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Psychotic by Jazzifu
Psychoticby Jazzifu
"Psychos can't fall in love" "Then you obviously havent met me"
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Camp Mental |Reylo AU| ✔ by captaincassian
Camp Mental |Reylo AU| ✔by cap'n
All Rey has left is hope. Tossed around foster care for years, Rey eventually finds herself placed in a psychiatric facility all alone. That is, until she meets her grou...
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Mental Sides AU by Monsterlover1o1
Mental Sides AUby Monster Lover
So this is my very first story ever so let me know what you guys think! The following pictures that you'll see in this story do NOT belong to me so if you are the origin...
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Beautiful Mess (Book I) by hideinzshadows
Beautiful Mess (Book I)by word_addict
[COMPLETED] Audrey had lost both of her parents in a fire, and has been in a mental asylum for months. She has lost all of her feelings. She's numb from all of the pain...
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What Happens In The Psych Ward, Stays In The Psych Ward by Rem-Rem-RemmyLupin
What Happens In The Psych Ward, Matt + Jack
Blaine Anderson is job-shadowing at Westerville Hospital. The man he is shadowing, Dr. Calhoun, spends most of his time in the psychiatric ward. Blaine remembers the day...
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EUPHORIA | YOONMINby ˗ˏˋ jeany ˎˊ˗
❝you know i love you, right, hyungie?❞ - bts fanfiction completed ; short story yoongi + jimin ©beyoongiful 2017
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dealing with a Psychopath | Yandere Child X Fem Reader by MinSeokly12
dealing with a Psychopath | MinSeokly12
Y/n was known as the best psychaitrist in Japan but was her best is enough to deal with a Psychopath?
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Crazy cute psycho by CrystalB0SS
Crazy cute psychoby .•🖤 Misty 🖤•.
She's crazy. She's done things no sane person would like, jump off the tallest building in the world or driven off a cliff. But no ones born psychotic, everyone has thei...
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Lost Boy ➸ a.i.+l.h.  ✔️ by StyPotter
Lost Boy ➸ a.i.+l.h. ✔️by [hiatus]
where ashton is in a hospital and luke sings the same song every night [COMPLETED] Copyright - All Rights Reserved @StyPotter Feb 6, 2015
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Torment by TheunKnownnnxc
Tormentby Unknown
Torment ; A cause of suffering. Kang Seulgi, A woman of Torment. She was diagnosed with Schizophrenia at the age of 18, a year after the death of her mother and father...
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The Asylum (Antisepticeye x Reader) by QueenDominion
The Asylum (Antisepticeye x Reader)by QueenDominion
Y/N L/N was sent to a mental Asylum after being diagnosed as a Sociopath. She was quiet and high alert individual but after she gets put in a cell with a very odd roomma...
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Hospital  by pentatonix_takeover
Hospital by pentatonix_takeover
Arlington hospital is a place for kids who have mental illnesses that are really severe cases and need more help then an occasional therapy. They are also other kids her...
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I Cant Be Helped Anymore by Resonance15
I Cant Be Helped Anymoreby Resonance15
Young Naruto uzumaki has lost it his mind over come with insanity. All after and unfortunate event on his 5 birthday he has been kept in a mental hospital. After being l...
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Boundries (Suicide Attempt/ Mental Ward) by smilesandcigarettes
Boundries (Suicide Attempt/ Delihla Rose
19 year old Elizabeth Rose gets hospitalized after a failed suicide attempt. *real story changed names* TRIGGER WARNING - DRUGS - ANOREXIA - ABUSE - RAPE - SELF HARM
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I'm okay.....Trust me(Rewriting) by Weirdo_Nicee
I'm okay.....Trust me(Rewriting)by Weirdo_Nicee
I'm Amanda Green and I'm depressed but it's okay I'm always okay. I'm not as skinny as the others girls. I'm not as pretty as the other girls. I'm just not anything....I...
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Chronostasis x Overhaul by Fwuzzycat
Chronostasis x Overhaulby Fwuzzycat
My first ever story so it's gonna be shit but whatever. This is a story about a depressed and suicidal boy named Hari Kurono. After attempting suicide he was brought int...
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Saeran x reader: mental asylum  by Mayanater
Saeran x reader: mental asylum by Mymy
You and Saeran share a room in a mental hospital you are both there for some of the same reasons multiple personality disorder self harm But guess what you can see ghos...
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lost and found {stenbrough} COMPLETED by babyuris
lost and found {stenbrough} bad ass tozier
"we're g-g-going t-to find each other, o-okay?" stanley took in a shaky breath before responding. "promise?" "p-promise."
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Regression Therapy by unownturtle15
Regression Therapyby unownturtle15
Sam is a girl with many mental issues. before she can get help, she lets things go way too far. After an attempt on her life, she's put in an institution to help with he...
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disordered ✧ brendon urie by electrasighs
disordered ✧ brendon urieby - ̗̀mint ̖́-
"Baby, you're driving me insane." "We already are."
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