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Enemies With Benefits by Wolfgirl54
Enemies With Benefitsby Wolfgirl54
What would you think if you shared a birthday? Okay...what if it was with a jerk? What if he make your birthday a living hell every year? But worst of all...What happens...
  • sequel
  • birthday
  • wolfgirl54
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Chocolate Emergency [completed] by Enterintomymind
Chocolate Emergency [completed]by Tallara
❝Devlin was Alice's home. As long as he was around, she would never feel homeless❞ A chocolate emergency, where Alice had fainted from low sugar, had first broug...
  • memoirmonth
  • submit2sourcebooks
  • emergency
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Enemies with Benefits: Freshman in Training by Wolfgirl54
Enemies with Benefits: Freshman Wolfgirl54
My freshman year may have not been a Happily Ever After, but it was sure pretty damn close. This is the third and final book of the Enemies with Benefits series. And I c...
  • freshman
  • highschool
  • secretcrush
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A Memoir: Dark Days by BryannaC0313
A Memoir: Dark Daysby Bryanna Cavanaugh
  • non
  • dedication
  • memoirmonth
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Blown Away (CURRENTLY EDITING) by hanna19134
Blown Away (CURRENTLY EDITING)by Hanna Cole
Abigail White is a small town girl from Oklahoma with a past that no one knows about but her and The Big Man Himself. Her mother was killed in a car crash, her father ha...
  • memoirmonth
  • oklahoma
  • unlikelyteens
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I See Things at Night by AaronDietz
I See Things at Nightby Aaron Dietz
A strange light in the sky. Strange lights in my bedroom. Weird hovering machine noise above my house. These are just a few of the strange things that have happened to m...
  • memoirmonth
  • ufos
She Gave up by HumbleSadness
She Gave upby Stella
My best friend gave up a while ago. In other words, she killed herself. Since then, I've been a wreck. And now, I was inspired to write abo...
  • giveup
  • life
  • suicide
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Song of the stars [Slow updates] by PheonixRise
Song of the stars [Slow updates]by Pheonix
Life is a sum of choices we make second by second. Depending on what we choose to do, we can rise and shine, or we can fall apart. And yet, enjoying the time, spent duri...
  • illusion
  • dream
  • truelove
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Changing point.. by Smaug145
Changing Smaug/Moony
Here is the story I put up for memoir month. Enjoy!
  • truefriend
  • memoirmonth
  • hope
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What He Really Did by Wolfgirl54
What He Really Didby Wolfgirl54
Once upon a time...I believe it was a Tuesday when I caught your eye... She never thought an innocent crush could ruin her life... Ever since Nick broke up with her, her...
  • lovetriangle
  • lies
  • breakup
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Lessons From Loving X by HerbenTautho
Lessons From Loving Xby Herben Tautho
we do learn from our previous love
  • memoirmonth
Daddy I Love You by Lalaleyl
Daddy I Love Youby Lalaleyl
This is for my Dad who died on Nov. 18, 2013 I love you Daddy :'( <3
  • memoirmonth
The Arcane Society by TheSkippingStone
The Arcane Societyby Sugar & Spice
The life of an aspiring teenage lawyer is tough. Elisabeth soon starts to question whether school is even worth it. Elisabeth starts to write down her joys and sorrows a...
  • society
  • memoirmonth
  • truth
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Life is Nothing but A Broken Dream by Bladevon
Life is Nothing but A Broken Dreamby Blade
All of the stuff that is in here is all the stuff that's happened to me. You may or may not cry, I don't know. But this me and what I've basically been through.
  • memoirmonth
The Truth of Mother Swans by Victory_Givv
The Truth of Mother Swansby Victory Givv
I had to write a non-fiction piece for my creative writing class. I wrote about my first time being in foster care, since we had to write what we know. Well, let me know...
  • fosterkid
  • swan
  • memoirmonth
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Seven to Eleven ❼➱❶❶ by OsmosiaLee
Seven to Eleven ❼➱❶❶by Kadeelia Mitchell
❍❍ ❍❍ ❍❍ ❍❍ ❍❍ We were trapped. Before us, was a roaring and angry body of water, which was caused by a natural force of life. With nowhere to turn, we sat th...
  • memoirmonth
  • shortstory