night from work when she was abducted. By who? She doesn't know. Planet Bloo is full of freshwater, exotic beaches and Merepeople? Thes...
  • blue
  • bliss
  • abduction
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The Lonely Mermaid by HiddenFireflies
The Lonely Mermaidby Julia
Even though the waters of Maine were cold and lonely Skylar couldn't have loved being a mermaid more. She got her three hours on land a day where she could travel to her...
  • paronormal
  • sea
  • fight
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