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Compromised by _boops_boops_
Compromisedby ✶ 𝑁𝑒𝑚𝑜 ✶
Y/n L/n, or Agent 13, is the only numbered agent in the whole of MIB, and the smartest. Everyone looks up to her, even Agent H. Everyone wants to be your friend, everyon...
The twin mafia Boss (part 1) by Biabarbie2
The twin mafia Boss (part 1)by Biabarbie2
Currently under editing hence some chapter will appear missing but don't let that stop you from reading this story:-) for it will still make sense. ONE girl but TWO mafi...
I'm Married to a Scary Mafia Beast by bemyeverything_37
I'm Married to a Scary Mafia Beastby Bemyeverything<3
Camille Ayala isang babaeng reketera ng Manila, tindera ng isda sa palengke tuwing umaga at waitress naman sa gabi... Spencer Kurt Dawson isang lalaking kinatatakutan ng...
Agents H&M (Post MIB: International) by mcu_fangirl
Agents H&M (Post MIB: mcu_fangirl
After the Men in Black save the world from the HIVE, Agent M is sent back to New York, while H becomes the new head of the London branch. As the agency moves on, H and M...
Madness of Mythos by sakuralou2689
Madness of Mythosby sakuralou2689
A Faunus MIB Agent and an Asgardian prince are on a quest to stop an evil child and the Mad Titan before they make a Doomsday on each planet. Will they ever succeed? A...
alyssum - plot shop | OPEN by istodaygood
alyssum - plot shop | OPENby meadow
PLOT REQUEST GUIDELINES INSIDE [if in need of a cover, follow the guidelines in my cover shop and message me] WORK IN PROGRESS
I liked those two so why not a short story A 10 CHAPTER SHORT STORY ABOUT AGENT H AND AGENT M. WHY? = WHY NOT? a story where agent m has to go on a mission to save agen...
Disney Ghostbusters: The Haunted Mansion by LivingStoneWriter
Disney Ghostbusters: The Haunted Sean Livingston
When Star Butterfly calls the Ghostbusters to help save not just the world but the entire universe this time, the team thinks it'll be a piece of cake. However, they get...
Team RWBY meets the Avengers by sakuralou2689
Team RWBY meets the Avengersby sakuralou2689
After the battle of the White Fang, the ladies fight along with the Avengers against the enemy threats. Thanks to the ff: RWBY (Monty Oum/Roosterteeth) Men in Black (Low...
Betrayal (ONGOING) by _sheyn_0206
Betrayal (ONGOING)by sheynnn
"Life has taught me that you can't control someone's loyalty. No matter how good you are to them, doesn't mean that they will treat you the same. No matter how much...
Men In Black by bentley_moonwalker07
Men In Blackby mykols._.pyt
Heads up this isn't anything like the actual Men in black movies. It's my own version of them!
Marvel Crossover Universe One-shots (Part 1) by sakuralou2689
Marvel Crossover Universe sakuralou2689
After the MIB MultiUniverse Arc, these are short stories, backstories, and inserts from the characters of Men in Black Agents of SHIELD Planetary Moe RWBY Avengers X-M...
Men in Black: Protectors of Earth by WormKitty
Men in Black: Protectors of Earthby WormKitty
Agent A is a recruit at men in black. Do you think she will make it through?
Interplanetary Onslaught by sakuralou2689
Interplanetary Onslaughtby sakuralou2689
The Mad Titan has to fulfill a fatal obligation which he called out more forces to destroy and fulfill his idea of the universe's balance. Note: A sequel to the Pre-Ave...
PROJECT NEVERLAND (on hold) by aciiidbath
PROJECT NEVERLAND (on hold)by alice j.
in a small kansas town, a young girl begins having nighttime visions of being surrounded by aliens. soon, two government agents come to investigate her claims after she...
Kree Voidwalker by sakuralou2689
Kree Voidwalkerby sakuralou2689
Wang Tengfei formerly Captain Taron Vrok of the Kree Imperial Army has left his home planet to embark a journey into a different dimension. (This story coincides with Gu...
Conspiracy Theories and Unsolved Mysteries by Tootsakenzie
Conspiracy Theories and Unsolved Îślå🌙
Have you ever wondered that there is more that meets the eye in this world we live in? Do you want to know more about Conspiracy Theories and many more? Well you've came...
The other side of the story by agaroche
The other side of the storyby Kesesese ~
SPOIL MIB INTERNATIONAL ! Si vous n'avez pas vu le film, repassez lire quand vous l'aurez vu ! Le vaisseau se posa en douceur sur un toit plat d'une maison. Le moteur ém...
Men in black ||save the day! again|| by MatrixStars
Men in black ||save the day! MatrixStars
He's a guy named Brandon Kane, Brandon's a norma 18 year old guy until one day he meets some strange men around the town.....
Murder on 62nd Street by girlhoods
Murder on 62nd Streetby ¿
'we're just men in empty suits darling, nothing personal' (c)witchlings.2019 set in the 50s