Countdown to Nothing by yi15922
Countdown to Nothingby 15922
What is it like to watch the clock tick as you hurtle inevitably towards the end of the best years of your life? "Nothing is sad until it's over, then everything i...
  • teenage
  • memoir
  • highschool
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Random Thoughts & Moments by wrightstory
Random Thoughts & Momentsby KimberleyS.B.Lieb
I was thinking of all the funny thoughts we have and that it would be fun to jot them down. A little book someone could pick up and put down and dip into. Some...
  • stories
  • random
  • happiness
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The Imperfect's Journal: 1 by TLBainter
The Imperfect's Journal: 1by T. L. Bainter
This is the journal of Darren Stratt, an "imperfect" who is being hunted in America due to a new law which has stripped disadvantaged individuals--now called...
  • daily
  • war
  • modern
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Chronic Laughter For Chronic Illness by mindfulhumor
Chronic Laughter For Chronic Jill Safran
If chronic illness or disability has shattered your funny bone, this merry book might be the RX you need to mend it. Within this work, the author shares her stories as a...
  • stories
  • mindfulness
  • laughter
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All too Well  by elmstreet21
All too Well by elmstreet21
An absurd piece of work written a few years ago..✌
  • memoir
  • shortstory
  • teen
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My Book Reviews by Diana-Tyler
My Book Reviewsby Diana ♥
Books are my kryptonite and this is where I rant about the published books I read. I read books from every genre given that I am an avid reader. The reviews cont...
  • memoir
  • non-fiction
  • ya
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Childhood Days Are Sweeter In Yemen by aleenaagnessparrow
Childhood Days Are Sweeter In Yemenby Aleena Agnes Sparrow
" Childhood days are sweeter..." is not a philosophical piece or a historical note, but it's a story; A story of Yemen which is unknown. A story of happiness...
  • friendship
  • memories
  • truestory
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A Letter by letterstonone
A Letterby letters
just me venting
  • stuff
  • insecurities
  • letters
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Everything changes by cardthewriter
Everything changesby 🐒Call me Card🐒
The sequel to "My Life" goes deep down as Carden starts to enter a new chapter of his life. Not just that but soon his life follows a string of unfortunate eve...
  • family
  • true
  • fighter
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This Little Life of Mine by itspeterpan3
This Little Life of Mineby its peterpan
I see small things every day. Yet usually they never seem all that small. Here are things that go unnoticed, but are quite beautiful when described with the right words.
  • smallmoments
  • truestory
  • memoir
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❝prompt of the day❞ - (semi-hiatus) by yoongay4jibootay
❝prompt of the day❞ - (semi-hiatus)by ❝crybaby, you're pathetic!❞
❝a question or prompt for every day!❞
  • memoir
  • questions
  • question
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Fog Girl - A Memoir by daisylinks
Fog Girl - A Memoirby Call me 'Daisy'
It's conversations that I dreamed of speaking to close friends and sobbing about while they console me. These are a few thoughts and insecurities I have gone over, word...
  • dreams
  • mentalhealth
  • fog
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a short story by Jazleeennn
a short storyby Jazleeennn
a short story about my interest in art and how it began.
  • fiction
  • memoir
  • desgin
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running water || my brain by sycamorewrites
running water || my brainby sycamore
"turn on the tap till the water runs clear" - dodie sometimes i just need to write for me and not worry about correct spelling or grammar or capitalisation &q...
  • write
  • writing
  • essay
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Sleepy by natwritessometimes
Sleepyby natwritessometimes
  • autobiography
  • memoir
Jobless by LoniCameron
Joblessby Loni C.
A true story of jobs lost and the reasons that they happened. They were painful, real and often surprising.
  • workinprogress
  • non-fiction
  • choices
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Tips & Info by nonfiction
Tips & Infoby Non-Fiction
Non-fiction is misunderstood, misinterpreted, and often underestimated. Learn about and how to write nonfiction as well as something about the team that curates it! cove...
  • tips
  • about
  • tricks
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Breathe - An Anxiety Memoir ✔ by UnicornsNZombies
Breathe - An Anxiety Memoir ✔by Katerina K.
♡ Hey, so I'll be talking about my life and experiences, particularly with mental health. ♡ Can be triggering to some people. It might give you an insight to what a per...
  • personalexperience
  • nonfiction
  • memoir
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Watching Their Dance: A Memoir by crutcht
Watching Their Dance: A Memoirby Therese Crutcher-Marin
Would you marry the man you adored if you knew he had a chance of inheriting one of the cruelest diseases on earth? Therese Crutcher is not a risk taker. Through meticul...
  • memoir
  • hdsa
  • survivalstory
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The one that got away by AnOridinaryGirl143
The one that got awayby AnOridinaryGirl143
You said, "I'm going to be the most important man in your life, next week" and I started believing you. A year later, we're on our own separate ways but there...
  • nonficspotlight
  • heart-break
  • mypov
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