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The Secret School of Magic 1: DREAM (New Version) by Kimjof_14
The Secret School of Magic 1: EyePatchQueen
[ COMPLETED-NEW VERSION ] "I wish this is Just a Dream..." Welcome to Lustrous Academy: The Secret School of Magic. I wrote this: May 7, 2019 I Started Editing...
The Secret School Of Magic: Just a Dream (OLD VERSION) by Kimjof_14
The Secret School Of Magic: Just EyePatchQueen
[ COMPLETED-OLD VERSION ] "The Secret School of Magic 1: Just a DREAM." Written by: @Kimjof_14 Check the New Version of this Story...
We Meet Again ●NaLu● by SerenadeThis
We Meet Again ●NaLu●by Aiah Mendez ♥
"I abhor you, I don't ever want to see you again." Lucy Heartfilia DateStarted: 07/25/18
Incorrect Project Loki Drabbles by issacandyspronkles
Incorrect Project Loki Drabblesby c l a r i s s a
tw// major spoilers, swearing, ooc, dark humor(?¿?) contains incorrect quotes from project loki characters and random drabbles. also contains ships like loreki, almie, a...
Cherry Bomb (Orange is the New Black fanfic) by Ponyo__
Cherry Bomb (Orange is the New Cherry
When a skilled assassin by the name of 'Cherry Bomb' gets arrested, she gets sent to Litchfield. With her secret organization she works for is at risk, she will do anyth...
A Golden Life Of Bliss(UNDER Ellanny Kim
You are my Wife, you'll be the Madame of this household, you'll carry my surname, you'll never leave me, you'll carry my heir and you are exclusively mine only. -Luke Ar...
Paradise of War by florrie_elle
Paradise of Warby JANELLE
Hally Mendez, a girl who always follows her parents' on what they always said to her, except in one situation. She fell in love with the son of their enemy named Elian J...
Dear Diary (An Eren x Mikasa Fan-Fiction) by SerenadeThis
Dear Diary (An Eren x Mikasa Aiah Mendez ♥
She started an online Diary, telling everything to it, but didn't she know that because of her online diary, she'll found love. Entered @WinterRaineeDay 's contest multi...
Trust in Me by spinosaurusrawr
Trust in Meby A C
[ ON-GOING ] Si Bae ay mahirap lamang ngunit hindi maipagkakailang maraming nabibihag sa taglay nitong ganda at alindog. Isang lalaki ang pumukaw ng kaniyang atensyon...
Project Loki: Forever and Ever [Loki x Lorelei Two Shot Fanfiction] ✓ by smolmochiii
Project Loki: Forever and Ever [ ZIRA ☪
Meet the new chief, Inspector Loki Mendez with Lorelei Mendez, his wife, as his assistant. The two have been happily married for 2 years of their lives. Being in the po...
Shawn Mendes// sex slave  by xxxkeeksxxx
Shawn Mendes// sex slave by xxxkeeksxxx
Kiara was an ordinary girl who lived a simple life until one day her life changed forever and got turned up side down.
Being A Female SAMCRO by annaivorytusks
Being A Female SAMCROby ANNA
Anna Mendez is a prospect in the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club. She's grown up in the small town of Charming with both of her parents gone. She's grown up in the club...
☣ BEWARE Zombies Ahead ☣ Jack Krauser by HatterReloaded
☣ BEWARE Zombies Ahead ☣ Jack Hatter
A woman begins Resident Evil 4 and is quickly sucked into it before learning much of anything important. And what's this about a bet of her being able to survive it... o...
S.M smut by MxdelaineBeer
S.M smutby Bitchesbrokenhearts
A Shawn Mendes smut including NSFW content, strong language, mention and/or use of alcohol and drugs.. - ok! warnings over! I'm a part of the Mendes army and I'm quite a...
Finding Glinda...(Wicked Fanfic) by fangirling_broadway
Finding Glinda...(Wicked Fanfic)by fangirling_broadway
“I only wish…” “What?” “Glinda could know that we’re alive.” “She can’t know, not if we want to be safe. No one can ever know.” This is the story of Elphaba and Fiye...
Project Loki Fanfiction: Reunited by SleeperXAgent
Project Loki Fanfiction: Reunitedby Sleepy Zeyy
A Project Loki Fanfiction. Dedicated to one of my favorite authors, Kuya Cris Ibarra/ AkoSiIbarra
Taste [Shawn Mendes x Camila Cabello] by callmesenoritaa
Taste [Shawn Mendes x Camila ally fallows
Do friends know the way you taste? Shawn Mendes x Camila Cabello (Shawmila) fanfiction based on the music video Señorita. 🚨 WARNING 🚨: This story has mature language a...
Sex leasons Shawn Mendez  by TheGreatAuntBecky
Sex leasons Shawn Mendez by TheGreatAuntBecky
Shawn is a hot guy She is a young growing lady These two are in love Will they go for it and do it Or will they say non WARNING sex is in the book Read at your own...
Under Your Spell by arianology
Under Your Spellby GL
SERIES #2 (Marionne Mendez)
Somebody To You by KathleenChelseaBoo8
Somebody To Youby Mskcboo28
Kristen Leighn Sarmiento and Lance Angelo Mendez were childhood friends they were inseparable since then but then Kristen had to move to Manila Will Lance find Kristen o...