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The Vocaloid Mansion {A Vocaloid Fanfiction} by IA_mazing
The Vocaloid Mansion {A Vocaloid Call me Aven :P
This is basically just a big jumble of short stories set in the Vocaloid's mansion. It started off as something I wrote for a friend to make her laugh, but then I was co...
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A love story (Miku x Luka) (COMPLETED) by Xx__Miku__xX
A love story (Miku x Luka) ( Miku
This book is safe except has adult language. This is a book about the life of a 16 year old girl who meets her love....a 20 year old girl with bubble gum pink hair and o...
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Secrets Revealed (Book #3 of Vocaloid Actors Trilogy) by RandomGirl2312
Secrets Revealed (Book #3 of Mollie Copeland
Mia has been a Vocaloid Actor for two years now and has just started sixth-form. She is happily settled living a double life, juggling performing with studying. However...
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I Love You (LenKu/LenXMiku/MikuXLen) by komari_the_Neko
I Love You (LenKu/LenXMiku/ Hatsume Komari Montenegro
A Girl Named Hatsune Miku And A Twins Named Rin And Len Kagamine The Three are both Childhood friends but then Rin and Len's Mother said to her son and daughters "...
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mi neko (lenku)(lemon) by LUCYCATBUG
mi neko (lenku)(lemon)by LUCYCATBUG
hola gente como anda? (mal) pls es un dia soleado (no lo es es un dia oscuro con deseos depresivos) okey pero bueno este libro trata de lenku asi que si no te gusta reti...
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Vocaloid Mansion  by Mira_707
Vocaloid Mansion by Mira Ne Yoko
<just for fun> Miku is once a gangster. After being sold by her mother, she became a part of vocaloid and lived in the vocaloid mansion with Len, Rin, Meiko, Kaito...
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Death Row (Dead Line Circus Fanfiction) by yellowsimply
Death Row (Dead Line Circus Jessa
Death Row Dead Line Circus fanfic! Gakupo, Gumi, & Len run the circus. It’s not just any circus, though. What people don’t know is, a certain lucky group of people get p...
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If Meiko Only Knew... by Screenager
If Meiko Only Aurianna
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The Adventures of the Abnormal Girl (MikuXLen) by BernaCetin
The Adventures of the Abnormal BernaCetin
There was a girl which everyone hated and made fun of her hair color. They always called her things like "Emotionless, Abnormal Girl" or "Sea Witch"...
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Vocatale Fanfic  by Insanity366
Vocatale Fanfic by ~Insanity~
A fanfic that depicts the timeline and its in the POV of Len Enjoy reading Vocatale created by GabiChanAtsuki Cover from
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Bracelet vs Boyfriend(LenXMikuxKaito) by Pandapartners
Bracelet vs Boyfriend( Pandapartners
Main Characters: Miku, Len and Kaito Len(a shy but popular boy in school) has a crush on Hatsune Miku(the quietest, Prettiest most perfect girl in school) but when Len f...
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Season1:Me and Him(a Miku x Len series) by jaskd2002
Season1:Me and Him(a Miku x Len Jas/KD2002
This takes us to Miku's journey to find friends she could ever had. She gets admitted to a school called "Crypton School Of All Ages", or for short; "CSOA...
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Taken by the Wind {A Vocaloid Fanfiction} by IA_mazing
Taken by the Wind {A Vocaloid Call me Aven :P
Vocaloids are an elite group of pilots used to fight enemies that breach the barriers put up around their country. Along with the Utauloids, they form one of the best Ai...
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Vocatalent [VOCALOID]by L U C C A
in which - 6 couples enter a talent compition ● pair one : rana and yuu pair two : oliver and fukase pair three : kaito and meiko pair four : miku and luka pair five...
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Friends From Childhood by DeliriouslyKai
Friends From Childhoodby KAI!!~
Miku, Mikuo, Rin, and Len are all friends since childhood until one day Len and Rin transferred to another town due to their father's work. After a few years, they all m...
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VocaHigh - LenxMiku by NhiThan
VocaHigh - LenxMikuby NhiThan
Warning: BEWARE OF CRINGE WORTHY WRITING AHEAD OF YOU. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK....LOL. Vocaloids going to high school. Typical story, huh? Anyway, Miku and MIkuo apply for...
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The Deepest Feeling (LukaxGakupo) by KateWilliams0
The Deepest Feeling (LukaxGakupo)by Kate Williams
It's been five years since Luka and Gakupo have seen each other. The one day they see each other is the day that they both remember everything from the past. What is it...
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my feelings • KAIMEI one-shot by iced-wine
my feelings • KAIMEI one-shotby me
The diary entry of a man who has been enchanted by a woman. . Art belongs to daigoman. Everything belongs to it's respectful owners, I only own the plot.
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Rin Len Meiko Kaito by ZodiacCrystal
Rin Len Meiko Kaitoby Zodiac Crystal
Meiko x Kaito. No copyright intended!
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