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Daddy's Favourite by AMLKoski
Daddy's Favouriteby Anna Koski
It's hard to be the favourite of a man who turns into a monster.
  • wattys2019
  • sexualabuse
  • memoir
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Rantings Of My Rebellious mind by star_struck99
Rantings Of My Rebellious mindby star_struck99
School was not always about Studies.It was always about friends. Anyway this isn't a serious book. Jus a random bunch of idiotic, totally moronic, often hilarious inst...
  • mortalstories
  • friends
  • teenagers
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Binge by TylerOakley
Bingeby Tyler Oakley
Pop-culture phenomenon, social rights advocate, and the most prominent LGBTQ+ voice on YouTube, Tyler Oakley brings you his first collection of witty, personal, and hila...
  • tyleroakley
  • binge
  • humor
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2 Questions Every Girl is Asking Herself by michellezdong
2 Questions Every Girl is Asking Michelle Dong
Every girl is wondering about two things: 1. What do I want to do with my life? 2. What kind of person do I want to marry? So I traveled around the world looking f...
  • travel
  • memoir
  • non-fiction
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Theories of Insanity by katherinepowell
Theories of Insanityby Katherine
"Based on" a true story College is rough. It's a time for figuring out exactly who you are, what you want to do with the rest of your life, and who you want to...
  • truestory
  • teen
  • shareyourstory
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Killer Queen: A Disasterpiece by TaylorBryant787
Killer Queen: A Disasterpieceby Taylor A. Bryant
⚠️ All events in this story are true and people are real...unfortunately⚠️ I labeled this as teen "fiction" because my target age group usually thinks of self...
  • teenromance
  • sexy
  • highschool
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Forever Young, Always Beautiful (E.P) by graceheslop
Forever Young, Always Beautiful ( Grace
Have you ever wondered who took all those rare candid photos of the King that you only come across every once in a while? Do you ever wonder, in a world of people out fo...
  • rey
  • memoir
  • lana
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The Life and Times of Shawna Scott: The Beginning (1988-2001) by ShawnaisMe
The Life and Times of Shawna Shawna Scott
This is the first book based on my true life story. Born in the small Northeastern New Brunswick city called Bathurst that she loves most, Shawna Marie Scott grows from...
  • shawna
  • memoir
  • humor
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Tangled Threads (true stories, lightly tossed) by BonaClese
Tangled Threads (true stories, Susan Rich
There was never a happily ever after, not until I divorced my first husband...and then the rest of my family ten years later. This is a work of managed non-fiction. T...
  • truestory
  • familysecrets
  • memory
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Reach by Tutteredboast
Reachby elisa day
Would you rather be a prisoner of your own body or dead? And when you can't love yourself, what limits are you putting on your ability to love others? A story of a paral...
  • denial
  • historical
  • romance
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(Re)Making Love: a memoir by maryltabor
(Re)Making Love: a memoirby Mary L. Tabor
When my husband of 21 years announced, "I need to live alone," I began to write this real-life account of what happened, a deeply personal telling of the good...
  • poetry
  • memoirmonth
  • wattieawards2014
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Trou noir by Sarahwprt
Trou noirby Nalu-love
Lucy, jeune journaliste réputé viens tout juste de partir en vacances. Vie banale, peu d'amies, elle ne vit que pour son travail. Malheureusement du jour au lendemain el...
  • perte
  • fairytail
  • journaliste
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Forged In Fire: Stories of wartime Japan by alexibonsson
Forged In Fire: Stories of AlexiaMontibon-Larsson
Forged In Fire is the true story of a young girl's childhood in pre-WW II Tokyo; her schoolgirl dreams; the violence, starvation and desperation of wartime that drove he...
  • nuclearwar
  • family
  • samurai
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If This Is What It Takes by LovesCanada365
If This Is What It Takesby ῳཞıɬıŋɠ ıŋ ɬɧɛ ɖąཞƙ
Just some bits and pieces of my life, as a blind teenager. My thoughts; emotions; and experiences. You can find them all here!
  • facts
  • inspiring
  • depression
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My Life Story (kind of) by Winter3ird
My Life Story (kind of)by ~Life’s Puppet~
  • humor
  • memories
  • trueish
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Books I've Read by DavidMusk
Books I've Readby David Musk
This is a collection of every single book I've read cover-to-cover. This excludes school textbooks, anything I haven't finished, and anything I've read as a kid and forg...
  • reallife
  • random
  • real
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Tough and Scarred: A Memoir by CamoHorseMN
Tough and Scarred: A Memoirby Maya
A small memoir and collection of random essays and stories I've experienced and written about over my life so far.
  • autobiography
  • life
  • nonfiction
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Epiphany  by meditatingineden
Epiphany by eden
"I'm desperately trying to heal myself." •. •. •. •. •. I strongly believe art isn't supp...
  • newadult
  • memoir
  • poetry
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Tracing Memories by HolyEmpressKira
Tracing Memoriesby 炎と闇
Life in Inazuma town. [Highest Rank: #137 in Short Story]
  • cute
  • inazumaeleven
  • raimon
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Contests & Writing Prompts by nonfiction
Contests & Writing Promptsby Non-Fiction
Give us a glimpse into your own life story with our writing contests and prompts! Join in our flagship #NonFicSpotlight contest and show the world what you know! cover b...
  • writer
  • heritage
  • personalstory
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