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The Chaos of My Mind by High_on_Clovers
The Chaos of My Mindby I'm Obsessed
Jania Smith-Black is eight. She has never known happiness since she was five. Welcome to her life- or is it death? She can't tell. Updates every Friday, Saturday, and...
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Burn with me  by Stuufz
Burn with me by Stuufz
Poems by a psycho destined to burn. Burn where, I do not know.
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sad baby by strawberrrrrydotcom
sad babyby J
"if I fell would you catch me?" "please get down from there" "would you save me?" "Aja.... please" What happened to her? she was...
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ana's grip *DISCONTINUED* by bravesoulwriter
ana's grip *DISCONTINUED*by 𝓐𝓵𝓮𝔁 ♡
"whatever is on your lips is forever on your hips" A story about Anorexia. 𝗧𝗥𝗜𝗚𝗚𝗘𝗥 𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗚! note; I do 𝗡𝗢𝗧 encourage eating disorders, I am n...
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When you are with me by _naturelover_
When you are with meby _naturelover_
COVER CREDIT: @_kushiyaan. Sanskar is mental. Swara is his angel
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breathe ; by aquariusdreamer
breathe ;by aquariusdreamer
.*+ self appreciation poems +.* a collection of poetry which helps to cope with any form of mental health issu...
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Soliloquy  by andypurplegrey
Soliloquy by Andy
Having depression can be an isolating experience. But we are in this alone together. Sharing things that I think or feel, regardless of who is reading this. It's person...
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Le galassie nei tuoi occhi by Hashi-hime
Le galassie nei tuoi occhiby Hashi-hime
"Secondo te dorme?" "Tu dormiresti in questa stanza?" Fece un movimento del capo come a indicare che effettivamente l'altro aveva ragione. Nessuno sa...
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Crash into You by Bamevieve13
Crash into Youby Bambi & Genevieve
It was the end of Clare Morgan's senior year at school and she still hadn't had a single boyfriend or even a date for that matter, but that all changed when the most pop...
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Stupid Boy's Diary (not a fanfiction) by fakedomichael
Stupid Boy's Diary (not a Mikey
I'm mentally unstable and needed to out my feelings somewhere. You don't even need to read this, it's just a therapeutic public diary. But if you wanna talk to me or com...
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MY MENTAL HEALTH | my diary. by lilax3
MY MENTAL HEALTH | my lilax3
↬ "It will never stop." ☽ Warning! ┍ ✘ trigger warning ✘ suicidal thoughts ✘ depression ✘ anxiety ┙
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Checkmate: The Next Round by no_happy_endings
Checkmate: The Next Roundby N. L. Mattson
⚠️This is the second book of the Checkmate Trilogy and contains spoilers for the first book. Description also contains spoilers.⚠️ I would highly recommend reading the f...
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Frei im freien Fall by KiiKat92
Frei im freien Fallby Elisabetta
"No. No. It's not possible that they didn't come. The Flower Girl wouldn't have lied to me. No. No. - Kaddie? - My heart stops. I probably die for few seconds. Then...
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Whispering Wallows by firejxy2
Whispering Wallowsby fire jxy
Whispering Wallows is a short story about a person with powers who struggles with their own problems like self identification and depression. And to make their self feel...
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The Diary of a Madman by FlareDarkStormWave
The Diary of a Madmanby Jakob Lannoo
Here's my "diary" I guess. Hope it disturbs you as much as it did my publicist.
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Mental by ZariaRyan
Mentalby Zah
God doesn't give you anything you can't handle... How much can a person take though?
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simple complexity by gucciglassing
simple complexityby gucciglassing
i, jordan gooding, have an urge to be reckless which i've been suppressing for too long. and on this journey of discovering myself, or at least, discovering the fact tha...
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Words Falling From Lips by MollyHarris416
Words Falling From Lipsby Molly Harris
Poetry is the window to the soul. So here's my soul. It's a roller coaster but I'm loving the ride.
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How's it feel to be like me  by ieatwafflez
How's it feel to be like me by i eat wafflez
let's be crazy, horny, insane , depressed and lonley
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Room 152 by bryeecomley132
Room 152by Bryee Comley
Both as mad as eachother, both as destructive and both as hurt.
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